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Egpt 3

Egypt’s President Could Win a Trip to Space, Whether He Wants One or Not

The scheme, unveiled Thursday by members of the April 6 Youth Movement, is to garner enough support in an online competition to win Mr. Morsi a trip to space sponsored by the deodorant company Axe.

The ancient pharoahs would have jumped all over this opportunity.

Update: Even though he was well out in front on the leaderboard, and destined to win a trip into space, the Axe deodorant promoters have removed Mr. Morsi from the contest, disqualifying him.

The pharoah’s journey to the heavens – foiled – by the ad agency to a deodorant company.

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  1. The Last Time The Dow Was Here…
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/05/2013 09:36 -0500

    “Mission Accomplished” – With CNBC now lost for countdown-able targets (though 20,000 is so close), we leave it to none other than Jim Cramer, quoting Stanley Druckenmiller, to sum up where we stand (oh and the following list of remarkable then-and-now macro, micro, and market variables),namely that “we all know it’s going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money” – ZH translation: “just make sure to sell ahead of everyone else”, just like everyone sold ahead of everyone else on October 11th 2007, the last time stocks were here…

    * Dow Jones Industrial Average: Then 14164.5; Now 14164.5
    * Regular Gas Price: Then $2.75; Now $3.73
    * GDP Growth: Then +2.5%; Now +1.6%
    * Americans Unemployed (in Labor Force): Then 6.7 million; Now 13.2 million
    * Americans On Food Stamps: Then 26.9 million; Now 47.69 mi llion
    * Size of Fed’s Balance Sheet: Then $0.89 trillion; Now $3.01 trillion
    * US Debt as a Percentage of GDP: Then ~38%; Now 74.2%
    * US Deficit (LTM): Then $97 billion; Now $975.6 billion
    * Total US Debt Oustanding: Then $9.008 trillion; Now $16.43 trillion
    * US Household Debt: Then $13.5 trillion; Now 12.87 trillion
    * Labor Force Particpation Rate: Then 65.8%; Now 63.6%
    * Consumer Confidence: Then 99.5; Now 69.6
    * S&P Rating of the US: Then AAA; Now AA+
    * VIX: Then 17.5%; Now 14%
    * 10 Year Treasury Yield: Then 4.64%; Now 1.89%
    * USDJPY: Then 117; Now 93
    * EURUSD: Then 1.4145; Now 1.3050
    * Gold: Then $748; Now $1583
    * NYSE Average LTM Volume (per day): Then 1.3 billion shares; Now 545 million shares

  2. This just in…..Young girl killed by lion that thought she was eatable. The Jungle Jenny Foundation says poor 24-year old Dianna Hanson was inside the cage with Cous Cous, a 5-year old 350-pound cat, while on a six-month internship at Cat Haven, in California. Project Survival said it would investigate whether safety protocol was followed.

    Naturally, the lion was shot and killed when he refused to follow human instructions on proper captive behavior, and would not release its victim/prey/meal.

  3. doom,

    you really like it when one of these monkeys get fucked up by a big cat. that’s funny.

  4. only when hubris gets in the mix. besides, how can you keep a straight face with terms like: The Jungle Jenny Foundation, Cous Cous the Lion, Cat Haven, and Project Survival?

  5. i think it’s funny when monkeys get eaten by cats.
    i think it’s funny when other monkeys think it’s funny when monkeys get eaten by cats.
    i think it’s funny that i think it’s think it’s funny when monkeys get eaten by cats.
    i think it’s funny that i think it funny that other monkeys think it’s funny when monkeys get eaten by cats.

  6. i found it deliciously ironic and funny that Project Survival had Cous Cous the Lion shot and killed at the Cat Haven. just another day at The Jungle Jenny Foundation, i guess.

  7. “Quoting Carl Sagan, I begin some presentations with this line:
    ‘It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.’

    Many people disagree with Sagan, choosing delusion over reality, believing we can have infinite growth on a finite planet with no consequences for people or other creatures, other life forms, other organisms. The people in this latter group seek hope, and many of them disparage me and my actions for inducing despair.”

  8. Here below is a recent post to the ocean faculty/staff/students by one of our junior faculty and a response (in quotes above) by some wise ass that shall remain nameless. besides, i think you can guess who it was:

    “It’s Peak Oil and we can continue pretending to do oceanography in a
    virtual world until the funds completely dry up or the grids go down,
    whichever comes first. Now, back to your regular programming.

    > > Gliders and buoys and robots — oh my!
    > > Over and through the ocean they fly.
    > > Oodles of data from sensors galore,
    > > Studied by many, far from the sea’s roar.
    > > A real revolution, there seems little doubt,
    > > But what of the crew who never sail out?
    > > To peer in the great briny main without drinking …
    > > How might that impact the next wave of thinking?
    > >
    > >
    > > “A Sea Change for U.S. Oceanography”
    > >
    > >
    > > “The New Generation of Sea Scientist”
    > >
    > >
    > > Courtesy of Kat Allen @ LDEO.

  9. dave, JFC!

    liked cohen’s post about the ice age megafauna extinction, as well. it wasn’t climate change, it was humans. JFC!

  10. regarding the article you linked above, it’s true that body lanuage is honest, but it is inarticulate. sounded or verbal lanuage can be and usually is articulate, but is rarely honest. just my experience in management.

  11. 60 Minutes episode – “China’s Real Estate Bubble”

    The situation of the ghost cities is increasingly going mainstream. Nice little summary of the situation on 60min.

    Its just a matter of when this thing is going to pop. Like a hippo with diarrhea (i.e. we will all be affected/soiled).


  12. RE: cohen’s post about the ice age megafauna extinction

    **can i just get this short but true story out here and then i’ll shut up about it? thanks.**

    my mother lives just north of a newish manmade reservoir in Socal called diamond valley lake. once on a visit there, we all took one of the last bus tours into the former valley, now an artificial lake floor between two parallel mountain ranges and two large earth-filled dams, like a big rectangle. digging for the dam footings discovered the largest Ice Age megafauna finds in Socal to date. they found entire ecosystems preserved in former lake sediments there. some of the remains were/are on display at their museum, along with the official conspiracy, err, mystery story of their demise.

    on the tour, the guide is describing the finds, that date from over 40,000 years ago to up to 13,000 years ago, when they all go mysteriously extinct. over to our right, heading west, he points to a low adobe house that will be covered and destroyed by the damed waters. archeologists digging at the the house discovered that the site had been more-or-less continuously occupied by humans back to 8,000 yeas ago.

    a hand is raised in the back of the bus (my hand). “seems to me that given the dating uncertainties, the cause of the mysterious extinction of the megafauna [in this valley] would have to be the arrival of new predators (humans) that messed with the local ecosystem and made it crash.”

    no response from the guide. some of the other tourists on board turned around and agreed with my POV.

  13. re: guy mcpherson takes himself way too seriously

    he seems to forget that while H. sapiens may not have been around in the Pliocene, its ancestors were, and they were doing just fine. his NTE must be based upon civilization crash, as individuals could survive climate changes on the order of those seen in the Cenozoic. they may have to change their diet some, though.

  14. “Update: Even though he was well out in front on the leaderboard, and destined to win a trip into space, the Axe deodorant promoters have removed Mr. Morsi from the contest, disqualifying him.

    The pharoah’s journey to the heavens – foiled – by the ad agency to a deodorant company.”

    this is yet another sad commentary about life as we experience it at the end of empire. i’m sure many of mr. morsi’s fans and admirers will turn out to protest this unfair disqualification, and will seek retribution in the courts if not actually upon the streets.

    and one thing is certain, those protesting will not be wearing Axe deodorant (as if…).

  15. She was just nervous with the spotlights, the national audience watching and.being first one to answer. Besides, I’ll bet its not easy to speak clearly while consciously holding tits out firmly at the same time. I give her an A~.

  16. now we know, South Carolina is as stupid and desperate as Georgia and China. maybe they’ll get lucky and not get them built in time.

    it doesn’t matter, they have enough now to absolutely ruin the place for a few centuries. living in denial has its consequences.

  17. i remember a coupleof times when my brain just kinda “locked up” during a public speach. i just farted loudly, said “excuse me”, and walked off the stage.

  18. that’s what she should have done, instead of trying to twist out a pre-programmed PC response that had no relevance to the question that was asked. nice bod and hair, though. i’d give an A just for showing up.

  19. With that body. She may end up more successful than any of us. Gifts manifest in different ways. On the other hand she could end up just a receptacle. Who knows. Hard to say. Nature is funny.

  20. you know, i don’t give a rat’s ass about the pope, gay marriage, civil war in syria, nuclear iran, or the latest doings of sports superstars, rock stars or hollywood personalities. this provides me with plenty of time to devote to other pursuits.

    since we live in one of the prime target areas, i do keep a wary eye on developments in the korean penninsula. just being prudent.

  21. ONE


    Now a
    New York Times
    Best Seller

    “In a Norman Rockwell town in North Carolina ….ex-servicemen recall “Korea in ‘51” as military action by unlikely people becomes the norm in Forstchen’s sad, riveting, cautionary tale.”
    -Whitney Scott, Booklist

    “…fans of such classics as
    Alas, Babylon, and
    On the Beach
    will have a good time as Forstchen tackles the obvious and some not-so-obvious questions the apocalypse tends to raise.”
    -Publishers Weekly

    “The only thing more terrifying than this masterfully crafted story is the possibility of it actually happening—and not a damn thing being done to protect us.”
    -W.E.B. Griffin &
    William E. Butterworth IV

    “A blood-chilling wake-up call that chaos and death are but a power plug away…Stock up on food, water, medicine, and batteries now. This horror could happen tomorrow.”
    -William B. Scott, coauthor of Space Wars

    Currently in development with Warner Bros.
    as a major motion picture

    and perhaps coming to a neighborhood near you!

  22. ““The American people expect us to protect them,” Hagel said, adding that they also expect them to do it in a cost-effective manner. Hagel was asked if he was confident that the interceptor missiles could stop a nuclear weapon from striking the U.S. He said that before the 14 additional interceptors are deployed, the U.S. will do additional testing. However, he said, “the American people should be assured our interceptors are effective.” Hagel said they expect the interceptors to be deployed by 2017. Thirty of them are already deployed in California and Alaska.”

    humm… a lot can happen in 2017-2013 = 4 years. also, having them in CA and AK doesn’t assure us Hawaiians. it’s Jevon’s Paradox, the moron you try to defend something, the moron it gets targeted for attack.

  23. also, the 10:1 rule is still in effect, if not a bigger number. for every dollar, gold bar, etc. spent on offense, it takes 10X or moron money for defense.

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