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  1. Smashing Pumpkins – flights to BFE, hotel rooms, long drives on 2-lane county roads. Fuck Wagner – crank some ‘Cherub Rock’.

  2. 1979, got my Ph.D., married my wife, moved from Hawaii to La Jolla, CA to start my first professional position as a post-doc research geologist at Scripps*. all in all, a very busy year.

    * Professor Henry Menard was away as acting director of the USGS, a Jimmy Carter appointment. So they let me use his office, with a commanding view of Scripps pier and La Jolla beach down to the point. Pinch me I’m dreaming time…

  3. Sounds like a sweet gig Doom. California was actually still interesting back then. Had family out in the LA area, so had schlepped over a few times. Honeymooned down the 1 from SF through LA and on down to SD in a convertible back in ’75. Don’t have that car or that wife anymore – miss the car though.

    Good grief. Just realized the current wife was 13 in ’79.

  4. Uncle, it was extremely sweet. Only downside was the wife and I had to drive inland all the way to Miramar (Top Gun country) to get a decent fast-food hamburger at the Carl’s Jr. Drove all the way north on the I-5 to past Del Mar to find a market that sold Portugese sausage, for breakfast (spoiled Hawaiians).

    Wife thought La Jolla (The Jewel) was a dump, so, knowing that everywhere else in North America would be downhill from there, we moved back to Hawaii in 1980.

  5. this is how i used feel when i was married, raising kids, and had a fucking “job”. slavery takes many forms. thanks trent.

  6. UR, when you were 13, you could have held your young future wife in your arms, whispered to her that someday you were going to marry her, then burped her and put her to sleep while gently patting her behind.

    …then again, maybe you’re doing that now?

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