December 16th

The “holidays” bore me. They take up more than 1/6th of our modern American life. I like the idea of Jesus’ birth, and the three kings, and even Santa Claus and snow and Christmas trees. But I need something more. I need an analogy or a metaphor or a concept of something bigger to counter this cunning, vapid consumerism.

For me, the holidays are a reminder of 1944 and the Battle of the Bulge. When we as a nation thought we knew it all, thought our technology and our intuition were better than everybody else’s… and then in a flash we committed THE most incredible intelligence failure in history and were surrounded by not one, but two SS Panzer Corps. Merry X-mas.

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  1. JR maybe next year you should just bail, go the Belgium, and wander in the snow of the Ardennes, by yourself. It might do you some good, and you wouldn’t miss anything here.

  2. I need an analogy or a metaphor or a concept of something bigger to counter this cunning, vapid consumerism.


  3. i’m personally on a mission to save thousands, perhaps millions of human lives from the advent of natural disasters. if successful, they’ll probably give me a prize. we really need to save moron human lives, don’tcha think?

    hey, it’s a living.

  4. hey, at least the troops are home from Iraqnam for christmas this year. next year, they’ll be looking for jobs along with the rest of the 25 million or so unemployed.

    “i’ll be home for christ-mas, you can count on that……boo boo boo booo boo boo boo”

  5. Bif, that snowmobile fail is first-rate. How much did those two posers pay for their moment of youtube fame?

    On the plus side, though, they would have had to go down the mountain one way or the other, and the way they did it was pretty funny.

    Doom, I’ve always thought that the best way to save the human race from itself would be to wait until some conquest-bent superior-tech aliens appear on the scene, somehow get into the position of being in charge of their efforts on the surface, then use the powers of your benevolent global dictatorship to disincentivize extravagant fossil fuel use. Unfortunately the aliens are either slow to arrive or reluctant to reveal themselves.

  6. Good catch Situation. That F35 is more popular than Jesus these days. We better hurry up with the sinthetic oil program because the forces of good are acquiring thousands of these things. I want mine equipped with Stuka tank-buster cannons and Bose speakers.

  7. in WWII, the germans had a kill ratio of about 11 to 1 on the eastern front (the real war was fought there). the russians/soviets had a kill ratio of only about 2 to 1, or less. who won?

    so much for advanced training, experience and technological firepower.

  8. this Japan-US F-35 deal reminds me of another cold war turkey the US sold to then West Germany: the F-104. the stubby wing jet was plenty fast, but it kept developing engine problems that left a lot of brave luftwaffe pilots plowed into the soil of der fatherland.

  9. From Art Cashin via Zero Hedge:

    ‘Tis three days before Christmas
    and at each brokerage house
    The only thing stirring
    was the click of a mouse

    Down on the Exchange
    the tape inches along
    Brokers bargained and traded
    as they hummed an old song

    The Fed struggled and struggled
    but few jobs did we see
    Despite lots of projections
    there was no QE3

    The space shuttle ended
    and Borders shut down
    Alec Baldwin, with an iPhone
    behaved like a clown

    Prince William took Kate
    to be his fair bride
    And Lohan took a necklace
    she then couldn’t hide

    Kim Kardashian married
    (it lasted ten weeks)
    And in this year’s hot movie
    we hear – nobody speaks

    We had hacking and fracking
    Angry Birds filled our screens
    And vampires did love scenes
    who knows what that means

    Spider Man finally opened
    Harry Potter matured
    Hurricanes brought great flooding
    but we somehow endured

    There was Sheen, there was Weiner
    they brought little to cheer
    But it’s Christmastime, Alice
    and Santa is near

    So stop looking backwards
    have a cup of good cheer
    And kiss you a loved one
    raise your hopes for next year

    And amidst all the trading
    Christmas themes we will heed
    And share our good fortune
    with families in need

    And tomorrow they’ll pause
    as we wait on the bell
    To sing a tradition
    a song for old “Nell”

    Don’t let this year’s problems
    impede Christmas Cheer
    Resolve to be happy
    throughout the New Year

    And resist ye Grinch feelings
    let joy never stop
    Put the bad at the bottom
    keep the good on the top

    So count up your blessings
    along with you worth
    You’re still living here
    in the best place on earth

    And think ye of wonders
    that light children’s eyes
    And hope Santa will bring you
    that Christmas surprise

    So play ye a carol
    by Mario Lanza
    Unless you are waiting
    to celebrate Kwanzaa

    Hanukkah’s just beginning
    But Ramadan’s gone
    Different folks, different holidays
    yet each spirit lives on

    Whatever your feast is
    we hope you all still
    Find yourself just surrounded
    by folks of goodwill

    Friday, as the bell rings
    hark to your heart’s call
    And as Santa would shout
    Merry Christmas to All!

  10. notice the “crude” appearance of a correlation between american men’s cool fashion trend and the global crude oil production curve. we have been on a fashion plateau since 1992 to 2012, after a steep runup. the article gives few data points and missed 1942, 1962, 1982, 2002, etc.

  11. my personal fav fighter remains the F-101 Voodoo:

    i had this Revell model kit when it came out in the ’50s. It cost $1.00. that is how i first got a sense of the “worth” of fiat money. so, if something cost say $14, to me that was 14 Revell model airplane kits, and everthing scaled to that. of course, those were silver certificates, so that was expensive dollar money.

    anyway, i saw a Voodoo up close at an air museum a few years back. it was amazingly huge. the model gave little sense of scale.

    anything officially named “voodoo” is by definition cool.

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