Got Conspiracy?

Oh, yeah! Here we go. I’ve been waiting for this.

The New Yorker finally published a semi-in-depth look at the Seal Team 6 Bin Laden raid (DEVGRU’s Operation Neptune’s Spear):

Inside The Raid in Abbottabad

On March 29th, McRaven brought the plan to Obama. The President’s military advisers were divided. Some supported a raid, some an airstrike, and others wanted to hold off until the intelligence improved. Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense, was one of the most outspoken opponents of a helicopter assault. Gates reminded his colleagues that he had been in the Situation Room of the Carter White House when military officials presented Eagle Claw—the 1980 Delta Force operation that aimed at rescuing American hostages in Tehran but resulted in a disastrous collision in the Iranian desert, killing eight American soldiers. “They said that was a pretty good idea, too,” Gates warned. He and General James Cartwright, the vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs, favored an airstrike by B-2 Spirit bombers. That option would avoid the risk of having American boots on the ground in Pakistan. But the Air Force then calculated that a payload of thirty-two smart bombs, each weighing two thousand pounds, would be required to penetrate thirty feet below ground, insuring that any bunkers would collapse. “That much ordnance going off would be the equivalent of an earthquake,” Cartwright told me. The prospect of flattening a Pakistani city made Obama pause. He shelved the B-2 option and directed McRaven to start rehearsing the raid.

Then just this past weekend:

31 Americans Killed as Taliban Shoot Down a Copter
August 6, 2011

Did a New Taliban Weapon Kill a Chopper Full of Navy SEALs?

The Chinook makes an appearance at the end of this video:


Schmidle, the New Yorker writer, added this yesterday:

And then, this just in, Pepe Escobar:

A close comparison between the Abbottabad and Wardak operations may raise a forest of eyebrows – apart from puncturing the myth of Navy SEALs as invincible, larger-than-life hunter-killers. In Abbottabad, as version after version of the raid was being fed to the media, it was finally established that a stealth helicopter simply “crashed”. No one knows if this was a pilot error or the helicopter was shot at.

The fact is the “crash” left an intact tail section of the stealth helicopter inside the compound – that tail section that left the Pentagon freaking out it would be “sold” to the Chinese by the Pakistanis. It’s quite a stretch to believe this crash generated no casualties – according to the Pentagon/White House spin.

And because the Bin Laden raid narrative was redacted over and over again, febrile minds are already linking these casualties to the Wardak death toll – implying the SEALs who actually died in the Abbottabad crash have now died “again” in Wardak. It doesn’t help that the initial versions of the Wardak hit (later corrected or redacted) identified the SEALs as the same ones who took part in the “kill Osama” raid.

And then this from one of the comments on the Danger Room blog post on chopper taketown:

The russians have since recovered Osama bin Laden’s body from the seafloor using an ROV. The russian nuclear hunter-killer sub that shadowed the US NAVY battle group recorded that event on sonar, when the late UBL was tossed overboard from the CVN’s deck. So the russians had the exact coordinates to begin with and now they have the sheik’s slightly decomposed body put on ice in the Kremlin basement. They will hand it over to saudi extremists for proper islamic burial, if the arabs effectively intervene to help stop the chechen islam extremists’ long-running and bloody insurgency in southern Russia.

The USA was a fool to drop the UBL corpse into the sea and the russian navy personnel are now overjoyed to have recovered that body, everybody speaks about that with pride. Russians feel tit-for-tat has now been achieved versus the USA. They were always ashamed to learn the US Navy and the CIA grave-robbed and desecrated the wreck of a 1970s sunken soviet submarine near Hawaii (the Operation Jennifer Azorean) and wanted at least poetic revenge for the disturned corpses of their comrades. This time russians robbed the american’s big trophy from the seafloor and so the match has been equalized!

Who do we believe? What should we believe? Ooooh….the Drama. This is better than the premier pf Jersey Shore goes to Italy.

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  1. killing peolpe, particularly in some sneaky manner, with an awfull good chance of getting away with it, is fun, i’d say.

  2. But wait, there’s more. According to, “An airstrike by NATO-led forces in Afghanistan killed Taliban fighters, including a local leader, who were responsible for a weekend helicopter crash that killed 38 troops, the worst single incident in 10 years of war.”

  3. today, me and jhoon rhee went down to the cloisters. it’s a museum of medevil art in way upper manhattan. all i could think was something like: wow, these fucking monkeys have sure invested a lot of time, effort and energy in worshiping gods of one sort or another; sacred, secular, economic and otherwise. must be genetic.

  4. ZenKahuna needs to have a pretty, nubile, exercise partner handing him those clubs, ropes, and stuff to enhance the visual effect. Good workout.

    By the way, that little critter under my shed is now eating my tomatoes. Motherf*#$er takes a golf ball sized chunk out of the biggest half-red fruit it can find on the trellis, every day. Its burrow hole is no bigger than 4×5″ at its narrowest point near the entrance. I think Bif was right – has to be a young woodchuck.

  5. Finally took out the article I’ve been carrying around for years (from the July/August 2003 issue of the Futurist magazine), read it and googled the author. Very interesting talk.

    Condolences on your tomatoes… :.. ^ (

  6. No worries, EE. I can afford to lose a few fruit. That’s why you plant more than one plant.

    …that fellow and his ideas seem a bit quixotic.

  7. That is very generous of you, GB. I was concerned that you might fall under dave’s sway and make yourself a chuckskin cap!

    On Cunningham: As you know, I am somewhat ADD in my ‘Net rovings and readings but I liked his take on “sustainability” being too late at this point. You may be correct about him–his “vision” may be a bit overbroad but I do want to dig a bit more into his writings to see what’s there.

    Oh, I’ve been to Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island and it is impressive, but I don’t know how “restorative” tourism jobs ultimately are. However, I’ve also seen the Spring Branch Stream restoration in Timonium and I do agree with Cunningham that it’s a model.

  8. looks like this little sweetheart hangs out with zenk. i don’t think he get’s it in there, but i could be wrong.

  9. “As Mr. Butchart exhausted the limestone in the quarry near their house, his enterprising wife, Jennie, conceived an unprecedented plan for refurbishing the bleak pit. From farmland nearby she requisitioned tons of top soil, had it brought to Tod Inlet by horse and cart, and used it to line the floor of the abandoned quarry. Little by little, under Jennie Butchart’s supervision, the abandoned quarry blossomed into the spectacular Sunken Garden.”

    er, so she destroyed a bunch of farmland, not there’s something particularly special about “farmland”, per se, to fill in a played out quarry? what a pieces of shit both mr. and mrs. butchart were.

  10. Positive ID. Its a woodchuck. Large, fat, and healthy with a reddish brown coat…just ran under the shed to its hidey-hole.

  11. Doom,

    That’s over by Hana. My memory serves up Garden of Eden, black sand beach, seven veils and the not-so-obvious house of some famous (deceased I think) dude, maybe an author, on the road more or less south of Hana.

  12. the ones we have to watch are those that move along the equatorial belt, then curve up north at our longitude or just to the west. hawaii always gets hit by right hooks. those that peel off into the NE pacific are just for show, as they never make it out here at cyclonic storm strength.

  13. i guess if the Grand Coolie Dam disappears, we’ll know Jenson had a hand in it. the salmon will rejoice. gonna miss those Al beer cans, though.

  14. Doom, Hawaii is a small target in a big-ass sea.

    Embarrassingly, teknoviking does look a little like one of my Norse cousins. However, my cousin is clean-shaven (the last I heard anyway) and is gainfully employed at one of those offshore oil firms – so gainfully, in fact, that he has trouble believing that the earth isn’t like a giant nougat full of jeebus-given oil waiting for us to pump out.

  15. Bif, the woodchuck assured me that his eating the tomatoes was “nothing personal”. He has to eat like you and me.

  16. Paris is completely overrun by Chinese tourists. It’s a freakin stampede. They’ll push and shove you out of the way. This is nuts. There are very few Americans in town. The Chinese shop like murderous Vikings. They spend serious money everywhere they go. They seem to have bottomless Euros.

  17. That debunk peak oil theory clip is great. I especially like the “Deliverance” style banjo picking in the background

  18. Jenson makes the classic mistake (talking about classics here) of assuming most of us can live off the land like he proposes. There’s too many deer (people) on St. Mathews Island (Earth) and we’re running out of lichens (oil).

  19. Jenson knows there are to many people he chooses to leave that off most of his work.

    I keep debating with my self if im going to peer into his blog. Lots of crazys and fbi types hang there. but you can not see the posts with out signing up. And im not good enouph at computers to mask my location

  20. Mr Chuck ran afoul of a well-set trap. He met his end with grace, courage and dignity. I only hope I can do half as well. Can we have a moment of silence for the ‘chucK?

    Thank you.

  21. here’s our varmit dilemma: we have a rat(s) eating our compost garbage. It(they) tunnel in from holes in the bottom of the pile. On the one hand, they are eating our stuff and probably making more rat-kind (bad), on the other hand, it(they) are doing a fine job of mixing the compost (good). so far, this has at least allowed a reprieve from death by rat trap. what to do?

  22. I take it these are typical rats, as in Norway rat. Otherwise, the tunneling behavior you are describing is strikingly similar to that of voles. I have some effective control methods for voles that mostly involve physically altering their habitat.

  23. GB, we have at least two kinds of rat, the original polynesian rat, brought intentionally or not by the original Hawaiian settlers, and the (i guess) norway rat, which was accidentally introduced to Hawaii by whalers in about 1858. i once had a hawaiian calendar that claimed the exact date of introduction and the name of the whaling ship they came from.

    dunno if we have voles in hawaii. we have the indian mongoose. could that be the culprit?

  24. I laid the carcass down on some pine bark in the usual area I leave offerings. Checked this morning, its gone without a trace. I didn’t even hear any squabbling animal noises.

  25. Doom, I don’t think it would be a mongoose making the holes but a mongoose might go in there and try to catch whatever did.

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