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Forget Katniss, We Need Montag


Putting Defense Back Into US Defense Policy

The Constitution clearly states that the government, particularly Congress, should “provide for the common defense.” The nation’s founders would have violently disagreed with then-President George W. Bush’s slogan that the “best defense is a good offense.” At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, the founders, based on bad experiences with 18th-century European monarchs, were most skittish about a strong executive using a standing army to involve the country in foreign wars of intrigue; they knew that the cost of those wars, both in blood and treasure, fell to the common citizen.


(Last year, President Barack Obama’s Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Adm. Michael Mullen, said many of the austerity cuts would fall on soldiers’ pay and benefits rather than slashing weapons programs and force levels, which he called the “relatively easy” thing to do.)

Obama made clear that he wouldn’t be bound in any way by the examples of Gandhi or King

Give him credit. He stood on the Nobel podium and gave a speech that, read today, looks remarkably like a rousing defense of American-style war and little short of an attack on the limited ability of nonviolence to make a real difference in a violent world. Among other things, he made clear that he wouldn’t be bound in any way by the examples of Gandhi or King, trumpeted his willingness to act “unilaterally,” and plunked for the necessity of war. …

…Obama did not take that path, of course, and now, his Nobel Prize largely forgotten, he will be campaigning for reelection as a successful war president, the man who launched the attack that killed Osama bin Laden, and whose administration has fed the U.S. military machine in a manner similar to that of his predecessor. At the same time, it has fiercely prosecuted and, in the case of Private First Class Bradley Manning among others, persecuted a range of American whistleblowers who have dared to reveal the real story of our eternal state of war and the war state that goes with it.

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  1. eh, the “founding fathers” (kinda reminds me of the “holy trinity”) weren’t running an empire. ever hear of an empire without an emporer?

  2. bales is, was(?), an imperial storm trooper, nothing more or less. fuck him and his fucking mortages. how many lies did him and and his scumbag wife tell in order to get them?

  3. never understood whay obabma got the peace prize. somebody must have put forth some type of rational. i guess.

  4. dunno, it does fall nicely into the global mind-fuck that the usa is a democracy and the shining light of truth, decency, and the american way for all the world to behold and envy. in reality, we’re just another empire trying to maintain control of resources through military aggression. same old, same old.

  5. Yeah its really kind of funny he got a peace prize for making a few tweaks in priority of the who we shoot. I mean I tweak shit everyday and don’t harm a soul, that I know of. I should get something for that. Well, not really.

  6. Doom. Well if I do end up in a FEMA camp and/or eating acorns and grubs, losing weight on the peak oil diet, c’est la vie. I’m not going to worry about it today or tomorrow. I’ll just have to cross that bridge regardless, anyway. A thousand years ago people knew the vikings or mongols could show up any minute on any day and chop you up in little pieces. Until then you go about your business. Nothing’s new really.

  7. Just a few decades ago Mao accidently snuffed 15 to 30 million people in the “great leap forward” when he thought he would actually make progress and catch up to us. That was a big woops and still the world we live in really.

  8. Bif, i’ve been to the old church/cathedral in Durham, England (near Newcastle) and seen the handy work of the Viking raiders on the inside of that place. all the marble reliefs on the exterior caskets of the famous old bishops, dukes, etc. had their hands and/or faces hacked. my host said they did that with their broad swords and raided that church a lot until the city finally put up some walls to keep them out.

    i read the raids were a result of *population pressure* in Norse land, so a recurring theme in history. probably done by a bunch of unemployed young farmers looking for some action and easy money. worked too, for awhile.

  9. Doom, I would like to see that place. Am actually not too far away right now. Am in France north of Paris. Would like to go over to UK on ferry for a weekend but looks doubtful.

  10. Happy 4/20 day actually reinforces the corporate strangle hold on hemp, but not to worry smoke some more.

  11. Bif, get some germans or danes together and row over there in a long boat, the old fashioned way. tell the brits on shore that you’re there to “tour” the city of Durham.

  12. so, i can just imagine the logic that the average american is up against. something like:

    1. god, i’m part of this world devouring machine.
    2. fuck, my life depends on the function of this machine.
    3. i had better….

  13. true story: a professor told me yesterday he was going to retire at the end of this year. his logic is to draw social security before its funds run out. my thoughts were: you want to hurry and become dependent upon a fund you know is going to dry up? isn’t that like booking on the titanic because someone started a rumor that it might sink soon, so better set sail with her before it’s too late to do so?

  14. 3) …make sure to enjoy the rain, the sunlight, other living things, the patch of green earth I live on, the strength I have left…while I can. Try to devour only as much as is necessary.

  15. Because Katniss is much, much better to behold than Montag.

    Somebody remind me again why we are continuously at war? The War on a Concept, it never ends. Must make those folks at Dow Corning happy, owners, stockholders. We’re occupying Afghanistan for exactly what purpose? Is anyone “winning” anything over there? They profess to killing Osama, so it’s game over, correct?

    And it’s one-two-three what are we fighting for?

  16. “Somebody remind me again why we are continuously at war?”

    We have become Shiva, the destroyer. It’s what we are good at – destroying.

  17. yeah, gb, not sure.

    personally, i feel like i use doom’s logic more than any other. i want to get what i can while i still can get it. paradoxically, i guess, i usually get by on something less than 15k/year.. currently, i’m acctually trying to increase my spending. i don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of worthless dollars.

    you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. i guess.

  18. “Once again it appears that a formidable group of innovations should not be regarded as the fruits of a society’s search for progress, but as the outcome of a valiant struggle of a society with its back to the ecological wall.” —Richard Wilkinson

    “The vaunted “progress” of modern civilization is only a thin cloak for global castastrophe.” —Barry Commoner

    “Man is by nature a jeopardized creature.” —Arnold Gehlen

  19. There are a few people who are stupider then others. From thehemloft comments

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