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  1. The answer is blowing in the wind, from Fukushima.

    Interesting Bif. Thought it might have been your work.

  2. I didn’t make this vid.

    Just something i saw that I liked, and it was time for a new thread.

    I think its a Russian video. The woman looks very Russian. Though the music is Norwegian.

  3. “thatsucked.” i agree. we were all hoping that somehow this was your Tunisian (or was she Libyan?) GF and you cooly put this artsy video out for us to enjoy as yet another ZK inside scoop. alas, she’s just another Russian hooker/model.

  4. “thatsucked.” OK I understand and will take it up with the editorial board. At ZK we often invoke the Russians in a pinch. Apparently too much. But it’s material content is rich and easy.

    As far as the so-called GF, she is half French and yes half Maghrebi, so think frilly underwear beneath a shepherd’s smock. There are no videos, nor should there be. It just wouldn’t be right. The best things are left shrowded in mystery, rumored and unresolved.

  5. now you’re blogging bif, vetran dog, offered cupcakes, has flashbacks to younger days as vietnam military police dog. somehow, the sight, or moron likely, the smell of those cupcakes have altered the dog’s neural circuitry to bring about those flashbacks. the only solution is to bark loudly while biting the hostess and all human witnesses in the kitchen on their fat asses.

    interesting how that dog sees in black & white, or maybe that’s just because such old footage was simply shot that way?

  6. so yes, as everyone knows by now, america exists onlys to drop bombs and shit on the rest of the world. so, why does bowie, or anyone else for that matter, wear turtlenecks? isn’t that against every fashion rule there is?

  7. if you really want to help save the planet, you should slow down and do as little as possible. most folks will think you are just being lazy, but those “in the know” will understand and applaud your courage and courtesy toward all others in helping to keep our planet green.

  8. True Story #467:

    when i first arrived in Hawaii back in ’72, i got an apartment near to UH. i got a telephone (land line). it had a rotary dial, cause i wuz too cheap to buy the fancy push button version. i couldn’t get any calls out on it, only busy signals. finally, in frustration i called the operator, by dialing the O. a real person answered, like they used to always do in the olden days. i explained my problem.

    she said: “slow down when using the dial”. in California, i was used to dialing as fast as the rotor could go, even jamming the return back. in Hawaii in ’72, that was way, way too fast. slowed it down, and then it worked. there’s a metaphor in there someplace.

  9. What’s the verse, in everything there is a season…a time to chase women, a time to drink hard cider, a time to plant seeds… and something or other.

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