8 Replies to “The Ballad of Jim E”

  1. “Supersize it” doesn’t ring any bells Jim e. If I said something that caused any animals to be harmed, I am sorry.

  2. Good Gawd, what is it with you people and bicycles?

    I mean, I like bicycles too, but car people want to kill bike people.

    At least it seems that way.

  3. Complexity theory. Nissan products simple, look cheap, are cheap. But looks deceiving. Open up hood. LOTS of air inside, no so much hoses and wires. You like nothing to do, you like pay attention to me. No never mind, you go work. You think good old days, lots of money, nice city lights, lotsa food for JR and Chris. No zombies.

    Doom channels jhoon rhee.

  4. “What are you? The house cracker?”

    Gawd, I actually miss Dale, the former resident bonehead on CFN. He was kinda fun to play with.

    I miss OEO even moron.

    Of course, there’s always asoka, the human tar baby.

  5. “I’m just guessing, but I bet they live in Frank Lloyd Wrights’ Falling Water House and fuck like porn stars all over the place.”

    Just don’t move his furniture. If you move his furniture, his estate will cancel your mortgage and throw you ass out.

    There’s something very kinky about living in Falling Water House and ignoring it, while fucking like porn stars all over the place. In a way, it’s like so unauthoritarian, ignoring the genius and leaving big California potato chips all over his fine furniture, carpets, and bed mattresses. Yep, Dave and Jhoon Rhee are the perfect couple for that place.

    Clockwork Orange.

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