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Leaked Pentagon Report: The F-35 Won’t Stand A Chance In Aerial Combat

Aviation journalist David Axe has published an insightful piece about Lockheed Martin’s marketing efforts to keep up “the much-delayed, over-budget” F-35 Joint Strike Fighter reputation.

The Tragic Story Of Outpost Restrepo Sums Up The Whole Afghan War

Does Torture Work?

This is also one of those Hollywood films in which fifty kinds of brutal hell are thrown at the “natives,” but you’re supposed to care most about how the good-looking Americans feel about witnessing it. Are they okay? In the opening torture scene, Jessica Chastain’s character literally answers that question while watching a bloody half-naked guy suspended from the ceiling getting the works: “I’m fine,” she quavers bravely. Then at the end, as she’s going home at last, Mission Accomplished, we get a big gorgeous close-up of her as she sheds large round Hollywood tears.

That poor, poor CIA agent! What she’s had to go through! Will she ever be truly whole again?

Petraeus’ Torture Teams

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  1. the fact is, yes, torture does work. it gets people to admit to just about anything that you might want them to admit to. i guess.

  2. the former KGB found that trippin’ on LSD makes for a nice confession. so watch out next time you’re out partying–it might be in the punch.

  3. Sam Spade: “what good is torture without the threat of death behind it?”

    Runt Nazi: “it’s FUNNNNNNNNNNN.”

    —George Segal, “The Black Bird” (1975).

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