Why the AntiChrist Matters in Politics

Why the Antichrist Matters in Politics


In Rush to Assist Solyndra, U.S. Missed Warning Signs

“It’s here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future,” the president [Obama] declared in May 2010 to the assembled workers and executives. The start-up business had received a $535 million federal loan guarantee, offered in part to reassert American dominance in solar technology while generating thousands of jobs.

But behind the pomp and pageantry, Solyndra was rotting inside, hemorrhaging cash so quickly that within weeks of Mr. Obama’s visit, the company canceled plans to offer shares to the public. Barely a year later, Solyndra has become one of the administration’s most costly fumbles after the company declared bankruptcy, laid off 1,100 workers and was raided by F.B.I. agents seeking evidence of possible fraud.

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  1. An Amerikan company based on fraud? Again. How many other companies are like this out there. Besides the major banks, military companies, car makers and such.

  2. The guv-mint should have aligned with VCs who would also have skin in the game and manage the risks. It may have failed anyway but at least not so stupidly. Obama administration has provided ammo to his political opponents on a silver platter.

    Obama seems to be leading us backwards on renewables so I hope he at least plans to approve Keystone Pipeline. Or maybe the plan is we will have no energy at all.

  3. Greetings from the far east. The rumor i heard is the gas in the keytone pipeline will be marketed globally after it is refined in the gulf. How then does this help the USA other than further enrich a few americans in the oil and gas (and pipeline) business? The Alaska oil pipeline oil was sold on the open market, as well, mainly to the Japanese. Oil, gas and LNG are fungible.

    If Obama had any free will (but how could he after being bought and paid for by monied interests?) he’d insist on husbanding all north american energy for the future. Of couse, if all countries did the same, there would be some big losers (think europe and japan, again) and world war as a likely outcome. See WWI, followed by part two, WWII.

  4. “The rumor i heard is the gas in the keytone pipeline will be marketed globally after it is refined in the gulf.”

    Yes that is the rumor from Hollywood energy insiders.

  5. i thought that you didn’t care for blondes.

    celebrities getting “arrested”, that’s a joke.

    if you want to be enriched also, just buy stock in some pipeline company. i guess.

  6. I dont speak anti-amerikant. But mom does, two years for NATO back in the beginning. Worked as the french interperter for the Marshall plan man himself.

  7. yeah, i always forget. did time begin with the end of ww2 or at the beginning of the last great depression. the big bang is bullshit.

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  9. Merci Bif, I will check out his place and maybe leave him a note or something.

    One of the best ways to see the effects of dollar inflation is to visit Europe, or at least an expensive place like Paris. Ouch!

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    calling this in from the airport hilton at chicago o’hare. an unscheduled stopover due to delays in customs. i needed a break, anyway.

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