Bruins Fans

Bruins Rally Parade, June 18th, 2011, about 11:45 AM : Pt. 9, The Final Assault…

… making it rain, back to home base, groupies stalking me in my hood …

15 Replies to “Bruins Fans”

  1. watched some related video of the Vancouver riots. one has to ask: if they behave this way over some stupid hockey game, how’s it gonna shake out when there’s no food at the local grocery and the gas stations are all closed?

  2. the lord knows that i’m totaly down with narcisim. but a life time of jerking off in front of a mirror seems a bit much, even to me.

  3. Keeping those aging reactors going by loosening the regulations is a lot like families driving the wheels off their cars. It’s a form of extend and pretend. At some point, something breaks that is too costly to repair, then the old beater goes away. With reactors, it’ll be the same, except maybe some radioactive materials get released. We’re a broke country, living off credit, for now.

  4. Brian Dunning (company shill?) wrote:

    “In #5, 20 times normal radiation is still orders of magnitude below maximum safe levels. This is not something that should be trumpeted as if it’s cause for alarm.”

    This is classic. Mr. Dunning is confusing radiation exposure with radioactive materials. This is done all the time by the nuclear industry to attempt to both confuse and placate the public about the true dangers. That “20 times normal” radiation is in the form of hot particles in the soil and dust. There is no safe level for these particles. One hot particle, if it is inhaled in fine dust, can cause a cancerous tumor in the lung. Children of all ages are more succeptable because they are still growing (rapidly dividing cells); infants and pregnant women at the most at risk.

    “In #7, it is not accurate to say the reactors are like ticking time bombs. This is irresponsible scaremongering, and Dr. Kaku should know better. The cores have flowed into their containment vessels, there is little plausible likelihood of anything exploding.”

    The cores are lying at the bottom of the concrete floors, having already melted their way through the primary containment steel. They may be in the process of melting through this concrete. Once they contact the underlying, fractured rock plus groundwater, the least they will do is heavily contaminate the groundwater (more so than they have already done) and eventully leak into the ocean. There is always the possiblility that the melted core will react with the groundwater and create a “preatic” or steam plus hydrogen gas explosion. So yes, there is a ticking time bomb under units 1 to 3 and unit 4’s fuel pool could topple at any time to expose all that hot fuel on the ground. No one knows what would happen next.

  5. Company shill for sure. He also mention that the Japaness MSN has been reporting that everything is fine. I read the same stuff and thats not what I got out of it. Which I did ask him about.

    I volenteer Mr Dunning to put on a lead suit and help with the clean up in Reactor Number 2. The one they are trying to pump Nitrogen into to prevent a Hydrogen explosion.

    I do enjoy Dr Kaku who is Japaness, one of the shills said since wasnt Japaness he could not know what was really happening there.

    You should try and get him to anwser a question about energy Dr. 20 bucks says you could stump him enough to take the bait.

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