Rapture on Beacon Street

Rapture on Beacon Street

So I’m jus chillin in the pahk Thursday with my boy, Pee Money, when he spots the End of the world-guy’s truck…

Pee Money is an attorney during normal business hours, but during down-time he has a penchant for harassing crazy people. He lives in Beacon Hill and has seen this guy before. Since I had my new, awesome G2 with HD-video we figured with less than 48 hours left we should hunt down Crazy and interview him…

… well, we couldn’t find him. But he is obviously getting mad paper selling sweet T-shirts if his other car is this mediocre Mercedes.

Have you heard the awesome news? We’re all dead in five days.


This is a scene from Uncle Vanya, a short play by Anton Chekhov. The play was published in 1897, however in this scene the dialogue might just as well have been written today, in its lamenting of environmental degredation and climate change.

The play was adapted to film, as Vanya on 42nd Street (1994).