Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

and when he died

all he left us was alone.


Your mama was a kool kitty. She campaigned in Iowa. Ha hah. Yeah.


This one is for Dave:


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  1. here’s a great and appropriate summary comment from a recent ClubOrlov post that i’d like to share:

    michigan native said…
    “I stumbled onto Dmitry’s theories and ideas some time in late 2008, when someone posted a link to the 5 stages of collapse from the energy bulletin. So when he says some 70,000 people have checked out the 5 stages on cluborlov, at least that many read it there as well.

    If only I had read it a year earlier, better yet, 10 years earlier. Prior to that, I never paid much attention to economics, oil, energy. Although I did think and still think the human race will self destruct and become extinct, I never thought I would see the US collapse, not because I love the US (I detest the government and the powers that run it and the mindless twits that support it), but depressions and third world living conditions were things that happened to other people. The moment I read the 5 stages was the biggest wake up call I have had in life.

    I wished there were one link that could access all the interviews, because each one reveals something new and puts the whole thing into focus. There will be a steep and sudden decline, and oil enables the other carbon based energy, coal and natural gas.

    I have been thinking about how arrogant and relatively spoiled americans have been since the end of WWII, consuming beyond its means and using the power of the once almighty/soon to collapse dollar. People in the US are totally unprepared for the cliff that lays ahead and it is my belief that it will be hell on earth here as opposed to most other countries.

    Try to bring up the subject of peak oil and collapse, and the various defense mechanisms kick into high gear. “Technology will save us”. Might have helped if we had heeded Jimmy Carter’s warning to consume less and diversify away from foreign oil, but we didn’t want to hear that and chose to elect some senile old fool who in my opinion was the worst presidency in history (they all suck, but his was the beginning of the end). Other people insist there is plenty of oil, but it is being witheld from us by this or that group (illuminati, free masons,Rockefellers, Rothchilds, etc)in order to impose some “new world order” (NWO). The NWO folks also insist the US is firing off this HAARP weapon in order to create earthquakes, weather disturbances, and other things that border on paranoia.

    Although I wouldn’t put anything past our government (it can be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that they in fact killed JFK, but I will leave 9/11 alone), I think some of these folks are 2 napkins short of a picnic. If power seems to be concentrating into the hands of a few, it is the inevitable iron law of oligrachy that is causing it, and not some vast conspiracy

    Then perhaps the most helpless are these people who barely have a pot to piss in who insist that none of this will happen because it’s not written in their Bible or their Saviour would never allow this to happen to the US, etc.

    The denial is impossible to break through here so the US will fare far worse than europe or other countries when we reach that cliff that lays ahead. Not to say we didn’t deserve it.

    With Dmitry’s insights, at least some of you can prepare and try to fashion some kind of life boat, because the ship is going down and those who did not prepare will drown like rats.”

    Friday, December 30, 2011 5:01:00 PM EST

  2. i promise to leave 9/11 alone also, once someone explains to me how 2 airliner’s impacts and kerosene fuel fires plus ubiquitous gravity managed to reduce 3 modern high-rise buildings to nothing but dust and twisted, melted steel within their footprints at near free-fall speeds.

    momma didn’t raise no fool, but apparently her sisters raised a whole nation full of them.


    yeah doom, know just how you feel. a giant shit like this is just not possible. hence, there are to possible explanations: a) someone planted that shit up her ass without her knowledge or consent. like she was knocked out or something. or,b) she’s part of a vast conspriacy of silence. nothing can convince me otherwise.

  4. So we have some dude in dreads and jack boots taking a hammer to a swastika. Man, that is some convoluted visual.

    Bunn had it right a long while back – people need to study everything they think they know about themselves, the world they live and their perception of it.

    Otherwise, it might be the last thing you never learn.

  5. Talking about doom. My son is starting to get it at age 11.

    Watching the Rose Parade. quote “all that food on those floats is nothing but a stupid waste of resourses.”

  6. “My son is starting to get it at age 11.”

    Roachman, last summer I overheard a group of young teenage boys and girls talking in the park and one of them jokingly says to another: “When the oil runs out you’ll be one of the first to be eliminated”. They all laughed. The kid had to be about 15. I wanted to go ask him where he got this idea, but didn’t.

    It doesn’t take a genius, however it may take some nerve. Like staring at the sun.

  7. “…but we didn’t want to hear that and chose to elect some senile old fool.. ”

    Heck, I remember by the 1984 debates it was obvious the Gipper had problems and was suffering dementia or some form of cognitive impairment, and we now know it was the onset of Alzheimer’s. His handlers smeared huge amounts of rouge on his cheeks and held him up like a big howdy doody ape in a suit. He was out of his mind, possibly during both of his terms. I doubt he had much to do with the actions of his administration. He was in the bath tub with his rubber duck when all the crazy bad shit went down like Iran Contra. We’re still paying for it all. I don’t blame him. He was a mentally ill old man, just trying to eat his soup with a fork. He missed a lot. They fed him jelly beans. He was a happy dolt, and they could steer him around, turn loose the demon, and fuck us up permanently. Now every other thing is named after him. Perfect.

  8. Agree with Hedges’ condemnation of Clinton, the charming faux liberal, and his egregious shilling for NAFTA, deregulation of FCC, deregulation of banking system, while “reforming” welfare. Its true. No one ever did more in history to fuck the 99% than Bill Clinton. My own take is that while Monica was blowing Bill he was blowing the 1%. The 90s were a great time to be in charge. Blow job decade.

  9. whilst boycotting watching as much mindless college football bowl games as possible, i too have been listening to the chris hedges interview and am into about the 45 minutes mark. he is lauditory in almost every topic raised (as a hard core atheist, i disagree with his religious beliefs, unless he’s a closet buddhist) and the man really has the number of the corporate oligarchs and their minions running the USA. thanks dave very much for finding and posting this.

  10. I dont know it was the most to fuck with the 99% he was able to feed us the lie of unending prosparity better than anyone else. A lot of his policy achievments where nothing more then the same thing the previous repulicans failed to do. The repubs have trouble disgising thier petty greed. Democrats are good at it. That is the real differance.

    Im sure Nudge already knows this but GM is moving volt production to China.

  11. Doom, I am an hour into it. While he certainly gets to the meat of the more serious issues this country faces, I disagree on with him on his perspective and the resultant prospective solutions.

  12. remus, you gotta take the good with the bad. heaven knows i’m not perfect. and i think you said as much, also.

    Ann B above calls people like me cowards. i think she’s right.

  13. yeah, to note that a politician must, ipso facto, be either venal or mediocre, an assement that i agree with completely; but then fault the politician for being venal or mediocre, is kinda stupid. i’d say.

  14. Or maybe you’re still sneaking swigs off that jug of Hopeshine you have stashed.

    A life-long friend of mine actually used the word “entitled” when talking about his long planned and expected retirement; lamenting the state of investment returns and risk, not social security. A most revealing word choice.

    Based on the narrative passed down from the previous generations and by all appearances, this guy and his wife have done all the right things – college degree, lived within their means but certainly not slumming it, saved and invested even while struggling mightily with the downsizing of the last century and putting offspring through college.

    The schadenfreude of the housing bust will pale in comparison to that of post-doomer gens as the skies darken from doomer dream smoke.

  15. i think a lot of people, whether they owe a mortgage (love the root of that word) or not (e.g., like dave), will end up “house poor”, i.e., having a house free and clear, but no income to even keep up with the never-ending repairs.

    those that are handy-persons will be able to command some interesting payment proposals, as in “coffee, tea or me?” i’m guessing the best kept homes may be occupied by madams like JHK’s Witch of Hebron. the rest will look like the streets of Guatemala City exurbs.

  16. You have to somehow keep body, mind, soul and spirit intact. A modern, luxurious home is not really necessary for that.

  17. GB, yeah, you’re right. i think reading this stuff online makes one overly jumpy and depressed. a friend here pointed out that as long as we have our mighty military, it will suck to be anyone else than an american.

    go tech! go empire!

  18. Im sure thats what the citizens of Rome thought too. We got this military to keep us safe from all those we have wronged.

    Of course saying America has done someone wrong pigien holes me as a bleading heart commie pinko kind of person thingee.

  19. roach, you worthless SLA hippe, you shameless drug fiend, you’re gonna drive me to drinkin if you don’t stop drivin that hot rod lincoln:

  20. notice yoko crawing into a bag, front stage right. she’s the only real talent out there, i’d say.

  21. “ucking white people have been living in thier dream land for a long time.”

    nice to know that after just a few moron years of lies, state-sponsored terrorism, paranoia and widespread lawlessness and aggression, mostly against the brown skinned peoples, oil depletion will really kick those white folks in the gut and over to curbside.

  22. yeah, not sure if it’s “nice to know”, particularly when one considers that i’m one of those white cocksuckers. but there’s no way around it.

  23. well, just remember, as you’re lying over by the curb, in the gutter, cold and hungry, holding your sore gut, that it was your kind that brought so much misery to the brown-skinned people (plus other, furry animals) of this world, you white-assed cocksucker.

    at least, unlike yoko and most republican presidential candidates, you’ll still have your dignity.

  24. Republican primaries are such a clown parade. Its embarrassing.

    yeah, good thing that the dems already have a skinny monkey dressed in a suit.

  25. at least, unlike yoko and most republican presidential candidates, you’ll still have your dignity.

    well, like i said, yoko was the only real talent on the stage. the rest? direvative hacks.

    if it’s ever a chioce between a full belly and dignity, there’s only one choice in my mind.

  26. So where were you when I was obsessively engaged with Savoy Brown’s “Burnt Sienna” album? (You needn’t answer JR since you hadn’t even popped out yet.)

  27. Nader has become a big crybaby. Its his fault the Greens did not get the 5% needed to get federal funding in 2012 election. With his running as an independent split the vote with in the ranks of the greens. Pretty sad how in his later years his own champing of changing things for the better is only hurting and stopping change.

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