Zombies! Yah!

City of the Living Dead
by Kelley B. Vlahos
October 25, 2011

Everybody knows that zombies eat brains. George Romero set the scene in Night of the Living Dead, and Hollywood never looked back. Before that, zombies in movies typically involved reanimation and mind control through so-called African-Caribbean voodoo. In films like White Zombie and I Walked with a Zombie bad actors with the magic enslaved poor mindless fools to do their bidding.

We see all types of zombies reacting to Occupy and its various manifestations. It’s not much different from how antiwar protesters have been treated throughout the last 10 years of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now that the mainstream is actually paying attention to what is going on in Zuccotti Park — in a way it never did for the dozens of major antiwar protests in Washington and New York over the decade — zombiism is rampant and quite easily discernible.

Most prevalent are the zombies talking about and mostly criticizing the protests in language that suggests only mind control could be at work. These zombies include all manner of talking heads, political courtiers and operatives, politicians, status-quo junkies, and haters — but also mindless corporate newspersons who typically just put their heads down and repeat what they’re told.


On a trip last week to the Northeast, I was bombarded almost immediately with the charge that Occupy Wall Street protesters were engaging in anti-Semitic chants, violent behavior, open sex, and flagrant drug use. One man had crapped on a police car. According to a family member, the whole thing had devolved into a dystopian nightmare with shades of Woodstock — Woodstock ’99 that is. At the beginning — according to the evolving meme — these demonstrators might have been well-meaning, but now the whole thing has been taken over by anarchists and criminals. Who, by the way, really hate America.

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  1. BTW, nice new banner photo, JR. Looks like the early versions of those quad ack-ack guns had to have individual attention. Trouble with the ammo belt feed?

  2. “When was the last time the government stepped into help you “avoid losses you might otherwise suffer?” But that’s the reality we live in. When Joe Homeowner bought too much house, essentially betting that home prices would go up, and losing his bet when they dropped, he was an irresponsible putz who shouldn’t whine about being put on the street.

    But when banks bet billions on a firm like AIG that was heavily invested in mortgages, they were making the same bet that Joe Homeowner made, leaving themselves hugely exposed to a sudden drop in home prices. But instead of being asked to “suck it in and cope” when that bet failed, the banks instead went straight to Washington for a bailout — and got it.”—Matt Tabbi


  3. The system is too far gone. Dave is right…like whipping a dead horse. Ain’t never going to get up and gallop again. OWSers would be better off learning to ID edible mushrooms in Zucotti Park.

  4. “The system is too far gone. Dave is right…”

    that’s what the 1% is thinking, too. that’s why they’re still hanging in there. they still got their smooth talker, the O-man, making nice-nice, offering up empty solutions like his jobs program (a very dead horse), the real estate mortgage fix program (not even close), etc.

    people may be poor, but they’re not so stupid to fall for the same scam twice. the 1% basically have two choices, give it up or leave the country. if they persist, eventually the police will join the 99% and the 1% will get the mob treatment, ala ‘Khadafy’.

  5. yup, that’s us, uncle.

    hey dave, what’s with your house? they showed it again on the news, with about a foot of snow in the front yard and on the roof. it’s near Hartford, correct?

  6. i’m about 50 miles due south of hartford. we got maybe 8″ of snow here. lot’s of people without power in the hartford area, i guess.

  7. I’m not sure how, but I still feel that a bunch of us will be running a soup kitchen together in the years ahead. Weirder things have happened.

  8. That is weird. I just pulled a bunch of soup bones out of the freezer to thaw and start making beef stock.

  9. you should name it Zulu Kilo Kitchen or ZKK for short. i’d sip some beef broth with y’all there, bros.

    amazing how all these 100- and 500-year weather events seem to happen a lot these days. maybe they really did all along, and we just didn’t have cnn weather channel, dunno.

    i think it most appropos that texas is getting wackoed with severe weather. god’s country, don’t ya know. de lord shall provide.

  10. i like to use ‘really’ and ‘just’ a lot because those words have little meaning, like soy protein ‘hamburger helper’ for sentences. jus sayin.

  11. “i think it most appropos that texas is getting wackoed with severe weather. god’s country, don’t ya know. de lord shall provide.”

    The devil hisself does a lot of bidness in TX.

  12. Doom, that’s some good looking souvlaki. This is making me hungry.

    Papandreou’s call for a referendum is completely gutless and deplorable, but understandable. Making the right call here would be political suicide. But who knows, maybe if they do give the world the finger and go back to the barter system and wearing togas it won’t be so bad, or as bad, for them in the long run. Screws everybody else though it sounds like.

  13. so one of my ‘pet’ students asks me just before class starts today: “so dr. doom, what bad news do you have for us today?”

    heh heh heh, a rather silly question to ask moi. so i replied:

    “watch for a greek default on their debt by week’s end, then the collapse of the eurozone banks and financial structure, followed by the rest of the western and north american banks. then, no letters of credit will be honored world-wide, and the food and energy importing, “developed” world will be facing mass starvation within about three weeks.”

    nervous laughter ensues. don’t mess with dr. doom

  14. so the world is finally catching up. i’ve long said that we have no control over what we might or might not do. all we can do is tell a story about what we’ve already done. some are better story tellers than others.

  15. I’m makiing (hopefully) a new recipe today: Bean soup with Kale. When you have a lot of kale you need more than one way to serve it. This could be part of the soup kitchen menu…if its good.

  16. good article dave. i’ve thought for a long time that the left hemisphere is the bullshit slinging, calculating, rationalization center, and the right is the more honest, visual and artistic center. unfortunately, to communicate past drawing pretty pictures, the right needs the left to do the “secretarial” and “fiscal” aspects, like typing on keyboards and balancing the checkbooks.

    that’s why i like and admire right-hemisphere dominated people, and have less respect for left-hemisphere dominated people, the math-moron bullshit artists among us. the latter are legion, and like to rise to bureaucratic “power” positions, unfortuneately, i guess. thank god they fear me and mostly leave me alone.

  17. If have a BS in Mathmatics from a party school, but you will never see me in office anywhere. I dont vote when the only voting for things which are a waste of time. This time it was only board members for various position no silly amenments or inicatives. What a waste of Tax payer money. There needs to be real tangable things to vote on lets the sheep think they matter.

  18. EE are you going to be our waitress in our soup kitchen?

    Bif, watch those after-dinner cordials…or you’re fired as chef.

  19. a lot of folks have this image of wall street banksters hanging from lamp posts just outside their office towers. that’s a lot of common dreams to come true, so it just might. the smart ones should flee while they still can, before their choices narrow to jumping or swinging.

  20. Au contraire, mon frere, rum drinkers should care about bats and their pollinating ways also…hic!

    “Mexican free-tailed bats are also great pollinators and dangerous insect eaters. Their pollination of sugar cane as well as their consumption of insects that damage sugar cane are the reasons why Bacardi rum features the Mexican free-tailed bat as its icon.”


  21. “EE are you going to be our waitress in our soup kitchen?”

    Absolutemont, GB! The worldly, wisecrackin’ waitress with the tart tongue and a heart of gold. Maybe I’ll resurrect my old cocktail waitress outfit–3″ spike heels, black fishnet pantyhose, a green strapless fur-trimmed bathing suit-like garment, white fake fur tail and matching ears–from my brief stint as a “little fox” at the “Top of the Holiday Inn.”

    Vol. 6, No. 4 – 62 pages – Magazine
    Open daily, 7 a.m. -10 p.m. Top ‘o the Inn. The Little Foxes and top entertainment make this an extra special dinner spot. Holiday Inn, Eighth and Linn Streets, …

  22. And I want to have an apiary for honeybees, as well as a batcave nearby… absolutely no cigar or cigarette smoking.

    Just gave one of my nephews a book for his birthday on hiking in the Adirondacks–will see if he actually gets into it.

  23. Yes but 4 inch heals are all the rage these days.

    And you did not mention pot smoking is that ok in the Batcave?

  24. “…is that ok in the Batcave?”

    If research shows that it doesn’t affect the bats and it’s organic, yeah. Using it to smoke out the bees for honey time might be a more practical endeavor.

    “…4 inch heals [sic] are all the rage…”

    There’s no accounting for taste or silliness. I only did it for a total of four months and my spine has never forgiven me.

  25. EE, i will only grant that interview if EWofDC wears that red dress above and 4-inch heels in black patent leather. i have my dignity to protect.

  26. Very nice choice of footwear, Nudge. I especially like the clear, see-through aspects whilst maintaining proper structural strength and style. It’ll take moron than burning jet fuel to bring those babies down.

  27. gb, you ever do any blues dancing? i went out and did some last night, had a blast. it’s real easy to pick up on, plenty of friendly women, all good.

  28. A few years back I took some free lessons at various dance festivals in blues dancing. Although I like the look of it I never did get a feeling for the movement. Nowadays, I’m even less inclined to go dancing, although I know I’m missing a lot.

  29. Nowadays, I’m even less inclined to go dancing, although I know I’m missing a lot.

    hmm, none of my business, but why? it seems that the older i get, the more i want to go out dancing. seems like the right thing to do, all things considered.

  30. Dave, its a combination of reasons including: 1) too preoccupied with running and fitness, 2) I’m too much an “early to bed, early to rise” kind of person and 3) I suck at dancing anyway. Can’t afford it, either.

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