The Stalin Organ

One of the best novels I’ve ever read: The Stalin Front by Gert Ledig

Recently Borders went bankrupt. They suck. But I found this cool little bookstore on Newbury Street of all places called The Raven. Their prices are outta sight, man. I found Ledig randomly while looking for a copy of The Naked and The Dead. Mailer’s novel was only $7.95. But all they had was the 5oth anniversary hardcover. I’m mobile, I can’t be carrying that kind of bulk around. Luckily this 200 page gem was sitting on top of it for only $4.95. The timing was perfect since I’m going through a very serious Russo-German war phase.

Coming soon to a western country near you: Random Grenade Attacks!

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  1. Saw a truly beautiful comment the other day on the HBB. It went something like this:

    The 1991 collapse of the USSR proved communism to be a failure. thus showing capitalism to be the winner.

    Good thing our government was able to borrow $16 Trillion from the future to prop up our free-market survival-of-the-fittest system however.

  2. and that $16 Trillion borrowed from the future just delayed the game a bit longer. now it’s time for moron money or cliff jumping. got parachutes?

  3. Doom, IIRC the British in WW2 made the Channel into quite the obstacle course by enhancing the seascape with sunken vessels. Perhaps someone is thinking that a carrier group or two would do nicely for this?

  4. Arnies talk about the NRC is one of the main reasons why Sen Orin Hatch dropped his constitutional amendment attempt to allow Arnie to run for President. Given the current world decline Arnie was not that bad as gov. Thats saying a lot because all the crap he had to deal with.

    Whats not to love about a personal freedom get the government out of my personal life libitarian like Ron Paul who thinks gays should be put to death. Personal freedom guy my ass.

  5. I did have the flu for two days and mixed up a lot of things but I do recall Arnie pushing to close Diablo and San Onifry (sp?) thus I was wrong again yet close.

    But I moments ago learn the Oil Drum is based out of Fort Collins. I have been following the site for quite some time but not untill I notice the facebook page did I see that fact.

  6. fucking monkeys love to tell each other stories, especially if they’re the same story. but the only real question is: who dosen’t love joan jet?

  7. I was more into Lita Ford in the 80s. It may have been against the high school code at the time to like both even if they came from the same band orginally

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