The Show Must Go On!

UR, good work in documenting the atrocities.  – Bif 

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  1. Bahranian ER nurses stomping on the kings portrait, Algerian-backed seperatists stirring up trouble in Western Sahara, Chinese workers throwing stones, and Libyan fighter jets defecting to Malta. Holy lamb chops, the chess board is active this week. Who knows where this leads? As Nudge would say, top off the gas tank, inflate the Dutch bike tires, and pass the popcorn!

  2. I never said the bike would rule in a post-apocalyptic world. I proclaimed it a transition tool, nothing more.

    Horses will be eaten, even the scrawny ones.

  3. JHK is calling out a WMBH in another decade, so you got ten years for the transition.

    me and dave are working right now on a patentable formula to make rubber from pine tree resin. we’re gonna be rich, all the chickens and rabbits we can eat!

  4. Bif, when are you going to give us a detailed photo essay on your recent trip to Africa? Assuming it’s not classified, of course.

  5. Libya and Europe have become financially intermingled in the last several years. Buzillions! It could be a real mess on top of the already mess. Italy, UK, France and Turkey must be shittin’.

  6. All this freedom and democracy stuff spreading all over the globe is really gonna make our lives difficult. Gonna miss the Evil Empire.

  7. I didn’t take many pics. I started to but decided to keep low key. I return in less than a month unless things get really stupid.

    One thing I’ll say is in three countries (Saharan and sub-Saharan) I traversed people were the best of anywhere I’ve ever been. Excellent, kind, and generous people. I was often lost and confused (because of language) but never once felt threatened.

  8. I think JR is now bunn bunn in drag, or was it always the other way around? Remus, U R a genius for calling him/her out.

  9. Libyan protesters are getting hammered with big weapons but they won’t back down. Those are some crazy brave people. A week ago they said this couldn’t happen in Libya.

  10. I now know it’s bunn because now he’s talking politics, with a right wing, conservative slant, and some of my earlier comments on the last thread are now deleted. JR would delete his own comments, but not mine.

    Also, where’s that rabbit?

    I hope JR is not really dead.

  11. “I return in less than a month unless things get really stupid.”

    Right about now, I’m liking my job a whole lot moron better than yours. Don’t do anything stupid. The money’s not worth it, whatever they’re paying.

  12. I can tell you that from my behind the curtain access all posts are genuinely by the editors as advertised. And only the supreme editor himself can change the banner or blog title. As far as comments being deleted there’s no way for me to know what happened there.

  13. Not to worry, I treasure my continued existence on this tired planet and will not go into a place if I don’t feel reasonably OK about the situation. Same cautions as in a lot of American cities.

  14. Bif, good to know on those last two comments. So, you’re vouching for the authenticity of JR’s most recent posts. If so, he’s been editing some of my comments, but they were admittedly personal as I have been trying, without success, to get him to engage.

    There are places in Hawaii where I won’t swim, especially at dawn or dusk, because we have a lot of big tiger and a few white sharks. If I had a cut or was a women, I’d be especially careful. Same goes for certain parts of certain cities—land sharks. You can say it’s just playing percentages, but I don’t want to be a victim or a newspaper citation.

  15. “Libya and Europe have become financially intermingled in the last several years. ”

    According to Mish “[Libya] is the world’s 12th largest oil exporter and a critical supplier to European countries. Italy, Germany and France imported last year more than half of Libyan oil.” Germany especially could be hurt by this, given their respective financial foundation for Europe, Merkels recent setback in the Hamburg election and how her Defense Ministers plagiarized PhD thesis brouhaha throws a wet blanket on his ability to assist politically.

    And those jets the Libyan defectors landed in Malta? French Dassault Mirage F1’s.

    Even my sister’s homeys in Morocco (she was born there) are getting their malcontent on. Gots to watch those Berber’s, they just pop up out of nowhere.

  16. “Gonna miss the Evil Empire.” I think the US has taken up their slack quite nicely, thank you very much.

  17. Bif, I saw that pic on ZH and thought no way can I not post a link to a mash-up of tanks and F1 on ZK.

    Is embedding a pic verboten by the rabble or did I just brick the HTML? I put the embed code up on my site then copied and pasted here.

    RE the authenticity of JR’s posts – I stand by my call. I doesn’t take JR, just his account password.

  18. img src=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ alt=”Aaaaaand they’re OFF!” /

    The above sample should be between a “” (close) at the end – w/o the quotes of course.

    The “src=” part points to the URL of the image you want displayed (I used the F1 tank image source as an example), the width, height is in pixels and the “alt” is the text the user sees on mouse roll-over.

    You can also Google “embed image html” for TMI.

  19. Crap, the “less than” sign and the “greater than” sign are missing. Displaying sample code is tricky and I am way rusty. You need a less than sign at the beginning and a greater than sign at the end of the code sample.

  20. Its always tough with html instructions as it reads the html. Try this:

    *img src=”” alt=”any_file” /**

    Obviously you need to include your source of the image beginning with http://

    Instead of * type a less than symbol.

    Instead of ** type a greater than symbol.

    Make sure its not a super big image or it may cut off the image.

    Works for me in comments but I’m using images I uploaded to the ZK blog media files. You can try with different source.

  21. Remus, be suspicious of the password swapping if you want but I honestly don’t think so. You fucks analyze too much. I don’t see the motivation or desire for trickery.

    Just a plain brown djellaba here. As-salamu alaykum.

  22. Sure, and I suppose next you’ll be trying to tell us Dick Cheney acted alone on the 9-11 WTC bombings. Pull the other leg, why don’t cha?

  23. Bif, wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh.

    I merely pointed out that just because it says “JR”, doesn’t mean it is. Look, maybe it is JR (who or whatever that is), but his writing has changed and that is the sole perspective. Hell, for all I know it is one of those DoD online personality software widgets stirring the pot.

    Could just be I am misremembering how JR wrote way back when.

    But WTF, ZK still is.


  24. dave, yeah, the rabble can’t embed pikachures. C’est la vie, no?

    Bif, thanks for the cleanup in the html bracket aisle. I’ll stick to browbeating unruly routers and miscreant servers.

  25. So now there are reports that 130 Libyan soldiers were executed by the government there for refusing to fire upon their fellow citizens. If there can be heroes or true martyrs in such a catastrophe then they are probably the real deal.

  26. Who’s got the balls to step in and re-inforce eastern Libyan rebels and roll toward Tripoli? Yeah its a geopolitical can of worms. Or maybe it will “work itself out” and oil prices will relax. All these power fuckers are laying back and carefully hedging their bets because they want to get back in there and do “business” with WHOEVER.

  27. Tunisian laborers working in Tripoli have been beaten because their country started all this “bullshit”. Beaten just for being Tunisian. That’s not going over very well.

  28. A lot has happened since those liberal media geeks from CNN and Al Jazeera got beat up in Cairo. The shoe thrower index has proven a not so reliable handycappers guide. No one knows where this is going and what it will mean. Everyone is just squawking including me.

  29. Somehow “Bif of Libya” does not have the same ring as “Larry of Arabia”. Perhaps we could use the longer version of your handle: “Saint Bif of Libya” or even Saint Bifford of Libya”. What do you think? Movie rights? I’d send my address in email so you know where to send the checks.

    Rommel or even JR would be proud.

  30. Lif of Bolivia… barefoot in the sand… dancing to the night sounds of Bedouin ringtones. Where for fucks sake is the Rommel headgear/desert spinnaker heads up display when you really need it?

    I was about to rail on you Remus for being tone deaf (to the present voice of JR), then Bif steps into this multilingual Master Po of HTML personna… uhh, think I’ll go back to licking myself. (Fucking funny though, Bif. If you’re wasted enough and/or sufficiently dehydrated, a Norway Rat gussied up with petroleum hued strap-on plummage [yo MOU!] might start to resemble a fat juicy pigeon! Consider trading in your iPhone for a portable hibachi.) Carry on.

  31. Hey. I’m up early and your up late at the same time. Incredible. Global village.

    Lawrence of America. Reminds me of the 101st Fighting Keyborders?

    On a related note, Flashman books were pretty good.


    “Fraser’s Flashman is an antihero who runs from danger or hides cowering in fear, betrays or abandons acquaintances at the slightest incentive, bullies and beats servants with gusto, beds every available woman, carries off any loot he can grab, gambles and boozes enthusiastically, and yet, through a combination of luck and cunning, usually ends each volume acclaimed as a hero.”

    Jeesh, sounds like some of my co-workers. The fun ones anyway.


    so, hoarders and coupon freaks as the gulloms of consumerville. that’s makes the rst of us a bunch of hobbits, elves, dwarves, etc., being pushed willynilly around middleearth(consumerville), by the forces of mordor, or somthing like that. what is mordor a metaphor for, i sure don’t know. well, i have ideas, but i don’t feel like talking about them.

    anyways, i kinda like this guy, incase you haven’t guessed that.

  33. That’s not going over very well.

    not going over well with who? the tunisians getting beat up? that’s understandable.

  34. Milk cartons in WI and IN with “Have You Seen This State Senator/Representative” initiative showing up in store coolers. Same in IL, except it is on containers of distilled spirits in package stores.

    Infamous “Dawg” bounty hunter reported exploring ground floor opportunity in AWOL “fuckstick” rendition services. “Dawg” points to compensation from bankrupt states as “a real fucking problem”; reportedly working with state and national party operatives to “rectify” the “pro bono bullshit”.

  35. i coulda done all that stuff when i wuz 12, but the technology wuz not there. we had wood planks and detachable key skates with metal wheels. used nails to attach. no flex at all. no youtube to record our greatness, either. life is so unfair. i coulda been a star.

  36. Wait no more, DD! Just jet over to Muhammar’s pad (or any one of the other “in-the-midst-of-collapse” dictatorships thereabouts) and go live!

    From a Wisconsin acquaintance: Remember, the facts are that the Wisconsin state deficit is NOT because of any drop in revenues or increases in the cost of state employee contracts, benefits or pensions.

    It is because Walker and his allies pushed through $140 million in n…ew spending for special-interest groups in January. If the Legislature were simply to rescind Walker’s new spending schemes — or delay their implementation until they are offset by fresh revenues — the “crisis” would not even exist.

    Walker is looting the schools, taking money away from working people, and redistributing it to his political cronies, plain and simple.

  37. “Walker is looting the schools, taking money away from working people, and redistributing it to his political cronies, plain and simple”

    Pure and unadulterated public-union hack bullshit. EE, you should consider finding a better class of “Wisconsin acquaintance”. They are just pissed that they aren’t going to be able to run the state finances into the dirt like their mediocrity-class brethren in IL or NY. Fucking bastards would throw their own (or their mother) under the bus before giving up one ill-gotten penny or benefit.

    Fuckers will go to the same place in hell as lobbyists, politicians and banksters.

  38. Like I said over on another blog:

    Dr. Doom Says:

    February 21, 2011 at 3:08 pm
    Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Djibouti, Algeria, Libya, Wisconsin?

    Walker and Muhammar, two colorful characters in the news.

  39. @UR –

    No, that JR really was him. He may have second thoughts about his writing now, but he called me the other day between interviews and verified he is blogging again.

  40. Doom, putting Wisconsin in the same sentence with the fine people revolting against US-backed puppet regimes in the ME is a fucking insult to the fine people revolting against US-backed puppet regimes in the ME.

    Call me when the taxpayers in this country finally decide to revolt against the US-backed puppet regimes in the states and the corporate-backed puppet fascist regime in DC.

  41. Charlie,

    Interesting gambit you played out there in La-la land Charlie. I guess a lot of people didn’t get the memo that you’re an actor. Meh. Apparently, some people just don’t have sense of humor do they?

    If JR is having second thoughts, it would be about calling you again. Wanker.

  42. I forgot to mention “running-dog Imperialist lackeys” in my puppet regime comment. I really need to make an epithet check list. Check list.

  43. Oh no, here we go again….

    Fossils of Cyanobacteria in CI1 Carbonaceous Meteorites
    Richard B. Hoover, Ph.D. NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center

    Dr. Hoover has discovered evidence of microfossils similar to Cyanobacteria, in freshly fractured slices of the interior surfaces of the Alais, Ivuna, and Orgueil CI1 carbonaceous meteorites. Based on Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM) and other measures, Dr. Hoover has concluded they are indigenous to these meteors and are similar to trichomic cyanobacteria and other trichomic prokaryotes such as filamentous sulfur bacteria. He concludes these fossilized bacteria are not Earthly contaminants but are the fossilized remains of living organisms which lived in the parent bodies of these meteors, e.g. comets, moons, and other astral bodies. The implications are that life is everywhere, and that life on Earth may have come from other planets.

  44. Therefore, logically, F1 Racing is likely a Galactic Event, similar to those pod races featured in Star Wars Episode I.

    Also, as usual, us monkeys think we are so unique and special, and yet, we don’t even know for sure about the existence of Galactic F1 Racing, although it’s probably been going on for millions of years now, all over the Galaxy, and we’ve yet to make a single entry.

  45. I’m guessing this guy’s finally got it right. Why, you ask? Because he knows damn well about the fuss the last guy caused when he made a similar claim. So, either the guy’s an idiot (unlikely) or he really found some solid evidence this time.

    Those WTC iron-rich spheres are real, too.

  46. Fucking bastards would throw their own (or their mother) under the bus before giving up one ill-gotten penny or benefit.

    haha, yeah, every fucking union job under the sun was shipped offshore over the last 40 years, except thier’s, of course. did they make even a peep? but now they they see the light when thier own shit is on the line. i hope they choke and die on thier own shit.

  47. The implications are that life is everywhere, and that life on Earth may have come from other planets.

    well, that sure turned out to be a fucking waste of time.

  48. Earthlings might turn out OK once all the fucking monkey morons are gone. Them and their stinking SUVs, freeways, concrete jungles, …..yaking all the time on their silly cell phones, staring at their computers, cruising around in nuclear attack submarines, etc.

    Make the place moron hospitable for the whales and dolphins. Give ’em a chance, I’d say. Maybe rename the place Blue, or something cool aquatic like that.

    Hat tip to David Mathews.

  49. “The implications are that life is everywhere, and that life on Earth may have come from other planets.”

    Beloved, that means there could be sinners on other planets that need to hear the gospel! We have to reach these creatures for Jesus. Maybe through the SETI program? We’ll need more donations for this work, so send in your love gift soon. – Rev. GB

  50. So far, only me and Flipper’s grandson, who stays out at Sea Life Park. Do you want to join us?

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