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Open Thread December 2011


No Death, No Taxes
The libertarian futurism of a Silicon Valley billionaire.
by George Packer
NOVEMBER 28, 2011

A half hour before I viddied this, I almost flipped over this table. I was walking past these idiots from behind with two buddies. I was talking to my friends and only saw the Hitler moustache poster as I was literally next to it. I pointed it out to my friend, not making any commentary about it. The white kid at the table starting yelling at me to come back and talk to him about him and then accused me of saying it was offensive (which it is). He then used highly innapropriate language to describe the things I didn’t say. My attorney advised me to call the Secret Service. I don’t even know what the 25th amendment is.

My new favorite website (for fun and timesucking):

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  1. I rolled my eyes so high I sprained my superior rectus when I notice who the loosers where shilling for.

  2. “Preface: This post does not discuss whether or not 9/11 was a “false flag” operation or an “inside job”. Anything other than a discussion of the negligence of the Bush administration is unnecessary for the purposes of this essay, and is thus beyond the scope of this post.”

    I think ol’ GW assumes there is some synaptic activity in the hoi polloi.

  3. yes there is a santa. last night, at the annual Scripps christmas party, a tall, jolly man dressed in a white-trimmed red santa suit and wearing what appeared to be a fake white beard grabbed me, hugged me, and while some photographer took our picture together, he gave me not one, but two candy canes.

    so there, you unbelievers, there is so a santa claus.

  4. have we then reached Peak Gypsies, or perhaps the baby was also a stolen or purchased, as in “if you don’t behave, eat your carrots, etc. we’re gonna sell you to the gypsies” item?

  5. have we then reached Peak Gypsies, or perhaps the baby was also a stolen or purchased, as in “if you don’t behave, eat your carrots, etc. we’re gonna sell you to the gypsies” item?

    however you figure it, it’s a pretty good use for a baby, i guess.

  6. the defining statement of all human civilization: “most men live lifes of quiet despiration”, or something like that.

  7. “Tomatoes are in season in the late summer. Lettuce is in season in the fall”.

    I don’t disagree with the larger point, but around here tomatoes start coming on July 1 and don’t quit until first hard frost. Likewise, lettuce grown without any special equipment can be harvested from May until November, or later. At least getting the tomatoes and the lettuce at the same time would not be any obstacle at all. For the meat I would use venison. Venison burgers are awesome.

  8. a few evenings ago, before we went out to do some serious beer tasting, we went to a la jolla tavern and i had the most all-american burger there is, was,or ever will be, a buffalo burger. it was a buffalo burger with american cheese, and it came with freedom fries, or at least that’s what i called them to my foreign colleagues. i also mentioned that i saw a euro buffalo while in northern germany many years ago, and it was small, not as big, strong and brawny as our american buffalos. of course i was a big hit with the euros, poor fellas, literally.

  9. God bless Dr. Doom. He is a true patriot. Not like the rest of you reprobates and rapscallions. – Rev. Greenbeans

    Who Said It: Henry David Thoreau
    When: 1854

    The Story behind It: American philosopher and naturalist Thoreau isolated himself at Walden Pond in Massachusetts from 1845 to 1847. His experiences during that time were published in Walden (1854), which Thornton Wilder called “a manual of self-reliance.” In a well-known passage, Thoreau stated his purpose: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation…” In the first essay, “Economy,” Thoreau comments that most men are slaves to their work and enslaved to those for whom they work. He concludes: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation….”

    Time for men to take a cue from the “mass of women” out there.

  11. Time for men to take a cue from the “mass of women” out there.

    something like: eat shit but smile about it, retaliate through passive agression?

  12. more men should allow themselves to be manipulated by the beauty industry, like most women? what is the cue that i should be looking for? is this some sort of facetious remark on your part?

  13. Doom, love the ghostly Soviet pics.

    Here in upstate NY its more and more like being behind the Iron Curtain. Have been exploring some rundown 1890s- 1920s buildings lately, ghosts of their former glorious selves, and now the home of mildew and mice. Its perfect in this gloom of overcast and freezing drizzle. This time of year I feel like I live in a Great Depression documentary filmed in B&W, or in 1960s Romania. Beautiful.

  14. Bif-
    You should check out Nathan Farb’s books if you haven’t already. (Especially his 1978 “Communism Is Groovy”) He’s a very interesting guy and is down here in my ‘hood quite often visiting my dentist (and good friend) who has property up on Lake George, and met Nathan in the 1990s while vacationing up there.

    Nathan lives in Jay, NY and a lot of his work is shot around there.

    P.S. I saved your pix of the cardinal flock in winter as well as the doe fight.

  15. hey, yeah, let’s dress a skinny nigger ina suit and give ‘im a peace prise. the assholes’ll eat that shit right up.

  16. rabbit (not duck)-headed naked ape chicks painting now over 123,000 views. i guess interest is fading…

    which brings to mind the sequel, duck-headed naked ape chicks painting.

  17. at this point in life, revenge is my only reason for living. on who and for what? i don’t know, nor does it matter.

  18. “at this point in life, revenge is my only reason for living.”

    There are so many things to look forward to in life:

    1) ice fishing…need I say more?

    2) Taking a shit in the middle of the woods and wiping your ass with wet leaves, or clean, white, fluffy snow.

    3) hard cider

    4) becoming a dirty old man (or being a dirty old man, as the case may be)

  19. wow, that Decembrists song is great great. reminds me of a mix of Irish folk song and gypsy music. nice to know that when the lights go out, some young people somewhere will carry on the grand music traditions, i guess.

  20. btw, if anyone left here still cares, jim kunstler has recently moved out of sarasota springs and into the “world made by hand” countryside of upstate NY. i guess he’s figuring the end is near.

  21. “duck headed women? i think you missed the cue.”

    dave, does it logically follow that wearing makeup = call sign for “i fuck like a bunny”? (or, i want to…)

    haven’t you heard the saying “as happy as a freshly fucked duck”?

    Quack quack.

  22. JHK mentioned on his podcast he bought a place in Washington County. Nice country up there, Champlain Valley, on the VT border with NY.

    I failed to report that I spent some time with Jim in a bar a couple months ago. Nothing much to report on that, other than it was sort of humorous. Actually Jim looks good, like he must be working out, as he looked healthier than when I saw last saw him 3 or 4 yrs ago. Just an observation.

  23. nice youtubes, bif. regarding JHK, i find his humor and witty writing style entertaining as always, but as a peak oil collapse predictor, the future he predicted is pretty obviously here now, so that practical advice on how to cope with it is best obtained elsewhere, like from TAE or even TOD, on occasion. in the long run, his WMBH will eventually arrive, but in the long run were all dead anyway.

  24. Bif, I prefer the longer version of that same 2008 WA dance by Felix ..

    Wow is she bendy. While all of it looks breathtakingly difficult to do, that transition into an outside split around 3:40 made me wince. And that spin she does at 5:40 that’s like a split? Ouch.

    Pure awe.

  25. Nudge thanks for the longer version, it really is an awesome performance. What beauty and grace. What upper body and torso strength. And her legs are like vice grips. Felix probably literally could crack walnuts with her thighs while making it look like Swan Lake.

  26. ice fishing…need I say more?

    yeah, let me know when the ice is thick enough, and i’ll come up. just please, no 5am routines. or, i’ve got a pond in my back yard. if it gets cold enough, maybe you’d like to come down here?

  27. btw, if anyone left here still cares, jim kunstler has recently moved out of sarasota springs and into the “world made by hand” countryside of upstate NY. i guess he’s figuring the end is near.

    came close to buying a place in fort anne myself, glad that i didn’t.

  28. “bendiness” perse, has little to do with the quality of most athletic performance, fine muscle control tranlated into large muscle groups is her forte, i’d say. i have that same problem, i guess..

  29. 1000 spikes (maggots) arrived today in the mail, dude. First ice should be less than 2 weeks away. Maybe fish here first, then try your pond out later in the season.

  30. Bif, another fine vertical dance performer is Jeyne Butterfly, but so far I haven’t found any video of hers that’s quite like the one posted upthread.

  31. uncle, whyfore you say this? is something about to go south?

    how about the coconut wireless? smoke signals? pony express? ham radio?

    notice the amount of distractions the MSM are pulling out these days? Jerry Sanduski, Syria, Pakistan, race card, idiot republican prez candidates, etc.

    here’s a good one: proposed twin towers to be built in Korea with interesting protrusions that appear to some (like those at CNN) to be mock-ups of flaming clouds from airliner strikes! muy poor tasteo!

  32. Doom, doesn’t it just tickle your imagination to think of what our clueless, out-of-touch, still-thinking-it’s-1950 PTB might do with the internet now that they’ve made obvious their contempt for serious domestic dissidence? ISTR that the software companies most instrumental in constructing the great firewall of China were US companies like Google and IBM and Microsoft. Surely with their combined resources, they could change the net from its present state (which, if you believe folks like Lindsay Graham, is used for little but Al-Qaida members trading messages via steganographic manipulation of child pr0n images, which they of course make money off selling) into something where the news is always good, the weather is always fine, everyone’s rich, and shopping opportunities plus “reality TV” constitute the bulk of surf space. Sort of like an online verion of Newport Beach, CA. All in the name of protecting our freedumbs of course.

    Smoke signals, coconuts, ham radio, messages in bottles, etc don’t come remotely close to replacing the functionality of the net.

  33. gb, ok we’ll stay in touch.


    the implied message seems to be that one be a superior athelete who is willing to take great risks (and get them recorded) in order to be awesome, a tiny minority of humanity, i agree.

    i am not awsome, by the way.

  34. Doom wrote above: “btw, if anyone left here still cares, jim kunstler has recently moved out of sarasota springs and into the “world made by hand” countryside of upstate NY. i guess he’s figuring the end is near.”

    Bif corroborated: “JHK mentioned on his podcast he bought a place in Washington County. Nice country up there, Champlain Valley, on the VT border with NY.”

    OK, riddle me this – is Jimbo squatting, or did he buy the place outright, or has he got a mortgage on it?

    Squatting would be proof that Jimbo thinks the end is very effing nigh – basically that’s when the advantages of hanging onto whatever valuta you’ve got outweigh the risks or likelihood of being forcibly evicted or worse.

    If Jimbo bought the place outright, then it would be proof that he thinks the rule of law (and property rights) will continue for the duration of his personal future.

    If Jimbo took out a short-term mortgage on the place, then it would be proof that he thinks the wheels o’ FIRE will be spinning long enough for his credit score to still be worth something in a couple years.

    However, if Jimbo took out an unfathomably long-term mortgage on the place, then we’ll know he’s giving the bird to whoever imagines they’re ultimately going to profit off holding the note – because we know very well this sucker is going down.

  35. Well he said he “bought” a place so I doubt he’s squatting. I heard nothing about how he structured the purchase, but the question is a good one.

    He did mention he has been gardening last few years and desires to scale up that endeavor significantly and in ways that wouldn’t work well in a rent situation.

  36. eh, possession isn’t 90% of the law it’s, 100%. for example, my current house backs up to a 90 acre public park. i own the park. no one knows this except for me and the local crows. they have acknowledged my ownership.

  37. “And her legs are like vice grips.”

    Especially if she’s cracking walnuts…

    …on the pole, probably more like jaws of a vise. ; ^ )

  38. regarding the “awesome people” video i posted above, i’d like to know if the rock climber who near the end jumped and missed, then fell, had a parachute on to save him, or if that was indeed his final stunt. even with a parachute, things can go wrong.

  39. Dave, none of us are awesome. In fact, we should form a Church of the Sub-Awesome, if you know what I mean.

    Who’s up for a road trip to go visit Jimbo at his doomstead, assuming he’s interested in hosting a bunch of fallen ex-CFNers, that is?

  40. Doom, the base jumper is definitely wearing a parachute. The optimist is comfortable in it probably opening OK, I guess.

  41. Bif, thanks for that confirmation. I showed that video to a machinist friend who does a lot of outdoor activity, mostly deer/elk hunting. He did not give great odds that things would go OK with the parachute, falling so close to the wall. Was that dude wearing a helmut? I think he was.

  42. Even more reason to live well. Got some items on your bucket list? I crossed off a few in ’11 and 2012 is right around the corner. An early happy solstice to all.

  43. Nudge, the odds that a giant landslide and tsunami like the one that hit off Norway many thousands of years ago increase with the collapse of these methane hydrates, as well. There is a lot moron affected shelf than that off of Russia–it’s global. It’s only that the Russians have the balls to look for this stuff.

    This story reminds me of two things: 1) the cover up of the extent of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, claiming for example that only long-lived 137Cs is found in the environment when anyone versed in fission decay knows damn well that there must also be an equal amount of long-lived 90Sr from the other side of the fission divide, plus hot particles from the fuel rods containing U and Pu; 2) Dmitry Orlov’s view that nature is not linear, but moves in curves and exponents.

  44. At work this last week the ‘when i win the lottery’ I’m going to… came up. Everyone said Im going to save and invest. I said Im going to spend it like there is a hole in my bucket. They think I’m the crazy one.

  45. Doom, dangerous as hell, but guy in your vid was probably OK. I think people who climb like this know pretty well what they are doing.

    Around 1990 I went to Angel Falls in the Grand Sabana. Back then it was a very long journey and you looked at the highest water fall in the world and took pictures of orchids in a special place. Now its a thrill seeker/base jumper destination. You know, like helicopters and $$$.

    Angel Falls base jump fail:

  46. oh yeah, like everything’s just fine with that guy’s jump. hard to manuever the chute when you’ve knocked yourself silly against the rock face. that first encounter musta felt real good. wonder how he made it out of the trees.

  47. “Looks like basalt. What do you think?”

    Appears to be lithified sandstone to me, or maybe a rhyolitic or granitic igneous rock. Too light colored to be basalt.

    The para-skiiers look to be traversing dark sedimentary rocks, with lots of layering.

  48. Doom, I thought it looked columnar like basalt but, yeah, probably no such thing as tan colored basalt I guess. Plus those are tapui features in Venezuela, which I understand to be mesa landforms in a tropical rainforest environment. And mesas would generally be of sedimentary rock origin, no? But I digress… Too bad about Hitch, but there’s a lesson there about what copious amounts of whiskey and cigarettes can lead too.

  49. “And mesas would generally be of sedimentary rock origin, no? ”

    Not necessarily. The classic mesas of the American SW are usually composed of sandstone (fossil dunes from the Permian to Triassic Periods) and often have various types of caprock from basaltic volcanic flows to more siliceous welded tuffs (once glowing hot ash fall deposits).

    In Hawaii and in India, Siberia, there are vast mesas composed of volcanic flows and some ash falls. They are also on the ocean floor such as the Ontong-Java Plateau and the Hess and Shatsky Rises in the Pacific, capped with thick layers of Mesozoic-Cenozoic limestone deposits.

  50. my tables are generally made of wood, of one sort or another. i often use them as a place to put my drinks and food. i seldom jump from them.

  51. yeah, i think hitch had his causations backward. empowerment of women is a result of afluence, not viceversa. also, mother teresa was no more a fraud than any other public figure with an agenda, including hitch. it’s just a matter of playing to your audience.

  52. for example, the religion of progress and industry has produced more squalor, pain and misery in 200 years than the catholic church could ever even dream of in 2000. but just try and tell that story to your typical, or even atypical, idustrial product, eg, hitch.

  53. Cold Shut down of Fukushima = Bull Crap, teriyaki style

    “Such technicalities have not appeased the mayors and residents of Fukushima Prefecture who must still deal with life as evacuees amid uncertainty about when they can return to their homes.

    “Even if they said cold shutdown, I would not be able to easily believe them,” said Namie Mayor Tamotsu Baba.

    All 20,000 Namie residents have been ordered to evacuate.

    While Baba did say that completing Step 2 would reassure residents, he could not hide his accumulated distrust of the central government and TEPCO.

    “Has the spewing of radioactive materials really stopped?” he asked. “I hope there will be even more thorough information disclosure and transmission regarding the situation at the nuclear plant.”

    Minami-Soma Mayor Katsunobu Sakurai, who also has doubts, said, “Can the government truly say it has the reactor core and the fuel issue completely under control? They don’t even have the technology yet to inspect inside the reactor core. I believe the announcement was premature.” ”

    I always thought Japan was a first-world country, but I guess, like China, they’re really just a corrupt third-world country using some technology they don’t fully understand. So much for big brains = intelligence.

  54. “uncle, whyfore you say this? is something about to go south?”

    Might be a good idea to make a record of the IP addy of sites you visit as URLs may prove to be unreliable should said sites be found to foster ideas contrary to those espoused in the KoolAid.

    Too much debt is churned via the Internet, so no, they won’t be “killing” it or they’ll dent the vig. Can’t be having any of that.

  55. “I always thought Japan was a first-world country, but I guess, like China, they’re really just a corrupt third-world country using some technology they don’t fully understand. So much for big brains = intelligence.”

    They do put on a good show at using the technology however.

    Notice how nobody’s seriously talking moon colonies and orbital industry anymore? Peak Energy came and went.

  56. “Notice how nobody’s seriously talking moon colonies and orbital industry anymore? Peak Energy came and went.”

    Now they film themselves jumping off cliffs and waterfalls, the new risk-taking, brave astronauts on a budget. Now there all earthronauts.

  57. Gotta add – peak prosperity came and went too. The club of nations too-poor-to-afford-HSR-transit will be larger next year than it is this year.

  58. Actually the final frontier might have been in the area of finance. It required our best and brightest, and it mobilized a nation. We may yet eat from squeeze tubes, but it may just be old toothpaste.

  59. yean, there’s some truth in that. but, itwould be easier to put a man (at this point, for various pc reasons, it would be a black woman, i guess) on mars than it would be to balance the federal budget at this point. of course, we do always have cg simulations of both events, for a while anyway.

  60. Reddit interesting love the last set withactuall usefull stuff

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  61. Seeing on JHKs page and ad for A world Made by Hand where you can read it on an Ipad seems a bit strange to me. I guess if your a libitarian you may know the world is comming off the rails but it does not mean you cant make some coin off it.

  62. roach, you see, the benefits of the iPad or Kindle are you can still read the ebook at night after the grids go down because they are backlit by batteries.

    just stock up on batteries and you’ll be in fine shape. BTW, the best places to store them long term are the refrigerator or freezer. oh wait,….

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