Lurch Left

I always suspected that squirrels would be the first to lap up coagulating lard dropped out through the drain plug of a mobile churro deep fry vat. (I’ll deal with the Dam Beavers next.)

In decreasingly deep cover (amongst the so-called Coastal Elites), Homey and I continue to appreciate the complete absurdity and pointlessness of the ongoing merger with our personal technology. Nevertheless, there’s an odd sense of accomplishment in the progress made.

Two Californias

VDH provides a good — almost poignant — description of what is happening in California. I guess it was too good to last more than a few decades.

In reference to the tenuous bifurcation of the Golden State into mutually exclusive zones of approximately opposite character, each such “world” still is not so different than the other, personal technology-wise anyway. 

17 Replies to “Lurch Left”

  1. Yeah Bunn, I used to send links to shit like that to my own offspring out in LA. Fat lot of good it does – he’s still there. I no longer bother.

    Watch the personal technology Bunn, you may rue the day you succumbed.

  2. Reminds me of a joke (only half kidding, too) an Irishman once told my wife:

    Irishman: Do you have any Irish in ya?

    Wife (of Japanese ancestry): No.

    Irishman: Would you like some?

  3. UR, my expectation is that approximate mastery of the various (processor based) tools of contemporary modernity will actually make it easier for me to spend less time enslaved by their ilk.

    What specifically do you think is dangerous about personal technology… other than the clear fact that it severs monkeys so susceptible from their own vastlyly superior “god given” thinking machine?

  4. dave, it certainly wouldn’t be impossible to start acknowledging the de facto carving off of various portions of California (from the tax payer rolls).

    Once the food coupons and whatnot stopped showing up in the mails, the shotgun shack utopia would of course rapidly spiral into ridiculous (i.e., no longer funny) degress of lawlessness and anarchy. But as always I could be wrong.

  5. GB, JR was a genius of vulnerability.

    No… he was a genius at using vulnerabilty to connect with people. To put it another way, he was very much vulnerable to genius and, for a while anyway, couldn’t stop the charm attack of attempting to establish and fuel personal connections (albeit from a hygienically safe and perfectly anonymous base of operations).

    To his eternal credit, JR ingeniously communicated vulnerabilties, exposing, soliciting, and revealing all that is inherently weird about seeking to connect with other humans. (Does any of this make any sense to YOU? No need to respond. Just kidding.)

  6. Once the food coupons and whatnot stopped showing up in the mails, the shotgun shack utopia would of course rapidly spiral into ridiculous (i.e., no longer funny) degress of lawlessness and anarchy. But as always I could be wrong.

    yeah, maybe the mexicans will just pack up and go back to mexico. it’s defacto borders will be north of la by that time anyway, if they aren’t alteardy, so no problem. nothing happenes for a reason, i always say.

    kinda too bad that there wasn’t enough water for those 20 to 100 acre growers in the central valley. i have a feeling there was plenty of water for some 1000 to 5000 acre growers somewhere else though. water is another cultural resource in short supply, i guess.

  7. Bunn, that does make sense to me. Vulnerability. Leaving yourself open to shots, taking extreme positions, allowing various colorful characters to comment here without moderation…not bad.

  8. BB – Personal processor-based technology is a double-edged sword, especially when used indiscriminately (and I am not suggesting that you do).

    One need not don their respective tin-foil chapeau of choice to recognize the pervasive presence of the government and ad revenue opportunity in all things communications or “cloud”.

    I have used technology for decades to enable work from rural locations, minimizing my interaction with, well, just about everybody. But that same technology; computers, servers, the Internet, smart phones and GPS et al is more liability than asset to privacy.

    And it is possible I am clinging to an anecdotal old-school notion of privacy that even as a baby-boomer I never really had. I won’t get into the misguided notion of freedom.

    I enjoy a reasonable standard of living made possible, literally, by information technology. Yet, I find myself working to rely less on it – almost contratrian.

  9. no problem, screw that progress shit. next, they’ll want us to drive flying cars and watch 3-D TV.

    humm, katy perry in 3-D, dave.

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