Rapture on Beacon Street

Rapture on Beacon Street

So I’m jus chillin in the pahk Thursday with my boy, Pee Money, when he spots the End of the world-guy’s truck…

Pee Money is an attorney during normal business hours, but during down-time he has a penchant for harassing crazy people. He lives in Beacon Hill and has seen this guy before. Since I had my new, awesome G2 with HD-video we figured with less than 48 hours left we should hunt down Crazy and interview him…

… well, we couldn’t find him. But he is obviously getting mad paper selling sweet T-shirts if his other car is this mediocre Mercedes.

Have you heard the awesome news? We’re all dead in five days.

33 Replies to “Rapture on Beacon Street”

  1. Whats with the mysterious alternative fueled car? One would think the car owner would advertize what its fueled with? Could be one of those magic water cars.

  2. Looked it up its a flexfuel car. You get to go in the HOV lanes with that in Georga lame. I think a free bus ticket would be a better idea.

  3. Finally, some class – Ren & Stimpy.

    So, OKC Thunder playing a couple blocks over, I’m sitting in a concert hall waiting for the last symphony of the season to start. Lots of empty seats, but still 20 or so minutes to go.


  4. Not to worry soon over paid sports players will be a thing of the past and we shall see a revival of real music to fill in the gaps. But saddly sumphony will be the last to catch on to the rebound but it will damn it!

    I see it here in Denver. There are lots more bars having mostly free live music despite the threats of the Music industry to stop them

  5. Gawd, we are such a classy group of monkeys. Went to my youngest son’s Spring Concert this evening. zzzzzzzzzz. Not exactly a bunch of pros, but well done and disciplined. The music director is a fanatic.

  6. Awesome. But part of that sign on the truck was misspelled. I think they meant “buy bull [sh#t]” instead of contracting it down to a single word.

    Barnum’s laws are alive and well. Actually I was looking forward to a real “ark B” event wherein the moron useless 2/3 of the population would spontaneously disappear. In one fell swoop, the energy crisis would be less of a problem, full employment would be essential, the new Crusades would have to be canceled, and traffic congestion would drop drastically.

    OTOH, plenty of flyover states would be left virtually depopulated.

  7. No, they died for JR so he and his lawyer can troll around Beacon Street with his new HD digital video camera, harassing the poor Jehovah’s Witnesses about their End of World proclamations. See, that’s freedom of speech, right to assembly and freedom of religious beliefs all right there. Plus lawyer tolerance, not sure which amendment that one covers.

  8. I think that kid in the tub is snapping his carrot while his mom talks about a delicious salad.

    his mom sucks his winky.

  9. I concur. Will stock up on some converted vegetables later today. But first, it’s time for some Margaritas, con mucho vitamin C!

  10. Had venison hot dogs tonight. Got them in a swap for 6 Better Boy tomato plants. Not as tasty as bacon, but good with sauerkraut and mustard.

  11. Doom, no, no basement here. The soil here makes them a real maintenance headache – at least that is what I am told. Must be – there are very few basements.

    There are a sprinkling of personal tornado shelters – basically a concrete box in the ground. Bomb shelters from the 50’s comes to mind, but this area has only been here since the 80’s. Been considering one of those, maybe modify the design so I can use part of it as a root cellar.

  12. Remus, you may have expansive soil (smectite-rich) with complications from frost heaving. Just don’t attach the box to your house, and be prepared for some less than horizontal flooring. A knowledgeable contractor can do things to dampen the effects.

    I should post some results of expansive soil in Hawaii. The form on the usually-steep sides of valleys in certain micro-climates. They play havoc with foundations and roads.

  13. Given the high level of clay in the soil, you’re prolly right. It takes a lot of work to make the soil worm and garden friendly.

  14. Just another day during tornado in OK. This is not the first time the guy in the video has had a close encounter with a tornado.

  15. Hey JR- I’m going to be in Boston for the weekend. Looking for a good sports bar to watch the Bruins tomorrow night. I’ve checked out yelp but I’d like a local’s opinion. I don’t think I’d like Champions (sounds almost like ESPN Zone) so I’d appreciate your input. Thanks. Oh, and I was thinking of Rino’s for dinner on Saturday- what do you think? have you been there?

  16. Hi sports fans! Yeah yeah OK I’m a Bruins fan too. But don’t forget, today is Barcelona vs. Manchester United. 2PM EST. I’m up early to be ready.

    Should be a great game. My money is on Messi and Barcelona. (I’m a little worried they’re playing at Wembley though. WTF.)

  17. Hahahaha…. just want you to know that the giant, rubber blowup rat is back in DC!! Will investigate and report back.

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