Not Boston’s Finest Hour

I’m a little disappointed by the reactions of many Bostonians and Americans to what happened. The evidence is in the comments on a lot of posts. The bloodlust and Murika-Fuck-Ya! attitude is disturbing.

I’ve seen a bunch of stuff, but the classic was last night at Brigham Circle. I was going to a small get-together for a friend’s…(to be continued, sorry I’m watching the Bahrain GP)

I am trying to get a friend to give me video she took of the “celebrations” on Boston Common Friday night. It is both hilarious and sad. But until then, I’ve got this:

Warning. Don’t click on the link to the photo necessarily. It is irrelevant. Read the story and comments.


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  1. Crazy nuts can be found in all sizes. The weirdest things is all the quite about the police state obama wanted. Here he does it and those who fear it most are happy about it. BTW My aunt was there. She was the celebrity with the starters pistol for the woman’s race. She won the race in 1973

  2. cue “It’s a small world after all”. maybe moron of the morons that sing that song might think for a moment about the meaning behind it. fat chance. people (mass morons) get what they deserve.

  3. okay, i read the story, peeked at the gruesome photo (typical cadaver, actually, i was watching far worse on CSI Miami last night) and read some of the comments. here’s my take on it:

    i think the cynicism displayed in some of the comments is to be expected these days. after the 9-11 events and coverup, 8 years of W and the VP smirk, the osama bin laden (maybe) assassination, where no photos of the corpse were revealed to the public, people don’t trust the “corporate-run media” and what it claims anymoron. In this case, they may be telling the absolute truth, but many folks are now sensitive to what they are being told or led to believe, and are naturally more critical and cynical of the media and of government agencies in general.

    IOW, you reap what you sow.

  4. Interesting podcast on JHK’s site: (#225) from last week – an interview with a Vermont farmer/entrepreneur. Farmer guest speaks very well.

  5. err, Edward Goldsmith…

    dave, i saw her relatives on YouTube recently. they were acting much calmer. it’s got to be all that damn caffeiene.

  6. so pablo senses we been played. hummm….here’s what i heard:

    1) backbacks the bros were wearing don’t seem to be holding pressure cookers, unless they were small ones.
    2) color of backpacks does not jive with photo of bomb #2 cover, which was claimed to have been photographed before it exploded.
    3) unless extremely stupid, why would the bros. hang in town afterward? maybe they are indeed that dumb, but such behavior would fit those who think they are innocent, including insiders that think they’re being covered, until they’re not.
    4) why the broad area lockdown? seems like overkill, but perhaps a good excuse to test a new procedure. it’s been tested and found successful.

  7. Being played is my perspective although that could be inferred from Pablo’s piece. I commented on ZH (not ZK, ZH) is that Boston was a live fire exercise, including the lockdown.

    None of the events adds up to anything coherent EXCEPT that no price is too high (even in human lives) to maintain the facade formerly known as America.

  8. @JR,

    unless you think 2 + 2 = 5, you might want to consider moving the family to another place. i know you have roots there, etc., but recall someone in the family had the moxy to locate there from somewhere else way back when. chances are they had a good reason for doing so. seems to me you might have a good excuse to leave there now.

    personally, i like southwestern canada, like vancouver area. costa rica has a lot of nice features as well, and is a whole lot less expensive. of course, you and the family are always welcome out here in the islands, and i would do my best to help you settle in here, if that were your choice.

    up to you, bro. just want to make sure you know the offer still stands.

  9. eh, people, in general, are more than willing to be slaves. they perform their parts enthusiastically, no conspiracy needed. like it or not, you already live in a slave society.

    anyhoo, i am very interested in that kid’s side of the story. probably sick of people pointing out the size of his nose. i guess.

  10. Dunno about innocence, but it’s not a stretch to say that their respective narratives won’t track with the one made for public consumption.

  11. this is my opinion: those brothers were/are being played by the FBI, CIA, Blackwater, etc. they needed a scapegoat, these guys were just about perfect. they probably thought they were part of the psy. ops. team. that’s why they hung around the area and went about their normal lifestyle, including partying. the MSM like to bring up the latter point to demonize the younger one. i see it as more evidence they were played and did not know it/believe it until guns started to point in their direction.

  12. another favorite intel. tactic is to break into or coopt an ongoing plot, knowing full well that it is minor stakes amateurish, then “go nuclear” with a far more sophisticated black ops, but blame it all on the rank amateurs, especially if they are of the right ethnic background. very familiar by now.

  13. Something’s just not adding up. Doom, I think you give the govt. and its intel agencies way too much credit when you describe them as anything other than Keystone Kops.

    Here’s my take:
    Older bro got his block knocked around enough during his boxing days to shake something loose and turn him into a violent anarchist/jihadist. As one blog poster pointed out, the guy was a loser–no job, wife and kid, wife working and supporting the family.

    His first recorded outburst is when he beat an old girlfriend who filed (and later dropped) charges against him. His third was when he interrupted the mosque service in December 2012. And I think his second was when he murdered his “best friend” Brendan Mess and two others on September 11, 2011:

    And his forth was the Boston Marathon.

  14. Quote courtesy of Publius over at ClubOrlov:

    Hitler On The Big Lie

    “All this was inspired by the principle – which is quite true in itself – that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.”

  15. i’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation fo’ all dis shit. i’ll just wait for the O-man to set the record straight. yup yup.

  16. good article by goldsmith.

    Our politicians are today caught up in a very similar positive feed-back process, from which they appear even less capable of extracting us. With neither vision nor courage, they simply allow the Ship of State to drift into ever more turbulent waters and content themselves with superficially repairing its ever more battered hulk, for no other purpose than to defer, for ever shorter periods, the inevitable day when it must flounder beneath the waves.

    some things never change. they can’t.


    EE, I don’t disagree that the older brother had some serious issues. However, his behavior was not dissuaded by his handlers.

    Further, I don’t think the gov’t can get a conviction and an execution sentence on the younger brother, assuming he lives long enough go to trial.

    Bostonians need to do some deep soul searching on their behavior in all of this. Not only in the context of this post (‘Merikca – Fuck yeah”), but in their cowering.

    I can’t say that any other community or city wouldn’t have reacted the same if they had been chosen as the trial run for this scale of a lockdown. But, now we know.

  18. EE, Craft, Blackwater do not = Keystone Kops

    just the fact that they were all over the race location before and at the time of the bombings is telling (see photos in first of my links above). what do you suppose those folks do to earn a government paycheck? it sure doesn’t include rendering first aid to the bomb victims across the street!

    that there is no discussion of their presence by the MSM and government officials (even permitted–see one of the embedded videos of a police press conference–they walk away and close the conference when asked) is also quite telling.

    everyone is being asked to “just ignore that man behind the curtain”. who do you believe, them or your lying eyes?

    our former way of life is ending. i know it hurts to watch, but you’d all better pay attention.

  19. The hysterical reaction to the initial havoc was understandable. The hysteria during lock down and man hunt phase seemed over the top and grotesque, or perhaps thats just the way it came across through media. Don’t know, but a total city lock down seemed to reward the basic terrorism objective. Fear and paralysis.

    My guess is these were just a couple knuckleheads. They caused enormous havoc and suffering, but they were just local knuckleheads. With a really bad exit strategy.

  20. Bif, i think a lot of people would have described Lee Harvey as a “just a knucklehead”. those types are easily duped and manipulated by professional psy ops types. note also the similarity in outcome for the accused “lone mastermind” in each case. dead men tell no tales.

  21. whether they were somehow entrapped, or not (not), they acted out of empathy for the “victims” of us imperialism. i guess. personally, except in very rare cases, i don’t buy into victim-hood, and have very little empathy for anyone; but that’s just me.

    bad exit strategy is putting it mildly. maybe they “wanted” to get caught? don’t know.

    i think that boston got “locked down” cause they were afraid of more bombs. plus, it was a good excuse to fuck with people. i guess.

    doom, you been watching too many james bond movies, or something.

  22. So dave, this Dave Cohen is THE arbiter for website content?

    I see the sensationalism in apologists feigning righteousness – in a blog post.

  23. UR, powerofnarrative post was a fun read. Thanks.

    God save the Republic.

    And the shame, was on the other side
    Oh, we can beat them, forever and ever

  24. i get it dave, the dog poop represents the official story of the boston bombings, the “lady” represents the ‘murican public, the dog represents the feds. great find.

  25. it’s just another sign of the system crashing. i’m all for enjoying what’s left of it before it gets so weird i’d rather be picking ice out of my moustache down in antarctica, takin mamba dance lessons from the penguins.

  26. the koreans want to pay me to help them extract methane gas from the seafloor off south korea. sure, give me a bunch of fiat won and watch me dance.

    i guess they haven’t heard about global warming and near term human extinction yet. i’m going to clue them, after i cash their checks. oh maybe not, let them continue making kias and smart phones awhile longer. they’re a tough bunch.

  27. hey doom, take me to korea. pawn me off as some sort fucking super genius savant who knows everything there is to know about methane. i’ll walk around and fart out loud a lot. then you can point at me and say, “see, i told you he was smart.” or something like that.

  28. Well, at least you didn’t link to a “sensational content mill”. Of course, there’s that credibility and objectivity thing, but hey, it’s mainstream baby.

    If there’s no economy, why are they building a school? Jeebus this is the south – nobody goes to a public school, they go a private or parochial (catholic in my case) school. Only Mississippi could be worse.

    Oh wait – hope & change – I forgot.

  29. Uncle, they’re building those things (schools and prisons) with borrowed fed money. it’s stimulus money, but as you can read, it’s now moron like life support for the community. we see similar stuff out here.

    it’s a nice article. i needed a hanky to get through it. lots of pain for old Bill to feel.

    on another, related note, last week in our resources seminar class a student showed a slide with CO2 increasing in north america air in the past few years despite the lowered economy and less folks driving, less oil imported. the student also showed data that cement manufacture is a big CO2 polluter. i brought up the possibility that the CO2 increase in recent time over north america could be from all those “shovel-ready” public works projects that the feds have been pushing with stimulus funds.

    damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  30. I could probably scare up a CO2 increase slide pointing the finger at bloviation, increased panting due to ongoing alternate lifestyle matriculation, additional tribal procreation efforts in the wake of increased drone activity, diplomacy, telephone polls, press junkets, congressional hyperventilating and huge huge jumps in gun show attendance.

    I concede my data might be flawed or cherry-picked or both, the possibility a of couple of circular references in my spreadsheet and the odd statistical weighting or three, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone as long as it’s on message. Message.

  31. moron interesing similarities between Oswald and the older of the Chechen bros: both had ties to Russia. Both had been involved with the DIA/CIA/FBI beforehand and may have been double agents. Both were “at the scene”. Both probably* thought they were on the team (they were, as potential fall guys/patsies) Both were accused of killing cops before they were successfully apprehended (= dangerous murderers). Both died and possibly were murdered before being interrogated or tried. Oswald was indeed murdered–i saw it live on TV–but by a “crazed lone assasain” Jack Ruby, who never confessed to anything and knew he had terminal cancer.

    one interesting difference: the younger brother is still alive and could possibly tell a different tale. it will be interesting to see how long he survives or if he ever gets to tell his story to the public.

    * speculation, I admit.

  32. RE interesting similarities – the classics never go away.

    yeah, you might even start thinking same MO, like those TV detectives on CSI.

    here’s another way of looking at the same thing, arctic ice loss, set to music and made with a supercomputer. i’d wager the supercomputer is part of the reason the arctic ice is being lost, but that’s another story.

  33. stay put uncle, they’ll all be back in a few moron million years.

    this reminds me of another true story: we were visiting the Anchorage, AK zoo. they had some elephants in a special a/c enclosure, which was lareg and musta cost big money. my suggestion: put coats on them elephants in winter = mastodons.

  34. “makes greer look succint” – I’m guessing this McPherson fellow doesn’t tweet…

    One way or the other, ugly is definitely on the menu. In the meantime, I gots businesses to run.

  35. OT @ GB – planted some Swiss chard *last* spring and despite basically ignoring it (some winter nights in the teens, drought, 100F+ summer days etc.), it is flourishing still. Had some last night – sauteed with onions in olive oil, real butter and garlic along with a tasty “Italian-style” (diced tomatoes, garlic, onions, mushrooms, various and sundry spices, egg & oats) meat loaf made from local grass-feed beef.

  36. dave, she once had implants. note scar under the one she is holding. then she went back to natural look, for whatever reasons. like a couple of flat tires. nice scenery.

  37. I really love dave cohen’s rants.

    “There is nothing to discuss here. The promise of limitless economic Progress—the rising tide lifting all boats—is bogus. That story is false. Those extolling the inherent goodness of economic growth are full of shit, and have been for the last 35 years here in the U.S.”

  38. god, that dave cohen turned out to be a real asshole. here i am trying to do him a favor.

    doom, you stated the mpp better than i ever could.

  39. I also said to cohen something like: you keep writing about some of the thermodynamic effects of humans on the ecosphere, but you forget that humans are also thermodynamic phenomena in their own right. they have no choice but to follow the rules like everything else out there.

    but i guess jh decided to edit that out. go figure.

  40. don’t worry dave, enough got through to show who the flaming asshole is, and it ain’t you. now he’s accused all of us on america2.0 (including host jay hanson) of belonging to some doomsday cult or religion. then he throws all the game pieces in the air and quits the list.

    haven’t seen as dumb an egotistical asshole since dale over at CFN days.

    thanks for the kudos on the MPP explanation. i did it all in my head without cribbing to the wiki, so i’m proud i got it sorta correct.

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