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  1. well that first one was tragic. i thought he was going to get plugged/stabbed by a frightened wife/girlfriend, but it was even moron tragic than that. that car collision looked fatal, too. absolute moron.

  2. my oldest son pointed out that the mediafetcher stuff is likely staged, as real video stuff would be censored by the internet police, whomever they are–youtube tech support?

    smartass kids probably right, though.

  3. that would also explain the seemlng lack of danger about the rattlesnake’s bite.

    now i will relate a real rattlesnake story about my 97-year old mum. many, many moons ago, we were camping on the mojave desert out by lucerne valley. my mom got up early and when out to pee on the ground. when doing so, we were awakened by her yells for help. my father and i rushed out to see what the fuss was about. she had squatted over a coiled rattesnake between some brush. i guess she had peed on it, and that woke the snake (it was crack of dawn) and the snake attempted a strike and had missed, because it was very cold at that hour and the snake (a gray diamond back) was very sluggish, luckily for mom’s bottom. the rattle noise had alerted my mum.

    we got our guns out and dispatched the snake for the grevious attempted attack, although it was probably just trying to defend itself. if it had bit her, i guess my father would have gotten the honors to suck out the poison.

    sorry no video, but perhaps we could stage a reinactment.

  4. Damn near every snake story I’ve ever heard the snake winds up dead / humans victorious. It doesn’t take much to kill a snake.

  5. GB, i think there’s some primal, almost programmed response to kill snakes. no one ever had to ask my father twice, but then he’d chase coyotes for miles for a clear shot at them “because they were competing for our precious rabbit supply”, or something to that effect.

    i’ve killed or help kill at least two rattlesnakes. one had even taken a shot a me first, and hit my pants leg. both cases were needless kills. but i did raise an orphaned rattlesnake as a pet, until my mother made me release it out in the fields near our home.

  6. i’ve chopped up a few snakes with lawnmowers over the years, not intentionally. always scared the shit outta me, whenever that happened.

    poisonous snakes are few and farbetween around here, southern urbanised ct.

    i’ve eaten snake a couple of times. it was tough, but tasty.

    i’ve caught many gater snakes. i put them in my pocket, or someplace, and use them to scare the shit out of people. then i let them go.

    i once had a cat who specialised in hunting snakes..

  7. dave, GB, Bif, JR, i’m truly sorry that your halloween celebrations will likely be indoors this year, at the community fall out shelter. maybe not as much candy haul as in past years, but time to hunker down with the neighbors, talk story (as we say in de islands), sing songs and drink lots of hot buttered rum or whatever they serve there.

    looks like a doosy coming your way.

    take care,

  8. so what’s the differerence between mittr and bho for president and red fang for president? answer: the former suck and the later don’t.

  9. Oh hohohoho my bad – I thought I was listening to Queens of the Stone Age

    Bailiff, impound his wah pedal.

  10. Hey just wanted to see how you guys are doing with that bitch Sandy trying to kill us all. Stay safe east coasters

  11. yeah, red fang, truckfighters, queens, others i’m sure all can sound very similar, convergent evolution, or something like that.

  12. so dave, are you busy filling out insurance claim forms this am? how did it go? you are obviously not one of the over 26 dead. i guess that they could not swim well.

  13. kind of a non-event, in my world, which consists of anything within a 50′ radius of where i happen to be at any point in time.

    a piece of siding blew off the house. so i picked it up and threw it in the garbage, quite the effort.

  14. From TAE, recent comment by stoneleigh #5952


    The flight to quality will pick up momentum dramatically once the downtrend really reasserts itself. We haven’t seen anything yet. That will benefit the US for a while. It is currently the best looking horse at the glue factory, which will count for something for a while. Of course default is inevitable at some point down the line, for most if not all developed countries. Loss of confidence in all fiat currencies is also coming eventually, but not yet. That won’t happen in all places at once. When the euro falls, and countries revert to their former currencies after defaulting on their debts, I do expect their former currencies not to be repositories of confidence. In such places, the time gap between deflation (ie credit collapse) and hyperinflation (ie actual currency printing into plummeting confidence) could be quite short. In places like the US it will be much longer – probably a decade or so as an educated guess, given that deflation and depression form a mutually reinforcing downward spiral that takes many years to play out. Other countries lie in between timewise.”

    Closest I’ve seen to a prediction from someone of her calibre. Maybe a decade more of relative stability–not sustainability, a myth–before the wheels come off the cart in the US.

  15. Bloomburg has attributed the extraordinary impacts of the storm to sea level rise brought on by climate change, and so announces his endorsement of Obama. Bada-bing. Whatever.

    It would have been much cooler if instead he said that because of political inaction on energy and climate he can not support either candidate, and then points out the irony of sea level rising onto Wall Street

    […slaps knee and ducks back into FEMA trailer].

  16. goofy indeed. as pour moi, it’s time to get serious financially, whilst proclaiming to all listening to the crazy old prof that real progress is just around the bend, and maybe so too, as we quietly remove the family to higher ground well away from the madding crowd, but still within easy moped distance to town.

  17. To clarify…pour yourself a glass of whatever mellows you out and open those three tabs together. I hope you all have been well. I missed you Bif, and Holmes and even JR…

  18. tipper, good to see you here again. BTW, i tried your suggestion, so i currently have a rain storm going outside, a burning fire in fireplace, nice background music, and typing comments on ZK. my 27-inch imac screen even has room for two moron windows!

    humm…. cat purring or sleeping, perhaps some kind of dave inspired weirdness XXX on the other window. using denzel washington’s “flight” previews as a placeholder at the moment.

    anyway, excellent suggestion.

  19. “strategically resilient, yet affordably sustainable.” dave, you should copyright that.

    No,No,No. Trademarks, Doomster. Brand is everything.

  20. 24 hours until Romney goes back to just being fabulously rich and clueless, while the rest of us continue slogging our way down the slope of decreasing oil production. Perhaps we’ll meet again someday on the shores of ignorance.

  21. Bif–wrote a long reply months ago to thank you for posting that “Moby” viddy, then the fucking intertubes swallowed it. Luvved it!! Especially the part when he has a sort of quiet lunatic look on his face as his driverless car starts cascading down the foothills.

  22. Oh, fuck… posted the wrong fucking “Kill Bill” viddy. Damn!!!

    “Bitch. You don’t have a future.”

  23. So, I’m enjoying typing out “fuck” tonight… ergo, what the fuck are you doing JR? Are you being a weenie and abandoning your own blog? Where the fuck is your 2008 spirit when you live-blogged the election?

    Chris Rock has something to say to all you white people on here:

  24. Maybe so but I’m guessing he’ll be partying later tonight. You never know though. The electorate is insane and anything’s possible.

    EE, your on fire! But ZK is an expectations free zone. Don’t expect much. But don’t rule it out. Sleeper cell.

  25. well, four moron years of barry could be safer than four or eight of that mutt romney character. those are long periods of time with a lot to lose.

  26. Yeah, Doom! That oughta take about half the fun and excitement out of getting stoned now that it’s actually legal. We should add green (or brown) to our red and green panoply.

  27. everyday, i get up and remind myself of 2 facts:

    1. the world is populated by retards.

    2. the world is ruled by assholes.

  28. ee, yes, no moron sneakin around, using visine, and repeating “must maintain” when returning home and mom’s still up watchin late night tv.

  29. good grief remus, de women and blacks are starting to take over, they’re legalizing pot all over the place, and you really think it’s uneventful? next thing ya know it’ll be like sweden here, with high-mileage turbo diesels running around and everyone ending their questions with a lilt.

    go swedish women ski team!

  30. EE I think of you whenever I see black squirrels… liked your chris rock vid. Funny how long I’ve been away and I’m pretty sure Dave and Doom are still having the same conversation. Does holmes or nudge still come around?

  31. here’s a new topic of conversation for tippingpoint: why do retards find the most banal type of humor , e.g., racial stereotyping, appealing?

  32. yeah, well, actually, it’s not a trick question. retards find racial steriotyping funny cause they’re s-t-u-p-i-d.

  33. so this guy, petraeus, gets laid, i guess. now he puts on this huge public show of remorse and guilt, for having sex. that’s something only a pathetic fucking white guy would do.

    if bho went and got a little extra pussy on side, i sure hope he wouldn’t feel compelled to apologise for it. that’s something only a pathetic fucking white dude would do.

    white dudes are assholes, and they can’t dance for shit niether. i guess.

  34. white guys always horny and not keeping little man in pants. now suffer. ha ha. Wo Fat look at beauty of lotus blossom not extra pussycat.

  35. yeah, my dick propels me. it leads, i follow. i have tried to fight it in the past, but it’s not worth the effort. it’s certainly nothing that i’m going to appologize for. might as well apologize for being white.

    from the looks of him, petreaus dosen’t know how not to suffer, i’d say. life is suffering. i’d say that too.

  36. Hey Tipping! Good to see you’re still with us. Nudge pops in now and then. Holmes went radio silent a year ago or more. MOU surfaced briefly over the summer and JR is currently AWOL.

    I haven’t been able to keep up over the last few months–too much on my plate. As Scott Peck said many years ago, “Life is difficult.” And he added that accepting that fact makes it a helluva lot less difficult.

    Yeas, life (and death and birth) goes on. Here’s some more racial stereotyping humor from Chris Rock–he has certainly made my life less difficult. ; ^ )

  37. wo fat, you’re such a lurker, full of wisdom, as usual.

    the parnoids have already been spinning yarns about a military coup should BHO be reelected, now foiled, and CIA director Petraeus is taking the fall via some girlfriend on the side excuse. sounds about right to me. like, who doesn’t have a girl/boyfriend(s) on the side among the rich and powerful sado-masacoots running the country? maybe jimmy carter, or ronny, but their dicks were probably petrified years ago.

  38. dave, ben franklin said if you position women like that, they pretty much all look the same. not sure what he was driving at, perhaps the flower?

  39. black women aren’t attracted to white men, except if the white man happens to be rich or famous? sounds like a lot of white women to me. my dick has spent a lifetime overcoming this form of prejudice. i take no credit.

    chris rock should stick to nigger jokes, i guess. takes one to know one, i’d guess.

    ee, you musta had a nigger for a boyfreind at some point, i guess. just to piss daddy off, i guess.

  40. Petraeus and Broadwell are a couple of super-achievers and alpha-types. Its biological, i,e, a human reproductive strategy. You leave them in a room alone for awhile and look out. Often, next thing you know its alpha offspring under the care of unwitting (but proud) beta male spouses; and all the while the myths of integrity and high moral character model are acted out (for the public) by the varoius participants, and upheld. The cause is advanced and there’s peace in the teepee. Everyone is happy unless someone fucks up. Often enough they don’t.

  41. Well that’s my human evolution explanation anyway. There didn’t used to be so much concern, shock or consequences over this stuff.

  42. Or I should say, my guesstimate/opinion on human evolution and reproduction strategy.

    All this stuff comes down to chemistry, electrical impulses and biology. And life is preoccupied mainly with survival. Broadwell is a very attractive and accomplished woman. She was on the trajctory. She was groomed for greatness. Petraeus was too, he became big dog, but he’s 60 and wants to be imortal.

  43. IMHCFNO, the FBI was instructed or led to the bait by those who wanted petraeus outed. yes, folks, it’s another conspiracy, and the FBI is a well-worn tool. someday we might even find out who wanted him out and arranged the outing. mayber BHO? meanwhile, what Bif says is perfectly plausible and a great cover story for what’s really going on.

    the only aspect that i agree with here is how commonplace it is. of course it happens all the time. my guess is plenty of well-placed folks knew about it, too. the big difference now is someone(s) wanted the guy out of the CIA, and it’s just a great and obvious way to do it, especially these days. recall the IMFdirector Strauss-Khan’s prosty setup? someone(s) wanted him out, too.

    Ike had some brit secretary oversea that he was humping during WWII, but folks (and Meme) looked the other way in those days because he was kinda doing an OK job as supreme allied commander in europe. get caught bitch slapping a coward, though, and the same PTB damn near lose the war by demoting their best field general.

  44. “ee, you musta had a nigger for a boyfreind at some point, i guess.”

    Actually, dave, I had a number of “nigger” boyfriends, but none of them were of African descent. They were all caucasians.

    “…just to piss daddy off, i guess.”

    My father, who was eminently egalitarian, collapsed and died of a coronary when I was 22, prior to my having any boyfriends.

  45. egalitarian? not how that word is usually employed, i guess. anyway, so black guys should have equal access to white women, and vice versa, and ect? i’m down with that, as a biological concept, but not as a political or social statement or some sort.

  46. “a government conspiracy to get 2 people to fuck?”

    shite dave, it’s the only thing gov’t seems to be good at – fucking – us, each other, farm animals, whatever.

  47. here’s a clip from a very successful movie series about international government conspiracies to get 2 people to fuck. a bit sensationalized, but highly entertaining.

  48. e·gal·i·tar·i·an/iˌgaləˈte(ə)rēən/

    Of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

    A person who advocates or supports such a principle.

    Usage seems correct to me.

  49. i think the problem with buying up debt, both public and private, is there is presently a few hundred trillion dollars of debt, globally. even at pennies to the dollar (a 10^-2 reduction) that’s still a lot of debt to liquidate (trillion $ = 10^12 dollars). there’s simply too many claims on the underlying goods and services that global debt represents, to paraphase Nicole Foss (stoneleigh on TAE).

    right now, the danger is a collapse of international trade because of the souverign debt crisis, with the PIIGS and the euro leading the way there. if europe could be isolated and treated like a natural disaster zone, like they were post-WWII, then the threat to international trade could be isolated there, at least temporarily. i think that’s one of the near-term game plans, but i’m just an ignorant country professor, back from scandavaia with a salmon fish tucked under each arm.

  50. yeah, egalitarian, i didn’t say she used it “wrong”. i had just never heard it used in the context of interracial dating, or sex, or such. like i said, black dudes “deserve”, whatever that might mean, equal access to white pussy, and vice versa, and such, as far as i’m concerned anyway. i guess, that’s egalitarian, i guess.

    as far as governmental sex set-up conspiracies go, i think you’ve been watching too many movies; or maybe not enough. not sure.

  51. see? i can’t even spell scandinavia correctly. i might even be going there next year (norway) for a meeting, assuming the global socio-economic paradigm continues to hold up.

    my point is simple: sex, scandal, outings, and betrayals are the way the political system works these days. it beats poison chalices and knives in the back, which is the way the system worked a few short centuries ago.

  52. agree on the liquidation. but before that, all digital forms of “money” or wealth will likely go “poof” in the night. i think we’re only waiting for the upper 0.1% to get all their ducks in a row.

  53. my point is simple: sex, scandal, outings, and betrayals are the way the political system works these days. it beats poison chalices and knives in the back, which is the way the system worked a few short centuries ago.

    i guess. all i know is that if i was outed for having a claudestine affair of some sort, no matter my position at the time, i’d say something like: “yeah, i fucked her. so what?” take clinton, for example, they couldn’t fuck with him for having sex, per se. they tried to fuck with him for lieing about it. i guess.

    anyway, my point is even simpler: paying attention media generated politics can only result in making you stupid (in my case stupider). might as well watch the “biggest loser” in terms of intellectual stimulus. i guess.

  54. yup, bill clinton missed an important opportunity and would have saved the country a few hundred million in attorney’s fees. no matter, bushco would have spent it, anyway.

    we have a dog that likes to pull drowned bugs from the pool and rub her face in the guts. we think she likes the smells, which are quite strong. reminds me of this sinfulstok video.

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