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  1. The war is coming to the streets of America and if you are not keeping and bearing and practicing with your arms then you will be helpless and you will be the victim of evil.
    Ted Nugent

  2. Hey, here’s a link to some folks that couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Peak Oil, Global Economic Collapse, Fallout, etc. OTOH, they would likely really be interested in a rat’s ass, if you gave them one.

  3. Of course you jest about their importance, but hey, maybe they really were important at the time! Like yelling FIRE! If we all yell fire now, 2 days after the fire was put out, after the fire department finally arrived to put out the blaze, the word has little meaning. But in a crowded theater, with smoke billowing up to the ceiling and the curtains all ablaze, with most of the staring, nonasleep audience thinking this must be some kind of new special effects show, then yelling fire has some true, important meaning. (It’s also the only time such an explicative act is legal in this fine country, but I digress.)

    So, were exactly are these once priceless gems of wit and wisdom now exposed, slowly oxidizing in the sunlight and fresh air?

  4. DD, fantastic link. It’s being shared with the FB peeps. Gail’s comments were spot-on.

    Too bad the article didn’t diss nintendo-style economic theory.

  5. then you need a cat like ours, which presents us with rat’s asses all the time. sometimes it’s the whole rat, sometimes it’s just the ass (and tail).

  6. dogs would be killers too, if they weren’t both lazy and well fed. cats are truly different. even if well fed, they still kill a lot of other animals smaller than them. they’re just hard-wired carnivours and perhaps not as lazy as dogs. speaking in generalities, of course.

  7. yeah, in my mind cats (felines) are something like the most perfectly evolved mammilian predators. they’ll kill anything that moves, if they think they can. canines need an alpha to set the pace. i think.

  8. “Nevertheless, federal inspectors are on the scene, and the federal government is so concerned the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is headed to the plant.”

    Where there’s smoke,… It would be interesting to know where they placed the backup generators and pumps for the coolant water in that plant and where they located the moon pool for the spent fuel rods. If they have conduit that can potentially get wet, they may lose pump power even if all those systems are high enough up. Yikes.

  9. Given this area is in the heart of tornadow alley Id say the moon pool is currently below the water table.

    But the authorities will find away to explain it all away in a good bed time story for kids kind of way. Just like normally rational people praying climate change away and blaming all the crazy weather on solar flares for the heat and cold and volcanones for all the extra SO2

  10. And if I hand a dollar for every time some noob blamed unknown underwater volcanos for ice cap melting in the Artic I could have out bid the Koch Brothers for the billy the kid photo.

  11. Doom, those moon pools are probably not just underwater just now, but are being inundated with floodwaters. Quite likely you could stick a radioactivity probe in the water, somewhere downstream of the plant, and follow the radiation back to its source.

    LOL, what is it with sending the head of the NRC there? Does he have some sort of superhuman powers that regular NRC underlings don’t? Can he duck into a closet, change into tights and cape, zoom outside in a flash, reverse all the floodwaters, and be back before you can say “Clark Kent”? Nah, this is just PR to lend credibility to the “Nothing to see here, just move along folks” smokescreen they’re pumping out.

    They keep using this phrase “100-year event”. I do not think it means what they think it means.

  12. lucky crab…

    remus, that’s all right, “capable of standing in for globe-encompassing evil.” in sept., i have a globe-encompassing trip planned, from honolulu to korea to france and then back to honolulu. and, they pay. it’s a lot of sitting, though.

  13. Doomy, I can only surmise that “standing in for globe-encompassing evil” is a thankless and exhausting job and that the down time between global hotspots must be a welcome respite.

  14. You got that right. Been a little busy lately, too.

    “The Fort Calhoun facility can withstand flood waters reaching 1,014 feet above sea level, according to an NRC statement released on Sunday. The flood waters are currently at 1,006 feet above sea level, said the statement, and aren’t expected to go higher than 1,008 feet.
    The Missouri River is flooding as a result of a particularly snowy winter in Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas, as well as heavy spring rains.
    Kamps brought up the possibility of any one of the half-dozen dams upstream from the plant failing, calling that event a “nightmare” scenario that would push the water well past the 1,014-foot level the facility was built to withstand.
    In that event, power to the plant from either its grid connection or back-up diesel generators could be lost, resulting in an inability to circulate water to keep either the reactor core or the spent fuel pool cool, said Kamps.
    It was that scenario that led to the meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.”


    So, doing the math, we’re going to be about 6 feet of flood stage from a nuclear emergency in the Mid-West. If one of those plants goes Fuku, then note about how much of America’s food breadbasket gets contaminated, depending upon wind direction. Dams do tend to break during record floods, so then the rising waters are not much different in speed from a tsunami. Same effect, no electrical power => radioactive pork.

  15. News blackout Doom and I am left with the impression that no one up that way gives a shit. Now, if it was the football stadium where the Huskers play that was in jeopardy…

  16. I don’t know why your complaining its only a 100 year event ain’t gun’a happen again in our life times.

    Nudge was correct in saying most people do not know the meaning of 100 year event or how to apply it. The NRC equivalent in Japan has thrown the phrase around a lot. They apply it only to the earthquake itself but it really needs to be applied to each disaster caused by the earthquake. Which make 4 100 year events at the Fuku. Those being plants 1 through 4 and what of the other? I guess 5 and 6 are OK because they were higher? Haven not heard a peep about them in at least a month.

    I going to start linking to Black Swan for a couple of very smart people I know who post on my favorite blog and subject when they start saying there is no global climate change problem. Because continuing to argue back and forth about the data and the evidence which they seem to have wished away it might be better to not argue at all about climate change and tell them to read a real book about risk management. up on the hill? the hill?

  17. every single nuke plant out there is absolutely guaranteed to fail within the next 20 years. when the grid goes down, they go down with it. the grid is absolutely depentdant on fossil fuel inputs. within 20 years enough inputs to keep it up and running will not be available. end of story.

  18. Ahh! The irony of Nuke power it does not work with out oil to run it.

    And that’s not even taking into consideration the oil used for infrastructure.

  19. you know the really sad part of this story we all call “life on Earth in the 21st Century that is tattered and teetering” is the know-nothings with big fancy job titles and paychecks to match that run the NRC and other “important stuff” like secret nuke weapons sites (hint: Los Alamos, currently abandoned and surrounded by forest fires) are going to try to keep all those nukes running until they can’t no moron. then of course, it will be too late and it’s only a matter of time to when it’s gonna be one Fuku over here and another Fuku over there and the contamination will spread all over to cover what’s left of the arable land to grow crops and livestock.

    it’s the perfect clusterfuck, except ironically, global warming-induced climate change disasters will act like so many alarms going off that even a duped, cowed and drugged population will wake up and begin to ask the obvious question: just how safe are these ticking time bombs?

    but then maybe not. just move along, nothing to see here. it’s only a tiny amount of radiation, trust us, less than a chest x-ray, you know, like the kind they use to picture all those mesothelioma cancers growing in your lungs.

  20. The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
    Gang aft agley,
    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
    For promis’d joy!
    (The best laid schemes of Mice and Men
    oft go awry,
    And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
    For promised joy!)

    i’m so sick of fucking robert burns taking credit for my shit.

  21. smoking robert burns cigarillos will lead to lung cancer, what a coincidence and small world.

    great work by steinbeck, who also apparently ripped off dave via bob burns.

  22. “what the fuck is that about…..”

    cannibalism in the British Navy…. you look like grain

  23. UR-

    Collective unconcious… % ^ ) The book is a roller coaster ride, very fun read. Percy Fawcett reminded me of JR in his obsessiveness (he fought in the Somme) and surety.

    Grann is a decent writer but you’d have to really be a bad writer to muck up this wild story. Truth IS stranger than fiction–no doubt about it.

    “Z” is definitely a Zulu Kilo piece.

  24. The internet is truly a wonderful thing.

    Got my weekly hoeing done and harvested some lettuce today Nice, sunny day…time to go back outside and play.

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