Happy Thanksgiving, Afghanistan

Six Children Are Killed by NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan

“There were no Taliban in the field; this is a baseless allegation that the Taliban were planting mines,” Mr. Samad said. “I have been to the scene and haven’t found a single bit of evidence of bombs or any other weapons. The Americans did a serious crime against innocent children, they will never ever be forgiven.”
American soldiers have destroyed numerous dwellings in Zhare to deny insurgents hiding places, and they have also built new roads across farmland because existing ones were so heavily mined. Residents were quickly compensated by the military, however, and in recent months the area, one of several districts near the city of Kandahar that were once Taliban strongholds, has been relatively quiet.

My Good Friend in real life, who I refer to on da internets as DJ Pee Money, just sent me this Thanksgiving Greeting.  He apparently has put this on his Facebook “wall,” or whatever. I don’t use that authoritarian form of communication, so I wouldn’t know.

posted on my facebook page:
Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you settlers, for slaughtering the peaceful Indians and destroying their way of life. Thank you for moving the survivors to concentration camps, and preparing the colonies for overdevelopment, strip malls, Target, venti vanilla lattes, black Friday, and the vacuous, overfed, iphone-obsessed morons that are the majority of my countrymen.

Wow! I had absolutely no idea. I had nothing to do with this. I thought he was a Yuppie Republican who keeps calling the Marines to see if they will let him join up so he can kill Afghans. They keep saying he is too old. He texted me from Connecticut today, threatening to join the French Foreign Legion so he could avoid Thanksgiving dinner at his wife’s family’s house next year. He couldn’t wait to show me his new Glock 17 yesterday. I was the one who figured out how to remove the slide thingy so he could oil it. I’ve never taken apart a real gun in my life. Personally I think the thing is too big and that I would like a Walther PPK or S&W compact. Anyway. I think he might be one of us. I might teach him how to read so he can check out Jim Kunstler. He thinks he’s the first to discover this whole thing about the Indians.

Tarawa: Looking back on USMC thanksgivings, reminding us of things for which we should be grateful

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  1. that’s a good one. tell him doom sez the “indians” aka native americans figured all this out years ago.

    say welcome to pee money for me, also, and all the rest of the ZK boys & girls.

    stuffed and sittin on de couch watching football, american style…

  2. As the old Hopi saying goes We were here before you and will be here many years after you are gone

    I think there is a Hawaiian equivelant.

  3. Mashed rutabaga and potato, pureed butternut squash, sauteed brussel sprouts, roasted turkey and mushroom gravy…this is what its all about. Also learning tango (again).

  4. This has always been the plan: we take the land from the natives, have an oil-fueled orgy of consumption and growth, thereby laying waste to everything. Then we give it back to the natives.

  5. The give back of coarse is conditional and should not be viewed as honest.

    We had a heritage turkey like the pilgrams plus mash potatos stuffing and pumkin cake. It will also be my lunch.

  6. It was a gnarly, burning smell

    Nice quote via Nudge’s link from a 49 year old man. Is he one of those 99ers? God help us if he is.

  7. They don’t make animation like they used to. Compare that to Steamboat Mickey or Fantasia. Now there’s animation.

  8. http://www.ljshoreshotel.com/

    This is where i’ll be staying all week, while attending a meeting at Scripps up the beach about half a mile. my room is bigger than some apartments i used to rent, with a view of the beach and the bluffs up north. like i’ve told you folks, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. i’ll be giving a talk on tuesday morning and a poster presentation in the afternoon.

  9. Agree he looks like Seans brother.

    Doom I attended a reception at the Scripps aquarium a couple years ago. Really nice place for a party. Stayed in downtown SD though.

  10. yeah, don’t tell jhoon rhee that. i have her sticking her finger in my ass to massage my prostate, and she’s always complaining about it: “oh, that make my finger smell like shit.” some folks are just never happy.

  11. Jim’s title for this weeks post seems almost as if this will be a happy
    post with all sorts of good news.

  12. Oh Christ. Hydrovolcanic explosions? Exploding aquifers? Or as my people would say, a radioactive fart from the bowels of Gaia. I beleive it. Who would have thought our demise could be this fantastic. Errr…

  13. There’s a lot of self loathing in the 99%. Many don’t want to face that they are just prole cogs and are steadily becoming grouped in with the rest of the fodder. Many had beleived they were players, or could become players. Its a bitter pill.

  14. “Or as my people would say, a radioactive fart from the bowels of Gaia.”

    Are you in favor of more nuclear power plants?

  15. GB, ask Bif and yourself this question, then ask others: “In the USA, would you, as a nuclear power plant operator, continue to work here if the power company no longer paid you for your services?” If the answer is NO, then we are truly doomed unless we begin to dismantle them all now. Maybe we should circulate a questionaire.

    BTW, no moron will be bulit, because we are too broke to do it, thank God.

  16. fucking greenies, ows pussies, middleclass milquetoasts, civil rights cocksuckers, feminist douchbags, etc., etc., they all have something to cry about. let the whole fucking mess burn down to nothing, scorched earth for everybody and everything, except me and mine of course. that’s what i say.

  17. no doubt. if things were perfect, the DNA of my last repast of chicken/tyrannosaur would be registered against my own DNA cuz I et it.

  18. OWSers getting their asses stomped left and right. Its actually a good indication for their movement, long term.

  19. fucking japs are in way worse shape than us; no need to worry about them. at one time in the past, they thought that indonesian oil was thier’s. they learned different.

  20. Japanese companies are invested in US oil and gas E&P also, and have been for some time, including way before their nuke disaster.

  21. Lots of foreign capital investment here in energy production. Oil, gas, port terminals, tankers, power companies, wind farms, you name it.

  22. Doom, hope you enjoyed LJ. One of my sisters lives just south of the glider port on LJ Farms Rd. Tres ritzy place – too rich for me, yeesh.

  23. Nudge, it’s a bit chilly here, but perhaps a small price to pay for the relative lack of crowds. Funny how it never seems to dawn on people that they way outnumber the seals at the rookery, and that their living arrangements have covered just about every square inch of land behind the beach. I guess the bluff faces are pristine because they’re too steep and crumbly to “develop”.

  24. Doom, I’ve heard tell of neighbors suing each other over little things like the placement of garden hoses or sprinkler systems (ie, endangering the stability of the slope) and having the land surveyed in precision to see how much the slope is shifting so that so-and-so can be sued.

    Sorry I’m not there .. if you’re good company I’d be up for dinner at the Sky Room at the Valencia.

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