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Click the Pic (to see the birds in a wintery setting)

Today a fight broke out behind the same bush shown in the above pic. It got a little ugly.

Click the pic for a close-up of a really cool deer fight

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  1. How do you say “oof” in deerspeak?

    Gorgeous on the cardinals, Bif! The designer in me sees at least four or five different note cards jumping out of that pix!

    Everyone has their little winter coats all fluffed up and in evidence. Six more days until Solstice, Thank God.

  2. I don’t see any antlers. Was that a girl fight? Those are the nastiest and the baddest. Probably clumps of hair on the ground. Best fight I ever saw was between two junior high school girls after school let out and in front of the buses. Lots of hair pulling, biting, and hellacious screeching.

  3. Bif, is that your backyard? If so, my condolences.

    Then again, I see the possibility of lots of venison steaks, cardinal under glass, etc.

    Have been in San Francisco all week, eating the last of the crab and cod. Weather is the same as it was in June-July.

  4. Nice backyard you run there Bif, “pay to get in, fight to get out”.
    Do they mark their territory with yellow snow or something?

  5. Yes they were all does. The one doe seemed to get annoyed because whenever she would find something to eat the others would come over and try to barge in. That would piss me off too.

    Lot of snow already this year and cold temps. Snow shoeing in the woods has been good though. I shot two ruffed grouse yesterday and will have them for dinner tomorrow.

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