August Heat Rash Thread

Who’s got dibs on the remaining crude oil reserves in South China Sea? I’ll give you one guess.

If you said China you get a bag of gas. If you said Taiwan you get a bag of farts (so same thing).

Q&A: South China Sea Dispute – BBC

“Rival countries have squabbled over territory in the South China Sea for centuries – but a recent upsurge in tension has sparked concern that the area is becoming a flashpoint with global consequences.”

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  1. i’ve always wanted one of those giant gas pigs. you can find them in the South China Sea? not sure they’re worth starting WWIII over, though.

  2. yah dave, i wonder how many dinners one of those gas pigs is good for?

    she needs one of those heavy steel high-pressure gas cylinders to pull around. of course they’re moron expensive, harder to maintain, lose their safety rating after awhile, and can be dangerous if the kids play with them. but hey, think of the convenience. moron time to watch TV or shop.

  3. which reminds me that we are also running out of helium gas. after peak helium, kids will have to make due with less expensive hydrogen ballons at their b-day parties. smoking mothers take note.

    can you spell hindenburg?

  4. The Hindenburg was a hydrogen bomb I think, but should have been helium for the sake of the humanity.

    Paleofuture blog is very good. Really funny.

    Doom, I’ve been in those catacombs under Paris. Great entertainment for 8 euros, but a little musty. There are so many bones it must be a million people resting down there.

    By the way I was in the 13th arrondisement the other day (well… 6 weeks ago) which I believe is where you said your hotel was. I forget.

  5. “It’s just a very difficult situation we’re facing that’s all weather related,” Ooten said.

    yah, it’s just the weather, you know, God’s work. just gotta roll with the punches.

    here’s hoping remus still has a house, grid power, and his a/c is working OK.

  6. “The Hindenburg was a hydrogen bomb I think, but should have been helium for the sake of the humanity.”

    oh, the humanity! some still think it was a conspiracy by the Nazis to gain access to precious US helium gas supplies. liquid helium can indeed help in the making of a hydrogen bomb. but i think someone on the ground crew just forgot they were smoking.

  7. dave, the fires today were maybe 10 miles northeast of us by Glencoe, OK. Ms. Remus and I went out today to check on some folks we know that live out the way in the county. The Monday fire came very very close to some folks we know.

    Last Monday they were about 5 miles due east. Ms. Remus and I were returning from a trip out of state Monday afternoon and we saw the smoke from the I-35 as we came south. As we got closer to home, we could easily make out flames 10s of feet into the air, but thankfully further east of it.

    It is as hot and dry here as Phoenix, without the monsoon. The ground is riddled with cracks, the soil has shrunk away from the slabs, sidewalks and driveways as much as an inch. Many lawns have died or gone dormant.

    The heat has placed a significant burden on the infrastructure and Internet outages seem to be unusually high – all of my clients have monitored internet services and the proactive notification alerts have been off the charts. As a result, I spent an inordinate amount of time on the road last week – I never travel in heat like this without a cooler full of ice and lots of water. I can wait out a lot of shit with enough water.

    Apparently OKC set a new record high today – 109 – I think we were close to that ourselves. Unlike Phoenix, we know it will get cooler here sooner rather than later – we’re not a desert – yet. Another indicator of hot temps is the amount tire fragments and blown retreads scattered about the highways – there’s a whole lot bunch of it out there.

    We’ve seen lots of dry corn fields and farmers scurrying to get it harvested. Lots green soybean fields in NE & IA, and about 10-15 degrees cooler than KS or OK. Corn not so much. Kansas looked parched. Anybody who can irrigate is.

    We just took delivery of a decent supply of beef. Our grower isn’t sure what is going to happen next year. Hard to have “grass-fed” beef when there’s no grass. Plus federal regulations are driving some of the small meat processors out of the business, so our grower is having to go further out to get our cattle processed. It all spells higher cost.

    In other news, I was unimpressed with the new “Total Recall”. Reminded me of “Blade Runner”, “Star Wars Ep. II”, and “Terminator Salvation”. But no Mars.

  8. anyone checked out JHK’s new garden at his new home in upstate NY? it’s posted on his blog, FYI.

    remus, close calls, so far. i guess selling and moving to greener pastures would be tough in a buyer’s market, no?

    it will be going desert there soon enough.

  9. Handsome layout for JHK garden. The deer that visit JHK’s yard will enjoy the tasty, young fruit trees he has…unless he protects them somehow. Native fruit trees might work out better. I’m glad I don’t need raised beds.

  10. the drought monitore shows ct. as being in a moderate drought. not that i keep presice records, or any records at all, for that matter, but it dosen’t seem that way to me.

  11. dave, the entertainment value is fairly low, yes.

    doom, Ms. Remus still has a lot of “warming up” to do about any selling and moving. I broach the subject when the opportunity presents itself if for no other reason than to maintain a certain level of, how you say, familiarity with that stream of conscious thought. In context, I’d put selling our house as one of our lesser concerns.

  12. remus, yes, i know the drill on “warming up” the missus. must be nice being hardheaded like they are and so confident that the creaking paradygm will hold up indefinately if not for at least a few moron decades.

    admittedly, she is not blogging the same sites as moi. currently, her big distraction is obidience training our new dog, an aussie cattle dog that she and the youngest boy think they can train as a —ready for this?—-house dog. just one look at that dog says “outdoor dog, preferably on a cattle ranch in like, Australia.

    GB, you are so correct about JHK’s future deer problems, not to mention his future rabbit and other “varmit” problems. they will want and will likely get a big piece of that garden action. the whole scene reminds me of Eddy Albert’s “Green Acres”. i wonder who he has playing Eva Gabore?

  13. Anon/Doom Didn’t JHK have a video groupie? Tin Kan or something like that.

    Outback. You’re talking about the outback.

  14. was i dreaming, or did JHK have some photos posted of him and Kris partying on his blog site? i recall JR and some of us giving him the usual guy shit about it, and shortly after the photos were taken down.

  15. Pat, et al.,

    The problem going forward is not the lower ERoEI of these alternative energy and “marginal” fossil fuel energy sources (like fracking for tight oil and gas) per se, it’s society’s conceit (delusional thinking) that these sources can replace what we’re doing now with higher ERoEI energy. It’s fine using the lower ERoEI stuff, but we have to lower our energy expectations to their level of net energy output. That means fewer Mars missions to feed our curiosity (no pun intended, but what the hell) and boost our flagging egos.

    Jim Kunstler is making a living these days pointing out the obvious to a bunch of wishful thinkers. His latest book on this subject is just out: “Too Much Magic”. I tried to get him a speaking gig out here several years ago, but no one was interested enough to fund his visit, even in part. Oh well,…

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