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The mask is cuz he’s gonna be a banker soon

The people I grew up with—and the ones you grew up with too, unless you were rich and on the coast somewhere–were all pissed off about something, but it wasn’t freedom. It was the Blacks at first, the riots and the muggings and all that Civil Rights noise. Then it was the Mexicans driving wages down and not picking up their trash. Then it was the Liberals, even though nobody’d ever spotted a live one in the city limits. They didn’t want freedom, they wanted the people they hated bashed, the harder the better.

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Fast and Furious

Brushing aside the official explanations and excuses, when you look at what Operation Fast and Furious actually accomplished – the arming and consolidation of a military force currently fighting Mexico’s armed forces – the conclusion that we are actively involved in destabilizing the Mexican government is hard to avoid. It is a simple statement of fact.

It turns out that the arms benefited the Sinaloa cartel, led by a chap known as “El Chapo,” another indication that the “entrapment” explanation is a cover story, and a not very believable one at that. If the idea was to entrap Mexican drug lords in a “sting” operation, then why focus on the Sinaloa gang to the exclusion of all others?

An American Drug Lord in Acapulco
How a high school jock from Texas rose to the top of one of Mexico’s most powerful and ruthless cartels

Barbie and the Beltrán brothers were enraged. They knew there was only one person with the motive and the means to take down Alfredo: Chapo, their longtime ally in the Sinaloa cartel. Chapo was reportedly displeased with the growing power the Beltráns and Barbie held over Acapulco. “Chapo doesn’t run a very hierarchical cartel – his allies are more like a loose federation of warlords, like in Afghanistan,” says Scott Stewart, an analyst with the intelligence firm Stratfor. “He isn’t always looking over everyone’s shoulder, but whenever someone starts to get too big for his britches and pose some sort of leadership challenge, that person suddenly seems to start having problems.”

Chapo’s perceived move against the Beltráns sparked an all-out war. A few months later, Chapo’s 22-year-old son was killed by multiple gunmen on the same day that assassins ambushed Mexico’s new federal police chief. Soon, corpses were turning up all along the Pacific coast. President Felipe Calderón sent in thousands of troops, but more than 580 people, including 64 policemen, died in the dispute.

If the Beltráns had a strong leader, they could probably have withstood Chapo’s attack. But Arturo, the head of the cartel, was becoming more and more erratic, partying at all hours and reportedly even dabbling in cannibalism. “I was friends with Arturo,” Barbie would later report. “But when he was on drugs, he wanted to kill me. And when he wasn’t, everything was cool.” On the verge of a paranoid break, Arturo retreated to his house in Cuernavaca, where he sat by the pool, lazily flicking $100 bills at girls he hired to entertain him. One night in December 2009, he hired 24 strippers and a Grammy-winning norteño band to come over for a party. Barbie was there too, keeping an eye on the two dozen or so bodyguards with gold-and-diamond-studded pistols who roamed the property. But just as the party was getting started, Mexican special forces suddenly stormed the house. As chaos erupted and the girls scrambled to hide from the gunfire, Arturo fled with his most trusted men to a nearby condo.

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  1. No prob JR.

    They listened to some Led Zepplin casette tapes in a Lybian refugee camp and decided to get some guitars and form a blues band.

  2. “As long as we remain trapped by the ideology of competitive growth
    ‘equilibrium’, there is no solution. We are reminded of the South Indian
    monkey trap, in which a hollowed-out coconut is fastened to a stake by a
    chain and filled with rice. There is a hole in the coconut just large
    enough for the monkey to put his extended hand through but not large
    enough to withdraw his fist full of rice. The monkey is trapped only by
    his inability to reorder his values, to recognize that freedom is worth
    more than a handful of rice.”
    Herman Daly, 1991

    so what does your handful of rice look like?

  3. The next time you fly, look out on the wings at those dark streaks (commercial or military). What are those? They’re microorganisms that have figured out how to hang on to aviation grade aluminum in spite of 500mph (or higher) headwinds, and at 36,000 feet (or higher) where it’s 50 below (or colder) zero, to thrive.

  4. “So the monkey let’s go of the rice and runs away, then what?”

    the monkey gets to live another day, perhaps hungry, but free and able to grasp the next opportunity. starvation or the next trap awaits, of course.

  5. thal, good to read you again. yes, those single-celled critters are highly adaptive. my guess is they or their cousins also live on Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, etc. they are a humble lot, and do not mess in their nest nor dream impossible dreams of galactic conquest.

  6. Curiously the desert rock bank of the Sahara, Tinarien, was denied entry into Canada in July, and had to cancel their gigs in Vancouver and Winnipeg.

    Their applications for visas were rejected while already on tour in the U.S., where visas were presumably not a problem. The rejection of course likely related to the recent NATO actions in Libya. These guys were formerly refugees driven out of Mali into Libya and Algeria, and years ago at some point had been recruited into Qaddafi’s fabled Sahara Brigade back during his incursions into Chad and Niger. They are Tuaregs and originally from Mali, several also having fought there as rebels against the Mali government. Perhaps because of news that some Saharan Tuaregs were providing mercenary assistance to Quaddafi these guys were viewed as unsavory characters by association.

  7. There is an alternative: light infantry tactics, which do not depend on heavy firepower. Instead they rely on maneuver, ambush, and encirclement. The Taliban use light infantry tactics effectively against us despite our massive firepower superiority. They routinely outmaneuver us because they are lightly equipped- no helmets or body armor- so they can move quickly over long distances on their feet. Light infantry protect themselves not like turtles but like cats, using stealth and stalking to remain undetected until they strike.

    Why don’t American infantry employ light infantry tactics? Because few American infantry officers know them. This points to one of the U.S. military’s most serious weaknesses: its officers don’t read serious books about war. Many read nothing at all- to them, war is just another football game. (Regrettably, our opponents prefer soccer.)

    -William S. Lind
    “Our Illiterate Infantry”
    The American Conservative
    Sept. 2011 (9/11)

  8. EwaldDiary of the American War
    A Hessian Journal
    Captain Johann Ewald
    Translated and edited by Joseph P. Tustin
    (Attach photo)

  9. “The Taliban use light infantry tactics effectively against us despite our massive firepower superiority. ”

    Exactly. The topic has been taken up by H. John Poole in some of his books as well.

  10. i think that I’ve said it before, but I think that texas is well on it’s way to becoming the new somalia.

  11. sexuality must be beaten out of young girls so that they don’t produce unwanted skrealings. thank god for birth control pills, tramp stamps and back fat.

  12. The American Patriots did a lot of damage to the opressive british dispite the british massive firepower superiority

    Only saying

  13. more like the old somalia, jiz’ sprayin’ (to mangle a d-phrase).

    contingencies (and those are always a story replacing another story – tip of the hat to n. taleb) overwhelm my sense of perspective. case in point: looking for a pair of sandals at a birkenstock store. bought the right size, but ma feeet are not normal. took 24 hrs to confirm that i had buyer’s remorse. i had’d this tingly feeling at the time i bought that i was grandiositizing in the beethovenness of grand german engineerings, thinking that a convenient palliative to my tingly otherwises…the fact remained that my second toe is longer than my grand toe…whatever the fuck? none of us can fit to marketzising normalisms. i mean, do you? ever?

    maybe this p(a)lace is for misfits? or the hippies with/without drugs. i’m not szure.

    da happie endee, dey gymme ma munny back. I’ll Be Back.

    ‘n yer right about the high UV thingy ’bout the microorganismatics living on aluminum at gawdawful conditions.

  14. ddoom and remus…
    can’t currently locate the citation, but those vineland babes chased off the natives (after the natives stunned da nords with some kind of employed balloons made of intenstines…think aerial unguided whooopeee cushions)…the nordmenfolk fled at the sight…at least one of the women picked up an abandoned sword, slapped it on her ample nordic tits, and chased ’em away, wielding such enchanted sword.

    shit, i got so many nouns and pronouns, i’d rather retreat to find the original citation. i do remember the citation as good jolly fun reading – at least i laughed. over and out for now.

  15. more about contingencies…

    you buy a new car. short term thinking (it’s a good story) you think it an excellent, convenient, well appointed, you-deserve-that, maybe has good mileage, maybe tax credits are involved thing…etc thing to do…(it may cost $10K, or maybe $150K), cash or credit, deisel or electric, with or without buyer’s remorse…. what’s the worth of your illusions if even a temporary gas shortage makes the “ride”=”not a ride”….?

    john lennon asked this 40+ years ago…”when your prized possessions start to wear you down….”

  16. thal, talk about buyer’s remorse, in the islands about 40 some odd years ago, i sold my 10-speed bike, moved from my close-by studio apartment to a room in a house with other blokes up on a steep rise, far away from the U, and bought a used BMW 2002 car, then the arabs slapped us with an embargo and i was coasting downhill in neutral to queue at the gas station to get my $2 odd-even ration of gas. smart moves and good timing, no?

  17. And Pele told you people not to build the not even needed highway did you listen then either?

    Saddly its to far to work for me to ride my bike. I would if I could. And did when I was working closer. Thing is here in Denver there is a lot of people who hate bikes and throw and cut off bikers and even make internet threats to kill them. Of course those people are the ones who understand the biker is smarter then then car driver and are un happy and unwilling to change.

  18. but most boys know that hot wheels = sex. how are you gonna get her all alone and romantic on a city bus, with the old guy sitting across farting and exposing himself?

  19. Its Hawaii, that kind of old farts farting on stuff on busses happens all the time. Or was the Las Vegas?

  20. Did someone mention UV? I’m still on a vendetta to promote among white folks some awareness of how mal-adapted we are for conditions in North America. To wit:

    If you’re naturally-pale and have light-colored eyes, chances are your ancestors came from 60º north latitude regions or even above that. All but 2/16 of mine are from the northern Baltic region. Being outdoors in North America, on a full-on sunny day between the hours of 9am and 4pm, gives you way more UV than your system is equipped to deal with.

    The PNW is high on my places-to-check-out list specifically because of the cloud cover and low UV exposure. I’m basically immune to SAD anyway so working a night job, or living in Mordor, is not a problem.

    Dave, roadie girls everywhere thank you for your appreciation of their effort put into getting a good workout.

  21. GB, did the Mohawk lose some bridges during the recent flooding? I saw that thing in the news about Freemans Bridge road being closed. Betcha the view from lock 7 was pretty spectacular with the river running high.

  22. A poll question for ZK’ers: how does Gadhafi go from being our most-favored-dictator (because he keeps the light sweet crude flowing) to being on Interpol’s most-wanted list, apparently after losing what appears to be a long-running popularity contest among his people?

    A: The rebels must have offered a better deal on the oil, or more access to it by western interests, or less of a cut than Gadhafi had been taking.

    Seriously, when was the last time the US flippy-flopped this quickly and this badly on one of the long-running petro-state dictators it had been supporting?

  23. Thanks GB. Gah, I know I’ve been out here too long when upstate NY accents sound funny. Too bad the present state of the economy makes it a little difficult to switch venues on short notice :(

  24. Wow, thats going to be expensive to fix. I bet a lot of the bridges that appear to be OK have some real structural issues now. Maybe when the feds spawn that extra 450 billion in virtual government cheese we can fix a few.

  25. Nudge, it’s obvious your ancestors did not live on airplane wings.

    Regarding your Gadhafi question, the easy answer is Saddam. For Libya, my guess is the US intel crowd guessed correctly that the times, they are a’changing, and promptly got on board with the winning team. They were also pretty clever to leave lots of notes for the winners on how the Chinese, our chief African resources adversary, continued to supply arms to Gadhafi.

    Still lots of jockying left with the Euros over the light sweet crude remaining there. Stay tuned to Armed Forces Radio, err, CNN.

  26. Yeah, after waiting too long to pick the winning sides in the previous revolts we didn’t want to waffle on this one. Perhaps there will still have to be some picking sides if rebel groups/tribes turn on each other. I don’t think anyone knows how this will go, only that it may turn out to have been important to be in the game. Especially if the Chinese have already made bad moves. However it also may turn out that it doesn’t matter. In the end I suppose the Chinese can always throw the new ruler some serious amounts of cash and they can have make-up sex.

  27. “Osama bin Laden spoke often of a strategy of “economic warfare” against the United States, a low-level war aimed at bankrupting the world’s economic superpower.

    A decade after the 9/11 attacks, it’s hard to argue that bin Laden’s strategy was ineffective.

    The attacks themselves, according to the September 11 commission, cost Al Qaeda between $400,000 and $500,000 to execute.

    They have cost America, by our estimate, more than $5 trillion – a “return on investment” of 10,000,000 to one.”

  28. yeah, 9/11 is a handy marker in time, i guess. but just how meaningfull it is, i’m just not sure. for example, would the world, if the towers hadden’t come down, still have burned through 300 some odd billion barrels of oil in ten years? would the world population have gone from 6 to 7 billion, or so, in the same time period? most importantly, would i have gotten 10 years older during the same time period? i guess we’ll never know.

  29. *would the world, if the towers hadden’t come down, still have burned through 300 some odd billion barrels of oil in ten years?

    Probably and then some given the pain in the ass it has made of traveling.

    *would the world population have gone from 6 to 7 billion, or so, in the same time period?

    Probably and again maybe more so if some of the wars had been averted or postponed.

    *most importantly, would i have gotten 10 years older during the same time period?

    Chronologically, yes, but the aging affects of an alternate timeline are probably impossible to gauge, assuming you exist in an alternate timeline.

    Or something.

  30. you know damn well that you would be 10 years older now and closer to your first social security check. it’s just that now, having spent that much oil (300,000 barrels–wow–i think there was only about 2.5 trillion or so barrels to begin with) you can probably kiss that government check goodbye.

    you may also have to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, assuming you can still do that sort of thing.

  31. Since we (as in the mass majority of knucklehead nation) decided to use most of our resourses in 10 years means we win?

    I remember seeing bumper sticker once on a caddie which said, The one with the most toys at death wins…

    So what do we win?

  32. But master, if I must go forth in this humble robe, how will the world know I have worthy dick?

    Your chariot will be a Cadillac, young grasshopper.

    But master, can I be sure it will be recognized as testiment to my appendage?

    Yes, because afixing this bumper sticker will be as good as waving your dick out the window.

    But master, if behind it I am pulling a trailer with two Harley Davidsons?

    Even better. It will be like dragging your balls behind you.

  33. What do we win?

    Maybe it’s a better view from the tippy-toppy peak of the rollercoaster ride before it plunges into the twisties below.

    Maybe it’s a much faster initial speed to be going when we slam headfirst into the brick wall of FF depletion, since the way we do /everything/ here is predicated on cheap abundant liquid FF.

    Maybe it’s a few more years of Jim Kunstler ranting about tattooed skinheads buying Cheez Doodles at Wal*Mart?

    This question will be better answered in hindsight.

  34. Well after todays Monday rant, Ill that needs to be added is my love a Cabbage Soup! Its a good thing Im going to break the law come March/April and get four chickens for my back yard enjoyment rather then the legal limit of three.

  35. Someone today claimed Occidental was a founding parter with Osama’s father. I never remember hearing of this connection before. Occidental was mostly in South and Central America?

    Im pretty sure this rumer is based on the internet lie which Gary North had to be corrected on (after several emails from me and many others) The one about Ollie vs Gore in congrass and who Ollie was afraid of.

  36. Thanks to the massive boomer bulge currently working through the demographic population spread, 65 is the new 50, pretty much in the same way that 40 is the new 30. It’s all good ~ at least until it’s not good.

    GB – I’m with you on this and totally not ready to start acting or dressing my age. F that. I plan to do some egregiously age-inappropriate stuff as long as I can get away with it.

  37. don’t seem all that different than right now. telemarketer, retail sales, clerk, gas station attendant, janitor, school teacher, cop, auto mechanic, lawyer md, ect.etc.

  38. Many of the WW2 era military aircraft have very unique sound signatures. I grew up on air force bases and attended many an air show with restored air craft. Those big Wright engines stand out, but nothing in my view, beats a P51 with a RR Merlin.

  39. Agree the P51 has a freakin great sound. When Confederate Air Force does an air show the Mustangs will do a few fly-bys. Awesome.

    P-38s and P-39s are intriguing to me as well. My all-time favorite though has to be the de Havilland Mosquito. Beautiful plane, great sound.

    Check this out. Mosquitos and Spitfires:

  40. “The de Havilland Mosquito was 2900 horsepower strapped to a plywood frame. Heh heh. Nice ride.”

    What would OSHA say about that?

  41. Seen that in person a couple of times. Used to spend a lot of time on business in NM. Early morning lift-offs, balloons glowing, crisp morning air. You could almost feel the ancestors.

  42. Yahoo News headlines today: “Kirsty Alley’s Mind Blowing Weight Loss”

    I interpret this as we are all going to hell soon. There can be no other meaning.

  43. Bif, trust Yahoo News to scour the web looking for the most particularly vapid bits o’ nonsense to post as headlines. In their own quiet, unnoticed way they’re following the lead of that other great news source, the Onion.

    Just went to Yahoo to confirm this. The top 4 stories are:
    Brad Pitt’s “miserable” filming experience
    Female grooming tricks for men
    Failed celeb businesses
    Actress’s odd Emmy win

  44. Nudge. I’m ashamed to admit I clicked on the Kirsty Alley mind-blowing weight loss link and read the entire article. Bottom line is she had bulked up to 225 lbs but can now squeeze into a size 4. I don’t know much about size 4 but I assume its pretty small. My mind was not “blown” by the article but I did feel cheap, dirty and used after reading it.

    Anyway, this AM I go on Yahoo and I see the Ayn Rand Society thinks we’re fucked and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    The Coming Collapse: “We Can Buy Time, But We Can’t Change the Outcome”

    Now thats more like it!

    Love how the interviewer asks if collapse could be avoided by making a few “tweaks”.

  45. Bif, I too made the mistake of clicking on a link about Kristie’s weight loss.

    Thankfully, life has provided me with entirely different ways of feeling cheapened.

  46. EE, thanks for that, I haven’t laughed that hard since the last time Jim Kunstler called me a 911 Truther! Well, that was the day before yesterday, or maybe it was Tuesday, I forget.

  47. As they say at the Ritz, my pleasure, Dr. Doom… your image was in my parietal lobe when “Miss Idaho” asserted that, “You really don’t know-w-w-w what the square root of 16 is. No one does.”

    …and to you, too, Bif! One good turn deserves another!

  48. Doom there are referances to you and JR through out his rants, cause deep down in side he loves you more then his girlfriends. …Wink Wink…

  49. JR and I were the best things that ever happened to CFN, just sayin. We shoulda got paid just for showing up. But then, if Jimbo really felt that way about us, it would have made me feel cheap to take his money, fiat that it be. JR can speak for himself. Gold may have been better. I’m a slut for gold.

    I really miss wombatmissle. I don’t suppose we’ll ever blog with him again, sigh.

  50. CFN was probably one of the great sitcoms ever written. But only for about a year or so really, and involving 30 to 40 principle actors and a few notable cameos. A convergence of peak oil production and peak blogging. Both, like our fate, are old news now.

  51. 30 or 40? i’d say maybe 10 or 12. it’s impossible for our fate to be old news, cause our fate still our fate. we all need to die. then it’ll be old news. acctually, it’ll be no news.

  52. the great thing about cfn was the occasional walk on’s. scott, the trucker. hildee[sic?], who would brag about her tits. bunnbunn{holmes}, who is gone ontoo better things. what a bunch of assholes.

  53. the absolute best thing about that time period (2004 – 2007?) for me was that i had a gig where i could fuck off, all day, for weeks at a time, and still get paid for it. god, but that was beautiful. and i was good at it to boot. you don’t see shit like that anymore.

  54. the best of CFN was late night-early morning EST, me, JR, holmes, wombo, and fifi. wombo and fifi were the best. (fifi was either OEO or JHK in drag, maybe both.) JR was a quiet riot on drugs and/or alcohol. good thing he quit, i guess…

    dave and nudge ruled the EST daylight hours, but not necessarily at the same time. those exchanges with dave and dale were priceless. i almost pissed myself i laughed so hard. the rest of the family would be going WTF? nudge did good with dale also, her little throw pillow. spit, spit.

    and then there were the uncles…and bif before he lost his sainthood.

  55. and don’t forget that troll of trolls, Patrick, King of the Trolls, him and Peak Life.

    Branden was an amazing character. He should have been a pharmacist, or dean of a woman’s college.

  56. I thought Branden and JR were the same, No? OMG… had totally forgotten about Dale, and who was that technocracy fanatic that was pummeled practically to death by Nudge and dave?

    I didn’t get to CFN until late in the game and after JJ was gone. JR and wombatmissile were doing their utmost best to get banned from CFN on a daily basis–I do remember the wombat coming back one time very late in the game and sounding much like a changed person, like he’d been raptured or some such.

    Sometimes I feel like the White Rabbit–guess that’s why I could relate to Bunn… Holmes was another matter entirely.

  57. EE, Branden was most certainly not JR. JR was one of Branden’s biggest fans. That kid could write.

    JR’s sockpuppets were easy to detect because he would always slip into JR mode.


  58. DD, I vaguely (every memory is vague these days…) remember one of the ZK crew–perhaps you, bunnbunn or Bif–analyzing the uncanny parallels between Branden and JR (both w/psych issues, Russian GFs, etc) sometime in the past year and concluding that they were one and the same.

  59. Interesting conclusion. I think there were some similarities. Branden lives in the Niagara Falls region of upstate New York and rides a bike. Last I heard, JR lives in Boston and occasionally drives a sports car, or at least a sporty car. Then again, maybe they both live in Viagra falls…

  60. JR could be happy with a Mitsubishi Eclipse, but I won’t hold that against him.

    Agreed, JJ probably moved on to the Next Thing. I did some asking around the Chicago railfan community this summer but did not find anyone matching his name or blogging interests. Found lots of old-guy railfans however. Dayum, I keep thinking JJ’s still out there lurking somewhere. He had some very good stuff to say.

    Dale still appears sporadically on CFN but hasn’t got much to say. I’m occasionally tempted to ask him about those compressed-air cars which he claimed would have taken over the market by now, but he’s probably forgotten that one. The concept of TANSSAAFL is not just lost on him, it’s burned and buried as well.

    Maybe someday a prolonged bout of unemployment will give me the time to have fun on CFN again ..

  61. Just say no to CFN!!! Like crack purchase from an unknown out of town dealer with scapies its not worth it. To many numb nut racist dolts on there now always spouting the same thing over and over again. I still read JHKs weekly address but its pretty easy to know ahead of time what he is going to say so I only look for the fun ways he puts words and popular culture together while claiming he lives outside of the comerical realm of everyday sleeping people.

  62. Yeah, clever app, but i bet that solar-powered light gets pretty dim at night and when it’s cloudy out or raining. Then again, the PV panels must suffer, as well.

    The Roach is wise, resist the temptation of blogging again on CFN. You’ll feel dirty afterwards, and will want to take up smoking again.

  63. Nods to Roach and Doom on avoiding the CFN comment cesspool. Laura may have been the last of us to abandon it, unless anyone’s still posting there under a new name.

    While Jimbo may have been one of the few to figure out ahead of time how long the post-peak emergency might last, he has consistently underestimated the degree to which our government, propaganda machinery, and culture are resistant to the reforms accompanying PO awareness. Things that would be seen as sensible everywhere else in the world (like electrified rail-based public transit systems that go almost everywhere) still aren’t happening here. Instead of cutting back on the idea of waging war on the entire rest of the world plus our own citizenry, we’ve expanded the drone program to cover much of the known world, including our domestic skies.

    Jimbo keeps predicting TEOTWAWKI just around the corner, but it keeps not happening when he said it would. I doubt very much that it’s going to turn out the way he imagines it. As much as he might like the idea of the neo-luddite fantasy world he’s dreamt up, the reality of our future will probably be more like what the USSR has turned into, minus the protection of a strong nationalistic government that manages to keep a lid on the most predatory of the foreign interests seeking to strip-mine the nation of its resources.

    It’s not so much that we’re all going to get more poor, it’s more that wealth will get far more concentrated than it’s been in the past – just imagine Mexico without an El Norte to have as neighbor. The process is well underway already.

  64. “Yeah, clever app, but i bet that solar-powered light gets pretty dim at night and when it’s cloudy out or raining.”

    Jesus H. Christ Doom, sometimes you take the doom schtick too far.

  65. Famous gambling quote:”the race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong, (or collapse to the stone age) but that’s the way to bet.”

  66. light inside during the day…in the fucking PI, where it never goes below 70F… i go outside and sit on the porch, in the sun, to clip my toenails…even when it’s 20F outside. what shit.

  67. did british monarchy of a 100 years ago have jumbo jets and power yachts at thier disposal while thier peasants starved(3 out of the 7 bil on earth will go to bed hungry tonight)?, of course not. they lived in cold drafty castles and were pulled around by horses. just like the peasents, only with fansier cloths.

    you are one the wealthy. your wealth is going byebye.

  68. dave, i love you, but you know that.

    uncle, i was just sayin that hey, when you need an iffn light on is exactly when you can’t get output from that solar trick. like, at night or when it’s cloudy or raining out. i can only guess why they want to hang out under those hot tin roofs in the middle of a sunny, warm day. it must be sweltering in there. they think it’s safe maybe?

    but it’s a cool trick to bend the light with the soda bottle and then disperse it with the water inside. out here in first world land, the brilliants have spent a load of tapayer money on new lighting that is now always on in dark passageways. it’s good for general safey and keeps the fearful coeds happy, i guess, but that’s a lot wattage burning 24-7-365.

    i wonder when we will all get a call to stand down and stop wasting energy on stupid old paradygm activities. deninal runs deep and the consensus trance seems to be keep on partying like it’s 1999.

  69. i’m presently at a meeting in Kona at the Hilton Waikaloa resort. it’s about 30 years old. all spread out and heavily landscaped with a private rail to take guests to their rooms in the outlying towers. there’s hardly any beach so they made a huge lagoon with imported dolphin slaves. some of my friends were watching the dolphin slave show, so i went up and told them in a straight face that they were missing the real action on the other side of the (artifical) island where the shark show had started.

    anyway, the Waikaloa is totally surounded on land by literally miles of fresh lava fields and hardly any life, plant or otherwise. about as close to a space colony as you can get except maybe those stations in the Antarctic or on a ship at sea. it will have to be abandoned like Phoenix and Las Vegas.

    my guess is that’s how disney got their resort idea.

  70. Dave, the jumbo jets are just the modern version of clipper ships – and yes people can run power-centric empires in a very low-tech way. In its time, the British monarchy was as far-reaching with power/influence as Goldman Sachs is at the present time. Same game, different calendar year is all.

  71. Not to change the topic, but presently there are 3 large male turkeys foraging for seeds in the tall grass behind my garden. I estimate the larger one to be about 22 to 25lbs. Its raining lightly, so no neither my neighbor or myself is outside today to frighten them off into the woods. Its hard not to look at them and not think “dinosaur”. A grey cat just ran away terrified from the nearby hedge.

  72. Doom, who knows why they do what they do, but some dude figured out a way to get light where they had none with no ongoing costs. Even being overcast, the amount of usable light is greater than before and overall I’d guess a net positive of usable light in the room as compared to before. And, I am certain the fire hazard from this method of illumination is slim to none.

    That is still progress even in this day and age of fiber co-located HFT algorithms, iCrap and rampant democracy exporting.

  73. Script rewrites…

    “Don’t be an asshole, Deckard. We’ve got over five hundred meat puppets all gussied up in Sunday-go-to-meeting outfits, feigning “representation” and draining every last drop of life out of everything they touch.

    I need ya, Decks. This is a bad one, the worst yet. I need the old blade runner, I need your magic.’

  74. Not to make Dr Doom more doomy I was wondering if anyone know how much closer is the large pile of Japanesse debre is from Hawaii now?

    A question I asked months ago, Who doing anything about it?

  75. probably like all the floating plastic in the ocean gyres, too dilute to recover. besides, who wants possibly radioactive japanese junk? don’t worry though, we have thousands combing the beaches and the surf zone every day. constant surveillance and ever vigalent. get sunblock?

    a true story: once i was on a small volcanic island off Kusyu. the beaches there were covered with japanese and some “other asian” junk. mostly plastic and mostly fishing gear, nets, floats, wood. found an occasional broken nautilus shell.

  76. i don’t know nudge, but,how is it that riding around in a clipper ship at maybe 10 knots, somehow equates to some greater concentration of wealth, power or anything else, for that matter, when compared to riding around in a jumbo jet at 500 knots and 30,000 feet in the air?

    a greater concentration of power, or anything else for that matter, cannot occur without the fuel to power it. simple, end of story.

  77. That is still progress even in this day and age of fiber co-located HFT algorithms, iCrap and rampant democracy exporting.

    if trying to make the best out of a bad situation is progress, then i guess that’s progress. i still would just rather have a place to sit outside while i clip my toenails.

  78. dave, displacement hull technology. it’s what made the egyptians, greeks and the romans wealthy. worked for the brits, too. the rest of the stuff is just to protect the slow but effective displacement hull technology. navies were invented by the greeks to protect their olive oil shipments from pirates. watch some popeye cartoons.

    jumbo jets don’t hold doodle quat.

  79. “does this indicate a greater concentration of wealth, or a more disipated wealth base?”

    Aren’t all these things happening? Global redistribution, dispation, concentration? Why shouldn’t they all happen? A frenetic resorting in the eleventh hour? Some areas of the world still have robust growth and opportunities to amass wealth. Sure, its heady times in some parts, but overall its a wash. Anyway, lots of wealth is in the form of holding IOUs. Days are numbered for IOUs! Places like China and Mexico are screwed as things in the West go pear-shaped. And soon, many more fortunes will be depleted than created, IMO. I guess I agree with JHK on that one at least, if that’s what he thinks. Is that what he thinks?

  80. It is what he says but what he thinks? Have you seen his art? I dont know if I want to see that close into his mind.

  81. eh, measure it any way want, dollars, hull displacement, olive oil, meat, cattle, grass, land, the only wealth is available energy. you can conentrate energy and become more wealthy, but it takes energy to do that. as available energy gets gets burned up, everyone gets poorer. this is not to say that there haven’t always been, and that there always will be disparities in wealth. but as available energy goes down, so does the overall means of concentration decrease, no way out.

  82. much has been made of the fact that the usa has harvested a much greater than fair share of avaible e. it did this through a combination of finacial momentum and force of arms. as it’s finacial strenght weakens(disipates through money printing,etc.) and it’s military gets starved for oil, through a combination of financial weakness and energy unavaililty, for numerous reasons, it’s ability to concentrate wealth, by any measure can do nothing but diminish. how might 5% of the world’s population once again control 25% of the world’s wealth? how might a spiecies appropriate 40 or 50% of all biologic production? you need energy to concentrate energy. i don’t know how anyone could think anything else.

  83. pretend that marbles equal wealth. all the marbles in the world add up to 100, just pretend.

    A has 70

    they’re all careless players, so the keep losing marbles, and there are no more replacements. so now there are 90 marbles.

    well A and B are rich, and they tell C and D, if you want to be rich like us, you need to give us some of your marbles so we can make more marbles, and we’ll all be rich. of course they can’t really do any such thing. so things now look like:

    B – 23

    but they keep loseing marbels, there are no replacements, and now there are only 75 marbles.

    something has to give.

  84. I think your example is fine.

    Using the example (and numbers) above, in going from…

    70, 20, 5, 5 = 100


    65, 22, 2,1 = 90

    one of the players at least for the moment has achieved growth in a world that has experienced 10% decline. There’s a lot more marbles yet to lose, so of course this stroke of fortune can’t last.

  85. one of the players at least for the moment has achieved growth in a world that has experienced 10% decline. There’s a lot more marbles yet to lose, so of course this stroke of fortune can’t last.

    sure there might be glitches(not really glitches, just incomplete understanding. for example, i’ve had people tell me that biologic growth is an example of negative entropy. they forget that the earth recievs constant energy inputs from the sun.) in the process, but, energy always flows, naturally, from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration, this is called entropy. which is, of course, energy that is unavailable for anything. this is the process that makes everything, literally, possible.

    a more likely distribution of 90 marbles might look something more like:

    B- 15

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