Celtics Bulls Game Live Test

Celtics Bulls Game Live Test

http://s1132.photobucket.com/albums/m563/ThierryRicoCeltics Bulls/?action=view&current=IMG_20120212_172739.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Celtics Bulls Game Live Test

  1. Jeebus. The slide lock button isn’t painted red nor does it say “Glock” in big white letters on the side. I keep a couple around. Easy to maintain, reasonably priced, OEM and third-party parts are plentiful. Tolerates “economy” ammo (.40 in my case) so range time isn’t quite so painful on the budget.

    My day-to-day fav is a .357 S&W J-frame loaded with Hornady .357 SD.

  2. hello, i’d like to introduce my two friends, Misters Smith and Wesson. i’m afraid they’re loud and jumpy. perhaps you’d rather leave…

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