The Arab Spring – December 2012

“Nothing has changed since the revolution,” he said gloomily. “If anything there are more problems — there is just a lot of confusion.”

Economic Frustration Simmers Again in Tunisia


Netanyahu’s War Crime
by Philip Giraldi
November 29, 2012

The Gazan weapons were largely homemade sometimes using Iranian avionic parts smuggled in, even to include the one copy of an Iranian Fajr-5 missile that was used and successfully penetrated Tel Aviv’s airspace to destroy a building. The missiles more commonly launched, a modified Qassam, lack sophistication but cost about $100 to construct. In a war of attrition against its neighbors, Israel would be attacked from all sides by wave after wave of missiles and rockets that would overwhelm the defenses and it would quickly go through its own stock of defensive missiles costing $50,000 a pop to engage the much cheaper weapons that would be incoming. It is reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Arithmetic on the Frontier” describing how a highly educated British officer might get picked off by an illiterate Afghan peasant “blessed with perfect sight” wielding an ancient musket — “The odds are on the cheaper man.”

US Building $100-Million Underground Bunker at Secret Israeli Missile Base
by Richard Silverstein
December 03, 2012

Further, I feel confident knowing that God, through these powerful religious amulets, will be protecting the Jewish people and its military defenders. Now the only question is whose divinity is more powerful: the Jewish Yehovah or Iran’s Shi’ite Allah? But didn’t Moses offer the Israelites a single God? If only he could see his people now creating a God for Us and a God for Them. I hope it might horrify him half as much as it does me.

Thanks for the Warnings, Israel

I have been in Gaza for five days now, and I am having difficulty understanding the eight-day war and the subsequent ceasefire. Let me explain the difficulty I am having. The Israeli Offensive Forces insist they protect civilians in Gaza, only targeting terrorists. They have several methods to protect innocent civilians. One method is to call the civilians on the phone; another method is to drop leaflets telling them to flee for their lives, as an attack is imminent. During the latest offensive, Israeli dropped leaflets in the rural areas telling people to flee to the city. In Gaza City, leaflets were dropped warning people to flee to the rural areas. A new, ingenious method they use to protect civilians is to drop “loud, non-lethal bombs” on a home as a warning for the inhabitants as to what will come. They even have a name for this warning. They call it “roof tapping.” Then anywhere from three minutes to 20 minutes pass before they bomb the house from F-16s. These bombs are very large and very lethal. The homes I have seen today have been completely flattened, and the houses around the target are also rendered uninhabitable.

Pentagon’s 30,000-pound bunker-buster ‘superbomb’ ready for use

GBU-57 Love

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  1. here’s what isreal should do. stop fucking around and wipe gaza clean of the shit sticking to it’s ass hairs.

  2. how come no one, but no one, picks on joe biden like they picked on dick cheney? what if his name was dick biden?

  3. “my dick looks bigger in an asshole, than when it’s in someone’s mouth or pussy. fuck you dick cheney.” right?

  4. I was referring to the new banner pic, in an abstract way.

    Picked up a new carbine for the armory here at Camp Remus. Marlin 1894C – .38 SP/.357 Mag chambered, lever action. Great brush gun, dead on accurate out of the box out to 100 yds using the factory iron sights. I like to keep things simple. Some folks drape all manner of doo-dads all over their firearms, thinking it’s going to make them shoot better. Practice and range time kids.Stick to the basics. Develop good muscle memory, especially with handguns.

    And as always – safety first. ALWAYS observe safe handling procedures – always. As an example, after visiting a range out west and returning to la casa de Remus, I went to clean the firearms used. In this case, it was a semi-auto Glock, still it the holster. Glocks don’t have a safety in the context of most firearms. And my finger never went to the trigger.

    Remember, always assume a firearm is loaded until you verify for yourself that it is not. I ejected the magazine and cycled the slide. It was loaded – from the range. I recalled then I was practicing reloading (magazine swaps) and the last drill left one in the pipe (a round was chambered). I likely got distracted as the group I was with was discussing the drills we were running.

    This is why safety first ALWAYS pays off. Always follow safe firearms handling procedures – always – no exceptions – no shortcuts.

  5. I hear you, Remus. When my father was a kid, so the story goes, a bunch of his buds were messing around in his yard and my dad got his mother’s derringer out. One of the boys grabbed it and aimed it at my dad. My dad screams “don’t, the gun is loaded!”. So, the kid aims it at a statuette or lawn ornament or something, pulls the trigger, and the gun goes off. Abuelita always kept a round chambered. I think that might have been when she put my dad in the orphanage for a period of time.

  6. remus, my uncle kenneth was shot in the gut with a rifle at close range because some idiot friend he was hunting with was pulling his gun through a barbed wire fence, the barb caught the trigger, and poor unlce kenneth was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. in today’s world, he would likely have survived, but in his world a gut infection was a death sentence, so he died of his wound after a few agonizing weeks of infection.

    so my family always pays particular attention when moving through fences while hunting with guns. it’s a family tradition. wish i had a dime for every “unloaded” gun going off during its cleaning. lucky you remembered.

  7. the new banner photo (thanks be to god that JR awoke from his long slumber to change it) features some kind of high-tech, mucho expensive, robotic self-guided bunker-buster type bomb. during wwII, the far cheaper japanese model would feature a single or small 2-person crew of volunteer pilots to guide the big bomb to its target. the underwater version (one of several) is on display at the Pearl Harbor submarine museum next to the Arizona Memorial on Oahu. it was intercepted before the crew could fufill their mission–much loss of face.

  8. Good call Remus. A guy should have a lever action in the arsenal. I have two, they’re both Winchester Model 94s. My uncle’s trusty old 30-30 as well as a 9422XTR (.22 mag) that I bought brand new many years ago. And yes open iron sights. Fun.

  9. Bif, used to have a Marlin 30-30 a long time ago. I remember liking it, but for some reason I sold it. Probably something to do with the undulating economic plateau.

    My dad always used to joke about having a life-size reclining nude of Moms. I chided him over it because it wasn’t on black velvet.

  10. It seems to me that death by car accident is becoming the trendy way to die, at least in my area. I take my old truck out very infrequently. Its dangerous to run,walk, or ride a bike on a highway, too. We had 2 high school seniors die and a couple more kids injured over the weekend on I-87. Its not an isolated incident. Hey kids out there, this is the world you are inheriting. I’d rather stay home and split wood.

  11. mick is as close to a living fossil as i know. must be all that exposure to cigarette smoke, whisky, sex, and loud rock n roll. the stones actually all pretty much look the same now, i guess for similar reasons.

    GB, that’s the main reason i gave nudge as hard time about her road cycling. we lose bicycle riders all the time in honolulu. the city streets are too dense with cars, now with extra distracted, texting drivers. bikers don’t get any protection from speeding tons of steel.

  12. Its just me and my trusty splitting maul, UR. I finally wore out my Stihl saw and donated it for parts. The wood pile I am splitting was left already cut into roughly firewood size pieces by a tree-cutting crew. I still have my hand saws. Splitting I’ve always done by hand.

  13. “A clear view of reality shows: there are way too many people. Maybe 100 times too many people. Humankind must respond this century and obtain this lower population— or everyone living in the future will be immersed in scarcity and conflict.”


    Dear Jack,

    everyone living in the future will be immersed in scarcity and conflict.

  14. I just want to split wood. The sound of 8 pound steel blade smashing through a big chunk of red oak is similar to a bowling ball making a strike. I’m getting exited thinking about it.

  15. dave, there are lots of women who will accomodate you, because they also enjoy sex and want to have babies. then they like to raise the babies. then they make too many people. they don’t recognize or they deny the issue. so, it’s all women’s fault, because only they make babies. i guess there may be some exceptions in the male population. gays get a free pass in this area.

  16. I just love this quote:

    To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time;
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

  17. Doom, thanks for explaining (above) why you give me grief over the road cycling. Where I live, though, cyclists are almost never hit, and the local drivers are pretty well-trained to share the road.

    For some reason I continue to have issues with the idea of packing the bike into/onto a dino-burner and then driving it to a rail trail just to ride. It’s so much easier just to pedal the [whatever] miles to the beginning of the trail.

    It’s all good. Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield.

  18. On a whole nother note – is there anyone else here who’s given up reading Mr Stopped Clock Predictions, aka James Howard Kuntzler?

  19. i try to read kunstler and orlov every week (and dave). i don’t bother with the CFN blog anymoron (it’s a joke) but occasionally comment at orlov’s blog, plus the oil drum, where i’m among fellow doomers. i read TAE, but don’t comment there, as finance is not my area.

  20. Don’t read JHK much either, but have sat in the audience for a couple of his talks this past year, which were fun. One talk was on his oil paintings, and was probably the most interesting thing I’ve heard him talk about. And he’s a good painter really. I like JHK, just not his blog.

  21. the B-52 may be the perfect plane, for what it was designed to do. it’s about as old as i am, but of course retrofitted a lot over the years. think about how the escort fighter has evolved over the same period. when the B-52 was new, the fighter escort would have been an F86 sabrejet. now it’s an F-22 or similar.

  22. i like to think of myself as the B-52 of humans, but that single thought in inself makes me less perfect than the plane. the plane cannot help the fact that it is the perfect plane (for what is does), it just is.

    this simple fact must really piss off and depress the russian bomber plane designers.

  23. gosh GB, you may have to go into another line of god-like work, or move to colder climes. there are lakes in antarctica with a mile of ice over them, but i’m unsure if fish inhabit them.

  24. sombody once said, something like: before the internet, for every 7 authors there were 14 million potential readers. now, with the internet, for every 7 million authors, there are 14 million potential readers.

    not sure what that means. but it seems about right.

  25. I think in the latter instance they were addressing more the actual ability to read…to say nothing of comprehension.

  26. Chavez is going to die. Maybe soon. After that there may be a revolution within the revolution. Or a revolution within the revolution against the revolution within the revolution. Hasta Chavista baby. There will be a lot of Egypts.

  27. so monbiot’s point is to scold people for displays of manufactured status within an industrial society? i don’t get it, niether does he.

  28. if monbiot was linkola, i might not chuckle at the (unintentional) hypocrisy, but maybe i would anyway. not sure.

    maybe that’s why you posted this here? i try to stay away from contention on jay’s list cause he kicks me off, way too easily in opinion. but hey, it’s not my list.

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