39 Replies to “Messi vs Rooney”

  1. Oh man. David Villa put that one where Norman keeps his mother. No goalie could have got to that one.

    Barça 3 ManU 1

  2. Breaking Down Barcelona’s Win


    “As many had predicted, Barcelona outclassed Manchester United in Saturday’s highly anticipated Champions League final, running out to a 3-1 win. And as many had hoped for, it was a game for the ages. Stylistically, technically and tactically, it was perhaps the best title game in recent memory. And perhaps the best game in all the memory that’s been lost since then, too.”

    Good article. I would agree.

  3. Bif, I’m wondering if you’ve beaten or tied JR’s previous record of longest unanswered comment thread on their post?

    (sorry to interrupt.)

  4. at about 6:30 the announcer is saying: “yes, these guys fuck some good looking bitches, that’s for sure.”

  5. A recent post to jay hanson’s list in response to his posting of a recent Dave Cohen article. Link here: http://www.declineoftheempire.com/2011/05/thinking-outside-the-box-part-ii.html


    We’ve simply allowed our transportation grid to become dominated by
    cheap oil, thinking it would never run out. Outright denial at even the
    prospect of running out has allowed us to come to the brink of scarcity
    -based collapse. I’m using a very inclusive form of the word “we”. In
    fact, “we” allowed ourselves to engage in the dance with those who
    profit and “we” who reap some of the benefits of their profitable
    business in oil-based transport. Our actual (as opposed to that
    advertised and widely believed) social system does not allow for less
    entitled but perhaps longer-range thinkers to influence planning for
    events. Now, we’re a little like captive Germans trying to tell the
    Nazi’s how to run things during WWII—we don’t. We’re not quite to the
    point of a midnight knock on the door of vocal dissidents, but perhaps
    that lies in our future.

    Best wishes,

  6. haha, red pill, blue pill; what stupid shit. let’s say everybody in the world “wakes up” to the realities of overshoot and dieoff; the results are still the same, overshoot and dieoff. is some smart fuck like dave cohen going to manage the process for the now enlightened multitude? what shit.

  7. anyway, i see that jay hanson is trying to promote some sort of “political” solution to overshoot and dieoff these days. just another dumb shit who wants to manage the unmanageable. chaos is called chaos for a reason.

  8. dave, i think the secret agenda may be to try for management of a small group of survivalists while the rest of humanity burns. jay knows they can’t save everybody. it probably won’t work, anyway.

    why he constantly bashes economists, i don’t understand. he really hates the dumb bastards.

  9. dave, i think the secret agenda may be to try for management of a small group of survivalists while the rest of humanity burns.

    yeah, i guess that from that perspective some of his positions start to make some sort of, very twisted, sense. jay hansen as the big kahuna on the big island type of thing, i guess.

  10. “i’m not a member of an organized political party—i’m a democrat.”

    —Will Rogers

  11. ya dave, when jay hanson’s solar lead-acid storage batteries need regenerating, i’ll be there with my tooth brush to clean those lead plates for him.

  12. ya dave, when jay hanson’s solar lead-acid storage batteries need regenerating, i’ll be there with my tooth brush to clean those lead plates for him.

    better you than me.

  13. hey, a little lead never hurt nobody. i handle it all the time, and look how i turned out! liquid mercury, too.

  14. another zulu kilo first. i’m at work and actually combing the site for an uncle remus post that i can use in my research. we are soooo cool here.

    dave, maybe you should comment on various HPLC and GC-MS applications?

  15. “hey, a little lead never hurt nobody.”

    I think the context of the exposure is an important aspect. As is the velocity.

  16. Uncle, I’ve been checking that story on the radioactive half-lives being non-constant and apparently affected by solar neutrinos (or muons, how knows?). That is big time awesome! I’ve found two peer-reviewed papers so far on the subject and they look legit. If you email me, I’ll send you the PDF copies.

    Tomorrow I may be meeting with my high-energy physics colleague here to discuss this affect further. If the solar activity varies significantly over time, especially in an unknown manner, that would imply dating assumptions could be in error and the dates now in question.

  17. “We’ll play better, I’m certain of that . . . it’s a long series, and we’ll adjust and do things we need to do to get ourselves in a better position,” said Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle after Tuesday’s Game 1 of the NBA Finals, a 92-84 loss to the Miami Heat that conventional wisdom says should leave Dallas scrambling for new solutions.

    Sorry Bunn and JR!! My nickel is on the Mavs… I used to babysit Ricky Carlisle and his brother Billy when they were toddlers.

  18. EE, Hey, I’m with you on this one! That is, immediately after the Lakers and PJ were humiliated and sent home for the summer, I threw in with the Mavs.

    [Editor’s Note: There is something highly disconcerting about the Heat and their fans (all wearing white), perhaps even un-American.]

  19. Took me a few seconds to digest that chart. But got it: Economist good, clean water bad. Corporations = Jesus. Got it.

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