Gilligan’s Happy New Year 2013 Thread

Instead of ice fishing I asked her to get me some coconuts. It was a good call.

A World Made by Thighs
A World Made by Thighs

World Made By Hand is really just a remake of Gilligan’s Island.  There are a few differences, but not too many.

bamboo car

The professor could build an automobile, or even a nuclear reactor, with bamboo and coconuts. But he couldn’t fix the hole in the Minnow. Or maybe he could fix the boat if he wanted to. The dude was smart. But why should he? Stranded on a desert island with Mary Ann and Ginger. Those were some fun babes. Up for anything it seemed. Let the Minnow rot on the beach I say.

129 Replies to “Gilligan’s Happy New Year 2013 Thread”

  1. For a guy stuck in the cold and snowy northeast, Gilligan’s island looks pretty good Without Ginger and Mary Ann around I think hibernation is an effective way to get through winter. Works for a lot of other creatures.

  2. as an islander, i can tell you that gilligan, the captain and the professor were indeed on to something. it’s true that there’s something in the salt air and warm seas like bathwater in winter, the soft, cool breezes off the water at sunset, the cheap but plentiful portuguese rose, the colorful sunsets under a big clear sky full of stars and planets that make the girls all happy and playful. a few lines of high-end coke in a crisp new twenty, some maui wowie buds smoked in a crack pipe, a little ukulele music, and the evening’s possibilities have just begun.

  3. yeah, like tell me someting i don’t know. come on, plant a radish? i don’t even like radishes.

    here’s bottom line: indstrialism will end. the bulk of humanity will die off. something else will happen.

  4. i think that guy mcpherson’s POV has evolved as the news he has gathered has come in. the “go plant a radish” message at the end is probably a leftover from before the really dire news was posted or assimelated. he has been stumping with his message for awhile now. his latest stuff could just as logically be taken as “why bother, we’re fooked, so let’s party on ’till we can’t”. i suspect he’s a bit conflicted now in his message.

  5. assimilate, assimilated….geez,

    i have a couple of things scientific that i want to complete before i go all GB. i hope there’s still enough fossil fuel and arctic ice cover left to pull them off.

    mind, GB, i look forward to the farming, or horticulture. i like radishes, and just about anything i can grow. it’s that pride thing. gotta keep our dog-goat out of the garden. damn dog eats plants and paper, just like a goat. probably gonna be a meal for somebody, someday.

  6. nice interview, roach. i’m still hoping that cheney and bush get the death sentence for high treason, just after they publicly confess all they know about that false flag event. maybe rumsfeld, too. others?

    i’d love to see the expression on barbara bush’s face when she finds out about her oldest son’s indictment for treason. that should wipe off the mirk.

  7. i heard a rumor that the missile/plane was aimed at a portion of the pentagon that housed one of the biggest iraq war critics there. also similar stories about some of those inside the twin towers, including a former FBI director that was critical of the bush administration.

  8. i haven’t messed with the markets much over the last few years. but i think that JHK may actually be right this time. it’s time to short the market, i guess.

  9. ya dave, and it’s depressing and bumming me out. i suspect and hope this mcFEARson character is just plain wrong with his predictions. i mean, doesn’t methane rapidly oxidize to CO2 when released to the atmosphere? surely those little bugs are good for something.

    OK, so moron CO2 is released and there’s a positive feedback. Just how much of an effect is it? i think the changing albedo of the arctic ocean (white to dirty white to blue) is a bigger concern for positive feedbacks.

    the nuclear winter discussion is just pure bullshit. if the morons want to unleash the nukes, there’ll be plenty moron to worry about than a temporary cooling respite from a warming planet.

    oh, and the DJ commentor is a major league asshole. i responded to his comment and got mine censored.

  10. i don’t know, but the level of fear seems way blown out of proportion; like anyone or anything lives forever. my 2 cents were something like:

    1. the earth has gone through all types of climatic gyrations in the past, and will probably continue to do so, humans or no. the whole idea that humans have some sort of choice in the matter is just silly, ipso facto.

    2. if this rock spinning through space were somehow to be wiped clean of its’ coating of slime, nobody and nothing would bat an eye over the occurance.

    i haven’t looked to see if they were moderated out.

  11. what’s key is human civilization, now industrialized, is very sensitive to climate change/chaos brought on by warming. most humans now depend upon a working civilization for survival. therefore, most humans will not survive when climate change/chaos wrecks their civilization, now effectively global. the coup de grace is continued warming will roast all the initial survivors => extinction.

  12. a good friend who is about 8 years my junior has been diagnosed with multiple myloma. there’s no cure so it’s effectively a death sentence. odds are he’ll never live to be my current age, even with a battery of modern cancer treatments, including stem cell replacements. he seems to be taking it well.

  13. so they manage the disease with various mixes of chemo drugs until they don’t work anymoron. then they send you home to enjoy the rest of your days on the planet. fuckers.

  14. dave, that’s an all too often played out scene. pedestrians in a hurry to cross tracks, approaching train probably sounding its horns, victims only see parked train blocking their view and think the sound is coming from far away–must hurry faster before approaching train gets there, then oops.

    i saw an old black & white video of much the same scene, except it was a couple dressed for work complete with attache cases and fedora hats. probably circa late 1940s-early 1950s. the train was one of the first diesel-electrics, which also dated the clip. anyway, it turned out much the same way.

    they showed it on late night TV as part of a video ad called “When Things Go Wrong” along with some animal attack footage. they pulled the ad after one night’s showing–too grewsome.

  15. i’m such a litteralist, i can’t stand myself. all i can think is something like: she would never hug a cocconut tree with those silky thighs. or: i should be there to apply cocconut oil to her chaffed and damaged skin, with my lips, of course, or something like that.

  16. that beautiful picture reminds me of a true life account from here in the islands about 20 years ago. we were studying the Honolulu watershed at that time. we needed some soil samples from the back of the watershed, so we organized a hike to the back of Palolo Valley, where a volcanic plug had risen to burn a low spot in the Koolau mountains a few thousand years ago, thus making a relatively high elevation water catchment as a swamp bog-shallow lake, depending upon the season.

    we hiked fairly far back. the trail was getting steep and slippery, so we decided to just go a little farther back, to the headwater of a small falls. the trail is also a popular public hike. while we are there sampling, a young couple come up the trail. they are in their late teens-early twenties. the girl was wearing less clothes that the one pictured above, very loosely, and she was, how to say, very shapely and tanned all over. a nice “island girl” of mixed origin.

    they decide they are going to the swamp-lake, so onward and upward for them. the boyfriend goes up the trail first and is quickly gone. the girl needs help to lauch herself up the steep slope, so i volunteered to assist her by pushing her soft rear up. she was grateful for the boost and said goodbye. i was thinking “what a lucky guy that kid is, to have such a handful for a girlfriend on this sunny day.” we got our samples and left. the end.

  17. Bif, i note a correlation of interest in remote, third world places that happen to possess, or are thought to possess oil and gas resources. often these places also have ongoing political conflicts. is it just a hobby or a profession? their oil and gas won’t save us, BTW.

  18. “There may be some French wagging of the dog in Mali, but I would say its a lot more more complicated than that.”

    Based on comment thread, French uranium mines, gold and of course Hollande fiddling while the French economy continues to burn.

    Nonetheless, the French still know how to whip up a good old fashioned clusterfuck.

  19. Thanks Bif, for that update. Maybe the french will do the right thing and eradicate those bastards. The french need uranium, BTW, so it’s not completely humanitarian.

  20. “The french need uranium, BTW, so it’s not completely humanitarian.”

    Humanitarian – now that’s funny. The only thing humanitarian about it is the perception. Unlike government, “with AQ and other islamic radical partypoopers” you know exactly what the outcome is going to be and the methods used to get there.

  21. “The human predicament is driven by overpopulation, overconsumption of
    natural resources and the use of unnecessarily environmentally damaging technologiesand socio-economic-political arrangements to service Homo sapiens’ aggregate consumption [11–17].”

    wrong. the human predicament, and every other predicament for that matter, is driven by available energy.

  22. that was both high voltage and high current. his heart stopped at about first contact second. the rest was just meat cooking up on the wires. not qualified to be working up there, obviously. his last job.

  23. “i guess that makes EE and moi some of the horniest folks around?”

    Speak for yerself, DD! I let that sumbitch Clarence Thomas watch my quota of porn.

  24. Right you are, GB! It’s terrible for the trees.

    Way back in the dark ages, I did go ice fishing on Black River Bay with my uncle and on the St. Lawrence with family friends. My preference was ice boating–very fast and wild–but by the time I came along, it had disappeared as a winter sport.

  25. i like porn, some porn. lots of porn is just plain boring. like many (all?) things in life, you can distinguish good from bad by the type feelings it might elicit, or how hard your dick might get. same thing. i guess

  26. I wonder if fnkLN.gif had any orthodontics, like Jaws from James Bond. Once an arc is struck, like welding, it takes a fraction of the voltage to sustain it.
    Some of that relative voltage stuff is quite interesting; nowadays some of the maintenance on EHV lines in mountainous areas is done by helicopter. Yep, they put the guy in a conductive suit on a dead calm day and lower him down a cable while the heli hovers holding him up. It’s cheaper than sending cranes into the mountains and is safer for the maintenance guy.

  27. Bif,
    Those fires at Yass are not far from me, and the guy who lost those Merinos is known to a friend of mine. They were stud animals, too.
    We had a fire about 800m from our place on the hottest windiest day at about 1:30am. Bit of a brown corduroy trousers moment getting into your overalls and boots at that time of the morning. Luckily the fireys were all over it like a rash. Turns out it was an LPG cylinder going up at the local caravan park about 120m from the petrol station.

  28. “i guess flipping the ice boat would have serious consequences.”

    My maw and her pals were into it back in the day. She did tell me it would get pretty hairy when the boats hit 50+ mph.

  29. India: good looking women dancing, brass thumb cymbals chiming, diamonds in their noses, bare bellies in motion, flashy, silky colorful clothes, nice tans, tasty hot curries ==> large population.

    America: guys “trying to jerk off to boring porn” ==> small populations.

  30. indian porn is some of the worst. german porn is usually about the best. i guess.

    i think that i’d have a real hard time trying to jerk off to a bollywood dance production; but i’ve never tried.

  31. Uh, Doom, I think dave has contibuted his fair share to the population boom… my recall is that he has five kids scattered about… and has earned the right to scatter his seed any way he chooses.

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