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  1. anyway’s as terrance mackenna once said, “the bigger you build the bonfire, the more darkness is revealed.”

    dave’s corralary: “we have no choise in the matter.”

  2. Dave,
    I think that guy and his buddies are suffering from a collective solipsism, or just circle-jerking, you choose.

  3. well, i think that i’m about the furthest thing from a dualist that ever lived. but i do think that mind is the only thing interested in proving that matter and energy, in which mind is embraced, acctualy do exist. i mean shit, matter and energy sure don’t care weather they exist or not.

  4. yah, and if they hadn’t gotten their share of german rocket scientists after WWII, they’d probably still be getting pigs drunk and shooting them into the sky with cannons.

  5. i refuse on general principles to watch or listen to the stupid animation bears discuss anything. sorry.

    i wonder if JR has given the blog’s management over to his retarded step nephew whilst he’s away on holiday?

  6. Who’s that dork? Is that Stuart Staniford? What’s that weird accent? I hate those people. That ungrateful twirp should be glad he doesn’t live in Homs.

    Anything Stuart Staniford can eat a pig can eat better. hash tag thankyou

  7. whilst bashing that little shit known to his loving parents and GF as “Stu”, he’s always got to try to show that Peak Oil hasn’t yet happened by doing some statistical lying tactic, like showing uncorrected monthly production reports or confusing conventional C& C with “all liquids”, etc. he usually picks TOD to do this hit & run, and then generates about 40 to 50 comments where the rest of the regular commenters attempt to point out that Stu is lying with statistics and tarted-up graphs once again. oh well, we’re all gonna die anyway…

  8. oh, you mean that dork in the video above? that’s not Stuart Staniford, that’s just some Irish dork attempting to educate some other irish. good luck with that.

  9. hey, did Nudge fall into a hole? i wonder if EE and MOU are down there also? could they all be looking to be tanned by that “silence of the lambs” wacko? inquiring minds want to know. maybe we should email them?

  10. “Ever since the Arabs wrested control of their oil resources from the U.S.-dominated international oil cartel and formed an imitative cartel of their own, the U.S. government has decried high oil prices and spent hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to “protect” Saudi Arabia and other Middle East producers in exchange for their efforts to restrain oil prices.”

    yeah….i don’t understand the point of the article, as a whole. but i will say, without equivication, that the above has to be one of, no, the, stupidist sentance ever written in the english language.

    the us lost control of thier nergy, and thereby, industrial world dominance, by way, primarily, of resource depletion. the arabs didn’t “wrest control” of anything from anybody..someone please tell me how the saudis have worked to restrain oil prices. does this idiot think that the saudis are a “swing producer”, or something like that lieing cocksucker friedman, or sombody like that, might come up with it.

    ya know, i’ve hung around her for a long fucking time. but if you want to put stupid shit like this up, with no explanation behind it, then just count me out, please.

  11. oh oh, raises hand in back, i think i know the answer! the reason that too few in america are buying the volt coal/nukular car is: those buyers are broke. they cannot afford the volt’s price tag, hence they buy the cheaper nissan leaf, if they buy anything electric, high-mileage or new at all. nothing has changed in american auto sales since the 1970s.

  12. “The newspaper noted that the latest move to fund an anticipated war with Iran follows the Pentagon’s request in January for $82 million “to improve its largest conventional bunker-buster bomb, the 30,000-pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator. The bomb, officials said, was designed to take out bunkers like those used by Iran to protect its most sensitive nuclear development work.”

    dave just calls it “the tool”.


  13. at the ala moana maul in honolulu, which was once the world’s largest indoor shopping mall, one of the original anchor stores, sears, announced it will close in 2013, to be replaced at $500 million expense with a nest of smaller shops. it seems sears was losing money, and the mall owners are looking toward higher-end tourist markets, and not to the loser lower-middle class sears customers, which are largely local customers. they will have to find their craftsman tools and popcorn somewhere else.

  14. i’ve always liked “craftsman” tools. i’ve always thought that they rivaled “snapon” in quality, at maybe 2/3 the cost. i haven’t bought tools in a long time.

  15. “You have to admire the resourcefulness of the vested interests in disguising disaster and pretending that time will alleviate the consequences of their insatiable greed,…”

    time heals all wounds.

  16. so i thought that this was a nice little talk. of course, in my mind change always happens; and “consiuous change” is just silliness.

  17. EE, good to know you’re OK and not getting your skin tanned by some silence of the lambs type. i’ll ask big B if he’s read that book yet and get back to you.

    it’s stormin’ up a storm out here. last night was a thunder & lightening light extravanganza show, all at high volume, courtesy of God. today, it’s a wall of water with brown lakes forming in the low spots in the yards. good test of the roof repairs, though.

  18. Wanda, on the other hand, I can picture in a brightly lit corner protected by a wire screen a la Bob’s in the “Blues Brothers” flick.

    Wonder if Wanda knows ‘Fukushima Mutant’?

  19. Remus, I really like the Malthus, mostly because it is compact and it is labeled.

    What one is really doing, of course, is converting a few tens of grams of low-grade fish food a day plus energy from the sun and whatever one uses for the pump system (can be moron solar via PV) into some salad and fish food for humans. The sun might always shine, but there is going to be a sustainable need for that low-grade fish food plus electricity to run the pumps plus wear on the pumps and PV breakdown means eventual replacements plus the usual parasites that must be combatted, assuming the occasional bad fish or lettuce mite is introduced.

    In Hawaii, that would translate to imported corn meal and coal/fuel oil to make the juice if no PV installed. Dunno. How about just eating corn flakes instead and forget all that fancy aquaponics shit?

    No messy fish guts and scales to deal with, plus Talapia is a shit fish to eat anyway, and old Malthus is gonna cost a lot of corn flakes up front to install. And, you can go on vakay and not have to leave the whole mess in the good hands of the neighbor’s son, who’ll want an expensive Tee shirt in return, minimum, for not fiffn up the system.

  20. april has the birth and death day of adolf hitler, so there’s some good and bad to it, i guess.

    i guess the pecking order is russians > germans > jews > palistinians. wonder were americans think they fit in? on top, no doubt.

  21. Hi Doom,
    Valid comments on aquaponics.
    There was a thread somewhere on the AP forum about making a totally self-powered system. Basically a windmill driving water up to a header tank and gravity feeding down through the beds back to the reservoir the windmill pumps from. That kind of set-up needs about ten times the water storage for when the wind isn’t blowing.
    Food is the bigger issue though, so unless you change to vermiponics or breed black soldier flies you are going to need some serious energy input to bring fish meal from Chile.

  22. don’t feel too sorry for Chile, roach. they still sit on the world’s largest reserves of copper, not to mention a bunch of other metals, like gold. they’ll always have something to trade for food, water, etc.

    yarra, i do the math on food here in hawaii all the time. no matter how i calculate it, we come out screwed.

  23. plenty of fish. sometimes thier scraps go into the vegetable garden. it’s funny how that works.

  24. yeah, my system is totally solar powered too. the sun evaporates water, which eventually rains down on the surrounding hillsides. this rain collects into streams wich bring nutrients into my aquaponics system. i don’t have to do shit except catch fish for me and my cats. fucking amazing how i thought of all this shit.

  25. ya, yo’re an iffin genius dave, but what about those cold winter daz when your pond freezes over? you must suffer the inconvenience of having to cut holes in the ice to get your fish. why not pay someone to ship in some coal, or perhaps build a nuke plant nearby? then, you could use the grid to get fancy, modern electricity delivered to your door. using electricity, or perhaps tanks of propane gas, you could place enough heaters around the pond to keep the area warm in winter.

    no messy ice to cut or slip on in the winter. all for only $9999.95, + hidden (for now) economic “externalities”.

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