Open Thread August

The Clear Case for the Gas Tax
Published: August 15, 2011

Excise taxes on motor fuels account for nearly nine-tenths of the $37 billion trust fund. The fund has lately required annual infusions from the Treasury Department to break even, and its obligations are growing. The gas tax has not increased since 1993, and its buying power, accounting for inflation, is now only 11 cents. Meanwhile, Americans are driving many more miles, placing greater stresses on the highway system.

When state taxes are added in, Americans pay, on average, about 43 cents per gallon in taxes — or about one-eighth the total price at the pump. That’s still a bargain compared with other industrial countries. Across Europe, drivers pay twice what Americans do at the pump — and well over half of that is taxes. In Britain, the tax bite is more than $4 a gallon, or 10 times what Americans pay.


Yeah! Yeah!
Go nigga, raise hell!
Yeah! Yeah!
Raise hell!
Yeah! Yeah!
Go nigga, raise hell!

[Verse One: Lil’ Fame]
The new single, kid get your shit mixed
Catch this new slug from the M.O.P. hitlist
It’s thorough for the cars, for the clubs, for the Jeeps
(For the fellas on the corner posted up 20 deep)

Hold it down! Home Team back out to sail this
Make ’em collapse with caps and Fame make ’em famous
The “Downtown SWinger” gun slingers rock wild
And when I die, I won’t be puttin out flames in hell
Cop a 10 milli from the corner store Arab
Fools with truck jewels get stuck for they karats
Hold on you hear somebody comin, you hear somebody gunnin
Them niggaz that you run with is runnin
I’m from the place where trey-pounds and fo-pounds kill
Fool how that sound? (ILL!)
The star vendor, bend ’em like car fenders
Serve ’em like bartenders, what’s next on the agenda?
Dope rap, we drop off crack, they can’t stand it
When I’m {?} when only we be gettin ’em open like the ‘Ville
With this fresh rush, show me on point in this game
cause Fame plays well, and I raise well, so I raise hell!

Yeah, go nigga, raise hell!
Yo, yeah, raise hell!
Go nigga, raise hell!
[Verse Two: Billy Danze]
Raise hell, it’s another death wish, I guess it’s time
To grip nines, to rip behind enemy lines
Where it’s ruthless, and get the troopers
that think it’s somethin sweet
M.O.P. niggaz was raised in the street, kid
Ain’t nuttin changed cause I’m rappin, I am a
ill nigga and I still will bust my hammer
(Is he a gangsta?) Blaze F-A-G’s I don’t stress ’em
When I, catch ’em I stretch ’em I bless ’em
and let his momma dress ’em
The name’s Bill, the game’s real, me and Fame feel
we can blow trial, and yo I’m ill
So blaow in your face! (Bla-bla-bla-blaow) to the death
(Buka-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-KLAK) ’til there’s nothin left
I ain’t gon’ be playin no games witchu frauds
Whenever the two guns bustin just don’t be trustin this Drama Lord
(Take it to ’em son!) Yeah we got a plan, and
Billy Danze packin more steel than Bugsy Moran{?}
To the terrible organization, it’s the M.O.P.’s last generation
Who wanna confrontation?
It’s hammer time and I’m layin on you to see me
(Is he a tough guy?) Nah that’s how they make him look on TV
Fake jerks I rattle, snake chumps I saddle
And ride they ass all the way to the bus without no truss
The Hill-top, will-rock, non-stop
Squeeze-glocks, at the motherfuckers son
He can’t run, so I ain’t gotta chase him
(Do you think you can take him?)
Take him then I back him down and lace him, raise hell!

Raise hell!
Hell, hell, go nigga raise hell!
Raise hell!
Go nigga raise hell!

Well now. They sure don’t do rap songs like they used to. I had the privilege to stumble on some local “gangstas” shooting their latest video behind the library of all places. I have no idea who these nerds are, but when they make the cover of the Rolling Stone I can say I was there from the start.

* * *

Man Scratches Balls for the world to see at Fenway on Monday

* * *

By Yves Smith

65 Replies to “Open Thread August”

  1. good god what a lame deal. I dont even have to know any of the detials and i know its dumb. But it will give JHK a few words of I told you so and the sky is falling lower and lower I dont know whats worse or less expected.

  2. Hey, you aren’t supposed to start an Open Thread for August unitl tomorrow!

    Finally saw “Jane Eyre” The Movie on the plane. A brief synopsis: Jane to full-of-himself local hottie dude: “Eat shit and die you asshole, I don’t love you, I love that blind guy who owns the cool castle down the dale that unfortunately just recently burned, leaving him both homeless and sightless. Somehow we’ll manage, being in love.” The end. Roll credits.

  3. “Math Can Predict Insurgent Attacks, Physicist Says”
    Yes, but not when or where.
    I suggest consulting Worzel Gummidge when he has his thinking head on.

  4. “Unemployment will be higher than it would otherwise have been,” Mohamed El-Erian, the CEO of Pimco, the world’s largest bond investment firm, said yesterday on ABC News. “Growth will be lower than it would be otherwise. And inequality will be worse than it would be otherwise.”

    However, in other news…the flight 93 PA crash site is now marked by a giant 17 ton boulder.


  5. Doom wrote: “Finally saw “Jane Eyre” The Movie on the plane. A brief synopsis .. ”

    Love it. Someone’s got a bright future distilling cliff notes down to post-it notes.

  6. This so reminds me of the “shoveling coal on a runaway train” meme ..

    Hot Texas sets electricity consumption record – for the third day in a row

    In Texas, the power-grid operator urged residents to conserve electricity or face the prospect of rolling blackouts.

    “We’re concerned particularly for this week,” said Kent Saathoff, vice president of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. The increased demand this summer, he added, “is far beyond what we expected.”

    That’s it, people, pay no attention to those libruls, tree-huggers, and heathens yapping about “global warming”. It has NOTHING to do with super-excessive fossil fuel usage.

  7. i’ve had vibrams for over a year now. i think that they’re great. acctually going barefoot hurts too much, for me.

    i think that the first chance someone got to wrap some sort of animal hide around thier foot, that’s what they did.

    but yeah, doing away with shoes, for the most part anyway, has made my feet feel much better, just sayin’.

    so, i was up in gansevoort/fort ann area yesterday. i wanted to stop by your place and say hello, but i couldn’t get in touch with you.

  8. I ran barefoot for a mile or two on mostly pavement Tuesday and it didn’t bother me as much as thought it would. I am getting a pair of DIY running huaraches though. What brought you up to Gansevoort and Fort Ann of all places? Farmland? I no longer use the old email address. Lose my phone # ? I tried to call you once but you must have a different #.

  9. I lost your email address, too.

    When it comes to running, the switch to midfoot/forefoot striking was one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

  10. Someone at work last week or may two weeks ago complained about all the polution in the air here in Denver. Its the same person who tells me often there is no global climate change its a hoax. I often think to my self, do they know how to tell the differance between their right hand and thier left?

  11. I wanted to gloat about my prediction about JHKs musing today. I was correct ofcourse but my prediction was pretty easy.

  12. yup, it was slam-dunk easy to predict Jimbo’s post today, we coulda wrote it for him, but probably not as good. he used one word i don’t know the meaning of: “caryatid”. he’s always pulling that literary superiority crap on us.

    i miss the old “marmets of summer” daz.

  13. Doom-

    Speaking of the marmots, your visit inspired me to check out the squirrel PAC to see how it’s faring during the “Great Upheaval” at the reflectin pool. My little black buddy is as busy and feisty as ever. He now has a reddish-orange tail!! And hanging in the background was his younger, sleeker, blacker doppelganger whose butt got kicked any time he attempted to get closer than 20 feet from me. Pretty amusing.

    My bad on the Portrait Gallery–here’s the real scoop:

  14. Wow, I guess that old building has a bit of history going for it. I’ll pass that along to the relatives.

    Glad to hear that the squirrels of the National Mall are doing OK. Maybe we should email bunn with the news.

  15. Where can you get that AWD rally version of the Fiesta anyway? Meh, the thing probably goes through Kumho’s in a big hurry when you drive it like that :(

  16. my thoughts are “is there a butt nare product that this poor woman has not yet heard of?” and, “the end times are near, but these young clowns party on.”

    boy, kunstler is a harsh read this am.

  17. Jimbo is a tad doomish today. Wondering when he’s going to fess up to some awareness of his probable life expectancy and career options after the neo-Luddite revolution he’s so dying to see.

    Dave, would it be possible for you to use a more-explicit warning the next time you post something like that? Gah, I’m going to use straight bleach for eyewash to get rid of that one.

  18. thanks nudge, i guess. no, really, i’m just not groking the allegory. a preoptransvestite singing a mythology that kind of combines shinto creationism with norse and greek and christian theology….please help me out.

  19. Mmm .. gifting people with total non-sequiturs has got to be one of the coolest things about the internet .. you’re welcome :)


    “Since the state [of Florida] began testing welfare applicants for drugs in July, about 2 percent have tested positive, preliminary data shows.”

    “At [Florida governor] Scott’s urging, the Legislature implemented the new requirement earlier this year that applicants for temporary cash assistance pass a drug test before collecting any benefits.”

    “The law, which took effect July 1, requires applicants to pay for their own drug tests. Those who test drug-free are reimbursed by the state, and those who fail cannot receive benefits for a year.”

    “So far, they say, about 2 percent of applicants are failing the test; another 2 percent are not completing the application process, for reasons unspecified.”

    “According to the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, performed by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, 8.7 percent of the population nationally over age 12 uses illicit drugs. The rate was 6.3 percent for those ages 26 and up. A 2008 study by the Office of National Drug Control Policy also showed that 8.13 percent of Floridians age 12 and up use illegal drugs.”

    [Quote from ACLU] “This is just punishing people for being poor, which is one of our main points,” he said. “We’re not testing the population at-large that receives government money; we’re not testing people on scholarships, or state contractors. So why these people? It’s obvious– because they’re poor.”


    Hmmm. Poor people do less illicit drugs than the rest of us? Those lazy bastards.

    The lesson here for all of us, I suppose, is if when persecuting the poor, DON’T COLLECT DATA! Tea Party idiots are ruining our hard fought stereotypes that made America great.

    Deep thought: I’m guessing no banker had to pee in a jar to receive his bailout.

  21. Faux News is doing a bang-up job explaining how it’s those $10/hour union janitors, Linda the lunch lady living lavishly on $7.48/hour, and all those lazy good-for-nothing welfare chiselers who are ruining the nation’s economy.

    No doubt the spinning heads at Faux will rephrase this article as: “A large number of welfare applicants in Florida have been denied benefits due to failing a mandatory drug test, a measure put into law by Republican governor Scott.”

  22. “By cooking food, says the study submitted to the US National Academy of Sciences and released August 22, human ancestors softened food, and softer food required less time to chew. In contrast, cows, primates and other animals continue investing 48% or more of their working day moving their jaws to process meals. And humanity has evolved on to using jaws to make Skype calls and election speeches. ”

  23. “The law, which took effect July 1, requires applicants to pay for their own drug tests. Those who test drug-free are reimbursed by the state and their contact information forwarded to local Armed Forces Recruiting offices. Potential drug-free enlistees are given a map to local recruiting offices that also has coupons for free Blue/Red Kool-Aid and a special edition Happy MRE Meal from official Wars of Aggression(TM) Sponsor, McDumpster.”

    There, fixed it.

  24. Wars of Aggression, you mean Endless Wars of Occupation that are designed to be winless and serve to occupy strategic sites until (a) they are no longer deemed strategically important or (b) the supporting empire crumbles from within, leaving those occupants still there with an opportunity to travel the world in early retirement. See Rome, Western Empire, esp. British Isles.

  25. that’s all i get? i was hoping to discuss that piece from homoerotic, feminism qua pornography, and muscular black bitch perspectives.

  26. But dave, per “JR”‘s war porn post, we’re all distracted with the prospect of setting more brown people free from oppression; the US being a net exporter of freedom and such. The oil and gold are mere side-shows to the celebration of freedom.

    Sweet Jeebus, I am going to go out and fly my star-spangled fucking banner from the garage, like it’s the Fourth or sumpthin’.

    That can’t hold a candle to “homoerotic, feminism qua pornography, and muscular black bitch perspectives” IMHCFO.

  27. “That can’t hold a candle to “homoerotic, feminism qua pornography, and muscular black bitch perspectives” IMHCFO.” –uncle remus

    My God, you’re right, Remus! You don’t think our strapping young troops are even remotely interested in porn, do you? (Unlike those towel-headed middle-eastern savages.)

    “The SEALs also found an archive of digital pornography. “We find it on all these guys, whether they’re in Somalia, Iraq, or Afghanistan,” the special-operations officer said. Bin Laden’s gold-threaded robes, worn during his video addresses, hung behind a curtain in the media room.”

  28. “not so sure. and even if it was?”

    She looks very angry–probably pissed off she couldn’t grow her own.

    Frankly, I think the tongue stud and strap-on are over-the-top… reminds me of the ’80s, big hair, and faux cowboy Ronnie Raygun–now there was a dildo for sure.

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