I’m not complaining. Got a good size doe, processed in the freezer. I looked all over for this big fellow during the season. It’s over now and he just casually shows up. When they don’t want to be found they are quite good at it.

click for larger image

25 Replies to “Ghost”

  1. Dumb question, what cuts do you do? Is there such a thing as a venison roast?
    At least you have the weather in your favour, a coolroom is just another expense..

  2. Yes roasts and they are my favorite. I cooked one on Christmas day.

    Roasts and steaks off the hind quarters. I do more big roasts and fewer steaks. Fillets down each side of the spine, these are surprisingly substantial. Tenderloins up under the rib cage near the back end. Roasts off the shoulders and neck if its a big animal. And the heart. Other than that I get most of the rest as stew meat. The doe I shot yielded about 35 lbs venison. The buck in the pic is very big and would probably yield about 60 – 65 lbs of venison.

    Its good to pull off hide and then let it hang in cold temps for day or two, then cut it up.

  3. seriously uncle, what does roo meat taste like?

    my off-color comment regarding mcdonalds refers to an incident where the corporation was accused of adding kangaroo meat to their “100% beef” meat product. i believe the law states that they can claim “100%” when they can have up to about 20% fillers, NOT including maximum allowable amounts of bone and “other beef byproducts”, e.g., hair, hoofs, intestines, fecal matter, etc.

    ever see a less than well cooked mcdonalds meat patty? they’re never pink inside. that’s because soy protein is gray.

  4. Not greatly dissimilar to venison, quite dark and a little bit gamey, depending on how it is flavoured. It is definitely not a fatty meat and even when marinated must be oven-rested to stop it going tough. Pretty much only the rear leg is useful for eating. Don’t be squeamish if you have the opportunity, I would be surprised if you didn’t find it enjoyable.

    Over here there was a bit of a bruhaha over meat at mcdonalds (some time ago now). They claimed that the meat was 100% australian beef. The company they bought meat from? A subsidiary called “the 100% australian beef company”. Much like they claim that their food is nutritious because fat and sugar are “nutrients”.

  5. Where I live the lakes were just starting to freeze when the snow came. So we ended up with 16″ snow on thin ice. Very cold temps followed, but the snow has been insulating the thin ice and its now a slow process of getting thick enough to walk safely on it. I have a phobia of falling through the ice so I’ll be staying away for a while yet. Never did much ice fishing anyway. I like to ice skate but this ice will be no good for that.

    I love when the lakes freeze over like glass. However if you miss the net the puck goes about two miles. I used to have a dog that was good about fetching the puck in those situations, but no more.

  6. so Duncan Crary has left the Kunstler Kast to strike out on his own with a weekly pod cast about Troy, NY. my first and only question: who the fuck cares about Troy, NY and how is Troy gonna survive peak oil in winter when the firewood from the nearby trees and house frames runs out?

    ok, so it’s a two-part question.

  7. Had about 6″ of solid ice under my feet yesterday. Most of the snow was blown off the surface of the lake. I knew that recent cold snap of -20 to -25F up north would do the trick. Caught some perch and a nice trout. The wind was strong during the morning hours, then it turned out to be a nice day. First ice used to be around Xmas eve.

  8. i think i know why ice fishing works so well. first, the ice isolates any potential fishfood from winds/streams to the lake’s surface. cold weather must also take a toll on tasty flying insects, even without the ice. next, the ice cover allows you to position yourself on the lake, like a boat but a lot less noisy and smelly. you then provide a tasty food as bait to the hungry, fasting fish. voila.

  9. Is this deja vu all over again? Or am I just experiencing early dementia? Love the picture of the buck, Bif. Somewhere in the ZK archives (and in a folder on my hard drive) is another photo of yours with a pack of your doe friends having a chic fight out back while some boy cardinals sitting in the bushes take it all in. Pretty amusing.

  10. I don’t use live bait, minnows, anymore. I just use a special jigging rod. No manhattans. You have to have all your faculties to detect the tiniest of bites. You might get one bite all day. Dave can attest to that.

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