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  1. wow, that’s a really nice pair, of dogs, she’s got there, JR.

    sounds like some sound advice to me.

    hope 2012 turns out okay for everyone ZK and doesn’t turn into some Mayan Prophecy.

  2. so, i kinda like the line: “the public never understands, never.”, or something like that.

    but to think that there is some magical 1% that can be somehow seperated from the rest of the shit, and somehow preserved, on it’s own merits, or something like that, is just stupid.

    2012 will be a big year for the four horsemen, pestilance, war, plague and famine, i hope. but then again, every year is a good year for them. so my hopes have come true already.

  3. dave, you have that “hope” thing down pretty good. Maybe you should run for prez – on the apocalypse ticket. I mean, we’re going down, so we might as well do it style like your wine-guzzling birthday-suit wearing kitchen appliance.

  4. Doom, I get a kick out of the pervasive left/right, blue/red mindset. It’s as if the online world is populated with Scat Sommeliers.

  5. the left right every thing fits on a straight line thing is Kants fault. He was a flat earther and could never wrap his rather large brainaround the fact the sun rose each day because the earth is round.

  6. Can’t say that I’ve tried those “how to get ready for a date” tips all at the same time. Individually, yes, most of them anyway. Like everything else YMMV.

  7. just back in the door from chilly SoCal. remus, my youngest son and I had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood a few nights ago. they had Jim Morrison’s and Frank Zappa’s leather pants on display there behind what appeared to be bullet-proof glass, on either side of the stage. they claim Jim wore those pants every day for 2 years, including the Doors’ performance at the Hollywood Bowl.

    also had a purple velvet hat that they claimed belonged to Jimi Hendrix on display, plus a couple of Ray Charles’ stage outfits and various, mostly Fender electric guitars from various groups. the music was loud; the food was good.

  8. I’ve opted for the purple patterned soft gel sleeve for the 4S, which is more subtle than the loud pink/white case but still does the trick.

    Doom, you live a charmed life.

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