The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Ho ho ho. Merrrry Christmas!

This completes my gift quest. Cool song.

Sure hope I get some new XC ski poles under the tree.

Two venison roasts here tomorrow. Mmmmmmm good.

Happy Holidays (i.e. swim backstroke through the cornucopia) to…

Doom, Remus, Dave, Bunn, Yarra, EEDC, Greenbeans, MOU, Nudge, Holmes, Autonomous, Tipping Point, Thal, JimE and JR.

See you on the other side!

11 Replies to “The Brian Jonestown Massacre”

  1. Bif, thanks for all you do here on ZK. Happy Holidays to you and yours and to all the ZK campers.


  2. Gomez, I can appreciate the Santa outfit with the local kids, but seriously , Santa does not do “hooah” – it’s ho-ho-ho. And it’s universal, no Pashtun required. Go do your thing ese, I’ll run the checklist and button ‘er up.


    Damn hard to find a live performance of Susan Tedeschi doing “Rock Me Right” on the net. Damn copyright enforcers. Gotta get them up on the list right after the banksters and dubya, dickieC, etc.

    Anyway, this will have to do for now. Merry Christmas to Bif and all those stalwart Zulu Kiloers, you know who you are. Peace out.

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