The Monkey on a Goat Thread

Dave on his way to Union Grove to give Jane Ann a banana.


6 Replies to “The Monkey on a Goat Thread”

  1. EE, I’m joining you in the sauna you call DC next week. Arriving Tuesday, leaving Sunday. I have a panel meeting on Friday and Saturday. We are going to carve up the big pile of BP GOM blood money. My oldest son is accompanying me, so I will be on my best behavior.

    What indeed happened to the god-rabbit that used to comment here?

  2. extra-kewl, Doom! I predict we will rendezvous (if I haven’t been hospitalized with heat stroke by then). Will shoot you an email with relevant coordinates. On the blood money: was just commenting about the tobacco settlement blood money earlier today and what a travesty that was… round and round in a circle jerk they go.

  3. i’m still unbelievably jealous of that fucking monkey. how come he gets a giant goat to ride around on, and i don’t? this world is fucked up. it’s just a real good thing that i’m a practicing stoic, so these things don’t get me overly riled up.

  4. yeah, that monkey is having too much fun. all we get is these smelly old tin boxes to ride in that always seem to need a wash and a bunch of cash to keep running. fucking lucky monkey.

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