We Should Do That In This Country

Ukraine’s Tymoshenko Jailed for Seven Years

The sentence was the maximum demanded by prosecutors on charges that Ms. Tymoshenko had harmed Ukraine’s interests when, as prime minister, she carried out negotiations with Russia in 2009 over the price of natural gas. Her supporters and many Western officials have insisted that her actions could hardly have amounted to a crime.

Barbarous Italians Unimprison, Nonassassinate Possible Criminal

Clearly, There’s No Question That If You’re Right, You’re Right

Exaggerators like this word, along with its cousins (obviously, undeniably, undoubtedly, and the like). Often a statement prefaced with one of these words is exceedingly dubious. (The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style, Oxford University Press, 2000.)

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  1. I wonder if I’m the first person to suggest the rumour that Amanda Knox will be joining OJ in Florida as they collaborate in finding “the real killers”.

  2. Tymoshenko only did her job. This is just politics. What bastards. I will break her out of jail and she can stay at my house.

  3. Amanda “Foxy Knoxy” gets off a 27-year sentence for conspiracy to murder after about 2 years served, the Ukrainian schoolmarm PM gets max 7 years for buying nat gas at a price deemed too high for the country’s best interests. Seems fair.

  4. By that reasoning, Gordon Brown, who sold UK’s gold at very low price deserves what? How about prime minister job?

  5. Putin gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse. She agreed Ukraine would pay same price as Europe for Russian gas. The Rusians weren’t in the mood to do favors. Why would they? Ukraine stole $1.5 billion of natural gas, didn’t honor any of their contracts, and were aligning with Europe and talking of joining NATO. I don’t see how she could have gotten a deal much different from the one she got. The consequences of higher gas prices were coming down on them regardless of who negotiated. So 7 years in jail for what?

  6. Tymoshenko’s political opponents would of course suggest she should have cut a better deal. But Putin would have accepted nothing less from Yanukovich himself. What a dick. Ahh, she’ll beat this rap. you watch.

  7. This song goes out to Yulia Tymoshenko, my Orange revolutionary sweetheart. Don’t cry baby. Lay your halo down. No jail can hold you.

  8. You gotta respect braids like that. I wear mine in braids most days and know the work involved. For some reason I keep playing with the ends all day long though ~ haven’t figured that one out.

    Dave, she looks fine. She’s a real woman, not some airbrushed supermodel. Turn on the really bright lights and hardly anyone looks perfect.

  9. Braids are just cool. You will make a very attractive insurgent in the post-OWS phase of the thing that’s happening.

  10. Bif, thanks. There’s that term “insurgent” again. The meaning of words is so abused these days that it could mean anything from “patriot” or “freedom fighter” to “rebel”. But no, I already have my job, it’s somewhere between admin and the design lab.

    Does anyone else see this? There are some hands out there itching to take off their gloves, and things are realigning themselves along new lines with some rapidity. If you have something you need to get done, this is a good time to take care of it.

    I always thought Yulia Tymoshenko looks hot. No, hawt. The braids work for her. She is still looking good – basically the same age as Darryl Hannah, another of my tall-gal idols.

  11. Bif – funny you should mention OWS. I usually make use of their example in the following analogy:

    You know what it’s like when you have a schoolyard bully who preys on everyone? Imagine what happens when you fight him by the book – you build a consensus among his many victims, you pick out some coolheaded but firm people to handle the F2F sessions, and you meet the bully as a unified group and politely ask him to cease & desist, and to return the funds that were stolen/swindled/taken/etc.

    OWS is the “asking nicely” phase of things.

  12. Dave, she looks fine. She’s a real woman, not some airbrushed supermodel. Turn on the really bright lights and hardly anyone looks perfect.

    hey, i agree. it wasn’t me who put her in jail for wearing braids on top of her head.

  13. “OWS is the “asking nicely” phase of things.”

    Their opponents have successfully thrown them on the defensive to prove they are nice and peaceful and neighborly to local businesses. Seems half of them are caught up in making OWS as nice as can be, and the other half are aspiring to become journalists and photographers. They’ve cut the drum beating down to just four hours because it was bothering some people. Meanwhile no one is revolting, but they are recycling their bottles and cans.

    We are a funny people. We expect war without casualties, revolution without broken windows, and everyone is “green”.

    You know OWS is not even near Wall Street. Why aren’t these people down there actually occupying Wall Street? I know its not “allowed” but thats kind of a good reason for them to do it. Easy for me to say. Getting hit with a baton hurts.

    Last week I stopped by an OWS-inspired gathering and checked out the scene. Donated a few bucks to the first aid station. Met some nice people and even the solo capitalist guy counterprotesting his heart out. Homeless dudes went back and forth digging the free chow and bumming cigarettes. After such a good meal how can you not allow them a smoke? I like to see people having a good time.

  14. Throw yourself upon the gears!

    Good stuff. I bet he didn’t make any housekeeping announcements, like the whole world is watching so please stay off the lawn.

  15. Interesting, he later ended up teaching mathematics, philosophy, and logic at Sonoma State University in CA.

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