Open Threäd Octoberfest

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Moammar Gadhafi, R.I.P.
Will the Libyan dictator have the last laugh? As we made into the Africa savannahs, and inject Special Forces into the Ugandan jungles, we will seek allies where we can find them – and create them where none exist. Like our British forebears, we’ll “take up the White man’s burden,” and fool ourselves into believing it’s all in the name of a vague “humanitarianism.” How long before the arbiters of Political Correctness deem opposition to US imperialism in Africa to be “racist”? Not long, I assure you.

We all want the same thing

As this administration tries to pick winners and losers in a place we know nothing about – and cannot know enough to do anything but harm – they’re bound to wind up with the African equivalent of Solyndra. From Libya to Uganda, the story is sure to be the same: all our efforts will amount to creating more chaos than order, fostering dependency instead of development. In short, like all government programs, the Obama administration’s plans for Africa are inevitably doomed to achieve the exact opposite of their intended result.


Open Thread October II

US Troops Won’t Be Fighting, Uganda President Claims
US ‘Advisers’ Not Meant to Be Directly Involved in Combat

73 Replies to “Open Threäd Octoberfest”

  1. Damn it my bike tire has a hole so big, a patch ain’t going to work. I’m going to have to drive to get a new tube for it, since I’m out.

    Sad state of affairs.

  2. if there were little green men from mars, i’d be a racist. i wouldn’t want to share my precious planetary resources with them, those being finite and harder to obtain all de time. besides, they’d look kinda funny, and would prolly behave peculiarly, being raised on a different planet, and all.

    oh, and i’d sure as hell wouldn’t want them dating my daughter, if i had one. wouldn’t want any light green relatives, thank you very much.

  3. Thanks Bif – I just sprayed coffee on my monitors. Oh wait, they’ll be “rich” not because they’ve done anything useful, innovative, creative or even gotten lucky, but because the threshold for being considered “rich”, just like the bar for damn near everything, has been lowered.

  4. i don’t know what, exactly, are the fraudulant acts that these banks supposedly engaged in? i mean, from what i know of the whole mortgage portion of this collapse, the banks(investment banks, not retail banks, althought they can be the same entity.) bundled risky with not so risky mortages, and then sold them as investments to various parties. i don’t think they made any bones about this, all the investors, including many within the 99%, knew this to be the case. so how is that fraud?

  5. so what did the bankers do that was fraudulant?
    well, they got aunt tilly’s retirement fund to buy thier crappy paper.
    oh, so the fund manager was in on it?
    must have been.
    so the fund board of directors was in on it?
    must have been.
    the individuals reading the fund prospectus must have been in on it?
    well, i guess.

    the only thing that ever comes to my mind when listening to the losers, is that they must have been amway distributers in another life.

  6. dave, maybe think of Bill Black as the new Robespierre of the Second American Revolution? we need some guillotines, and a lot of prison space, cause aunt tilly’s gonna be pissed without her hard-earned retirement funds.

  7. Speaking of losers, if the (TBTF) banks lose, for whatever reason, in whatever manner, they are made whole by taxpayer expense. That’s the main difference between them and any other schmo playing in the casino. Eventually, Joe Schmo loses his last dime and is busted. No bailout. Sorry.

  8. “amway distributers in another life”. i knew some of those guys. my sister did tupperware “parties” for awhile. such an obvious, blatant ponzi scheme. maybe amway was prelude to the big wall street ponzi, like they did it as teenagers.

    all i know is certain investment bankers names and addresses are on a list. if they stay at those addresses too long, they will be seeing torch parades up close and personal like they did in the 1300s. these things are cyclic, and the outcomes are always the same.

  9. By Nathaniel Popper, Los Angeles Times

    October 20, 2011
    Reporting from New York—
    Citigroup Inc. is paying nearly $300 million to settle a civil fraud complaint that the banking giant promoted an investment tied to the housing market, yet failed to tell investors it was betting those securities would fail.

    One trader wrote in an email obtained as part of the SEC investigation that the Citigroup investments were possibly “the best short EVER!” An investment manager at another company wrote, “The portfolio is horrible” in an email about the securities that wiped out investors when the investments defaulted in November 2007.

  10. “i don’t know what, exactly, are the fraudulant acts that these banks supposedly engaged in?”

    I bet Qadaffi tried pitching these kinds of semantics this morning right before they fragged him.

  11. hey, don’t get me wrong. i’m all for a good lynching.

    but fraud, in my mind anyway, involves intentional deception of one party by another. even in the case of citibank, as mentioned by au, citibank, might have known it’s paper was shit, but so did those buying it. or they should have known, i guess. unless citibank issued a false prospectus, like they said that all the mortgages in the bundle were grade a, when they weren’t, or something like that, then they didn’t commit fraud; at least not in my mind.

    quadaffi? his time was up, i guess. so he got fragged instead of lynched? now there’s some semantics for ya.

  12. maybe i’m just really tired, being the end of a long work week, but let’s cut to the chase: the ONLY reason the US is messing in North Africa is to secure it’s raw mineral resources. maybe, for now, it’s to secure them for the “free market”, meaning mainly (and perhaps temporarily, if their money goes sour) our euro allies.

    at some point, soon i think, when the oil supplies to the west drop below a certain point, tankers eastbound for the orient won’t go there anymoron. our navy will divert them. not too certain what the response will be from the orient, but my guess is they won’t take kindly to the interdiction of their contracted supplies.

  13. Doom, from the PoV of our PTB, the next best thing to prosperity here is denying Russia and China access to interesting new resource bases. US military interdiction of Greater Pipelineistan (the ME) has been very effective in this regard. Why not do the same in N Africa?

  14. “Toner also noted substantial improvements in the capabilities of the Iraqis, even as he admitted the continued importance of addressing “security needs” of the hundreds of nonmilitary U.S. personnel who will remain there.

    That includes about 1,700 diplomats, law enforcement officers and various economic, agriculture and other professionals and experts who will be in Iraq into 2012, according to the State Department. In addition, 5,000 security contractors will protect the U.S. diplomats and another 4,500 contractors will serve other roles, such as helping provide food and medical services, until they can be done locally.”

    i.e., Blackwater, KBR, Spooks Inc., etc.

  15. So Blackwater/Xe is promoting its people as humanitarian agents? Interesting spin. Wonder what the average body count per contractor is?

  16. RICO, yeah, i guess you’d have to present actual evidence of some sort that various bank executives sat down with various rating agency executives and activly conspired in the inflate rating of various pieces of paper, or something along those lines. i doubt that anything like that happened. but i could be wrong.

    in my mind this was all tacit agreement to make money, all the way from the exes who did, to the 99%’ers who got left holding the bag with upside down mortgages, not to mention aunt tilly and her retirement fund.

    lynch the cocksuckers, that’s the only answer.

  17. dave, a “tacit agreement to make money” is not how I would characterize blatant criminal avarice. Still, a “tacit agreement to make money” is at the root of RICO.

    The crux of the biscuit: Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. – Leo Tolstoy

  18. Blackwaters Prince is a latter day Templar crusader and now a video game mogul wannabe.

    He’s also pushing the brand through arms manufacturers –

    A testament to collective short memories and deeply ingrained consumerism if there ever was one.

  19. Still, a “tacit agreement to make money” is at the root of RICO.

    nah, with some exceptions, legal cases are based on evidence of some sort. this is why the fbi and other such agenicies, and such, go through so much trouble to plant wire taps and informants and such. tnis is also why lynching are so neccisary.

  20. OWS, or what follows form OWS, shouldn’t (and won’t) be concerned with hair splitting on the legalities.

    The class warfare piece seems inevitable but I’d also like to see Clinton, Bush Jr, Levitt, Rubin, Greenspan, Summers, Gramm, Leach, Bliley, among others marched out on the public stage in their underwear and acknowledged for their leadership in destruction of our country.

  21. dave, in my view, the issue is not lack of evidence, but abject indifference to the enforcement of the law, which includes investigations.

    Lynching, otherwise referred to as the proper decoration of the lamp posts on Wall Street, is certainly a plausible outcome as the rule of law is reduced to sound bites and platitudes instead of perp walks and prison time.

  22. Hey GB, I’ve got some Swiss chard, spinach about ready to eat, still getting cucs, tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapenos. Got peas and pole beans climbing. We had a hot dry summer here with temperatures sometimes reaching those I was accustomed to in Phoenix. The tomato plants are trying to catch up and we already had one night of near freezing temps. I have had tomatoes into November here, if the mild weather holds.

    Got some plans for a small greenhouse I can build to cover some existing rows and with some mods, might even be able to use with shade cloth should summers here decide to stay Phoenix-like.

  23. remus, are you getting your water from a well? If so, is the water table level dropping steadily? If so, what are your long-term living plans there? (The drought could go on for many more years. Could be cyclic, but even if so, it will be affected by GW.)

  24. Peppers still growing and producing here too. Can’t remember going this long without a killing frost. Wetter than normal, too. Good year for fungi..

  25. I especially don’t want to see Alan Greedscam in his underwear (gross) or for that matter anything except jumpsuit orange. The color would suit most of those guys just fine.

  26. Doom, no, I get my water from the city and they get their water from a lake about 40 miles away. And they just recently replaced the pipeline to it. I’ve not heard anyone I know with wells talk about sustained water table drops, but many have expressed concern with the drought and some have even initiated conservation practices.

    All of the lakes in the area I live in are showing the signs of drought – you can clearly see the older water-level lines and newly exposed areas. Where I am at is on the edge of what is known as “Green Country” – where it starts to look less like MO or AR and more like west TX or the panhandle. There is a lot of brown and we’ve lost a lot of evergreens this year, but the latter may not all be attributable to less rainfall.

    We have some man-made lakes within city limits and several natural and man-made lakes in the the surrounding area, including the one with your namesake plus what passes for a river out here. To my knowledge, all of them are stocked as well – either that or the locals just like to sit out in boats with fishing rods in their hands.

    Water is most certainly a concern here, but less so than in AZ.

    We all have plans, but I lean towards cooperation and being as adaptable as possible.

  27. dave, in my view, the issue is not lack of evidence, but abject indifference to the enforcement of the law, which includes investigations.

    hmm, yeah, well, investigations of some sort are usually what produce evidence, at least evidence that might be admisable. evidence can also be manufactured, which is also usually the product of an investigation. anyhoo, no investigation, no evidence, let’s get them lychin’s goin’, i say.

  28. I especially don’t want to see Alan Greedscam in his underwear (gross) or for that matter anything except jumpsuit orange

    is volker still alive? let’s get that cocksucker.

  29. who else, who’s still alive, do i find to be particularly obnoxious, and deserving of a rope necktie? oophra fuckin’ winefry. who else? no one else comes to mind. i’ll have to think on this a little.

  30. And its 1,2,3 what are we fighting for?
    Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn,
    The next stop is Uganda,

    Er, wait, what? Uganda? WTF

    Jeebus. Seriosuly?

  31. oh, i have a racist greek story to relate. as usual, it is both true and a recent event. so i’m sitting in my seat on a lufthansia flight from busan to munich, and a nice tall blond german stewardess comes up and asks me if i wouldn’t mind sitting up front, by one of the emergency exit doors, “just on takeoff and at landings, but you can stay there if you wish”. some safety regulation, and the flight has many empty seats. so i say okay, and i go up and sit in the seat next to the door. the guy next to me appears to be reading a russian magazine, all hieroglyphics to me. “no, he says, it’s greek.” greek, russian, what’s the big diff, i say.

    it turns out he’s a businessman from athens, some ship building company, and sees the parthenon on his way to work everyday. so, i’m asking myself, there’s two seats here, he’s sitting in one, so why do the germans want me to sit up here? my guess is they don’t trust the damn greek in an emergency, and considering their financial track record these days, who could blame them? but maybe i’m being racist, dunno, the end.

  32. Doom, maybe they were thinking the Amerikaner would get trampled in the rush.

    Way I hear it, the Germans aren’t real happy with the US these days.

  33. no remus, i asked. they said it was perfecty okay for us (me and my damned greek partner, i guess) to jump out first, but then maybe hang around to assist others leaving (jumping, running, screaming) from the (burning, exploding, sinking) plane.

  34. wow, i didn’t know Uganda had oil. i recall an old college chum that did some ship seismic surveys in lake victoria many, many moons ago. maybe he found oil under it?

  35. Those Germans take everything so seriously.

    Hmm, copper ore plus oil plus widespread subsistence farming. What’s for a developed country not to like about Uganda?

  36. “wow, at this rate, we might as well occupy the whole continent.”

    Wait, that sounds bullish.

    Speaking of war, recently received a family genealogy printout. And there, in and amongst all the Irish and English is a lone Scottsman – a Halliburton.

  37. “wow, at this rate, we might as well occupy the whole continent.”

    We’re not disputing their right to be where they are. It’s just that they’re sitting on top of OUR resources.

  38. To be fair to General Mills they are the parent company of Small Planet Foods makers of Cascades Foods, Muir Glenn, Laura Bars and other disguised as smaller food companies.

    Wait my defense was more proof of co-optation.

    At the same time though there is another battle in the food and health world being the big pharma verse everyone who would have the audacity to help people with out paying big pharma a fee.

    And in my local news the FDA finally admits it was not the farm which caused the cantaloup problems it was a not so clean processing plant.

    Good thing we all destroyed all those cantaloupes on the farms even the organic ones which never stepped food near Jensen farms or the processing plant

  39. “[I]t was not the farm which caused the cantaloup problems it was a not so clean processing plant.”

    Exactly what Mrs. Remus said.

  40. The Boob Tube News lead in says there is a new technology that will keep us all safe from bad things.

    Bets its irradiation? Stay tune for news at 5

    Its most likely what tal posted on the crypton site

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