Total Information Awareness

Summer 2013

“Hard rock is not what springs to mind when you think of oppressed groups, but throughout its history, despite its popularity, it has received a great deal of dismissive criticism, and today there is not much of a hard-rock scene left. Queens of the Stone Age’s near-perfect new album, “. . . Like Clockwork,” an excellent example of the form, débuted at No. 1 in early June, but it arrives accompanied by no wave of critical attention or trend pieces. The band is on the indie label Matador, after almost ten years on Interscope. Maybe they need no cohort now…

…The sound was pleasantly harsh and rattling, and several notches higher than comfortable, which was exactly right. The controlled power and variety of the set suggestted that the Stone Age that Homme is interested in is rock itself, in all its iterations. It seems irrelevant whether popular and critical appreciation follows. The next album will simply continue the work.

– Sasha Frere-Jones, The New Yorker, July 1st, 2013

The ‘Making You Safe’ Lie
by Philip Giraldi
June 27, 2013

So the argument that the NSA surveillance program directed at nearly everyone all the time is making anyone safer is essentially bogus. Putting aside the enormous cost, the violation of both personal privacy rights and the constitutional prohibition of warrantless searches reveal it to be yet another building block in the piecemeal construction of the Total Information Awareness program that was initiated by the Pentagon shortly after 9/11. Total Information Awareness would have created a comprehensive file on everyone living in the US plus millions of people abroad. It would have marked the end of civil liberties in the United States and created a de facto police state based on the premise of doing what is necessary to protect the people from terrorism. That both the premise and the response are deeply flawed should be self-evident to every American who truly cares about the future of this country. But it clearly is not understood by those in congress and the media who continue to sell the snake oil.

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  1. QOTSA – reminds me of some dark times and some ugly souls, but they strike a chord with me.

    TIA – Blank Reg was prescient.

  2. so we’re getting our hair cuts at the salon the other evening. bored, i pick up a People magazine (not much to choose from there). on the cover: a picture of three smiling young women arm-in-arm, in brightly colored summer clothes, only they each have a missing leg and foot below the knee. the title reads to the effect of how they have overcome their disabilities and continue to enjoy life, yada, yada. ain’t these medical advances great, etc.

    i have to put the magazine down as nausea overcomes me. they were innocent pawns in some senseless psyops game. all played out by the vicious keystone kops, in full view of other, thinking americans. what do we do with those organizing and performing these “events”? they aren’t human. maybe we should treat them like so many crystals. make small ones from the bigger ones, or fuse the small ones into a glass.

  3. Hey Doom,
    What do you think of the Archdruids latest post re oceanic anoxic events?

  4. sorry yarra, but i make it a point not to read john michael greer. life’s too short to slog through all the verbal diarrhea he squirts. (i think he’s a blowhard.)

    now, oceanic annoxic events. they have happened in the past. some think our present global warming may make them happen again. i doubt it. the reason we have an icehouse world now is because of plate tectonics and the positions of the continents. after the human-released greenhose gases do their thing, like at the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (a spike in the geologic record), the planet will likely revert back to the usual glacial-interglacial cycle. of course, humans won’t be around anymoron. they would not have survived the PETM either.

  5. ur,

    she seems happy with them. so that’s good, i guess.

    there are few things that fuck with my mind, at this point in my life. but when i think of angelina jolie, or some similar woman, having her tits cut off…

  6. this just keeps getting moron interesting…

    ‘In a statement Thursday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for dialogue between Bolivia “and the European countries that barred the plane carrying President Evo Morales from flying over their airspaces this Wednesday.”

    According to a statement issued by his office, Ban “urges the states concerned to discuss the matter with full respect for the legitimate interests involved.”

    Ecuador’s Correa sharply criticized the United States for its role in the situation . In a speech Thursday at the Bolivian rally, he read an excerpt from the U.S. Declaration of Independence and decried what he said was the country’s hypocrisy.

    “They keep having a double standard,” he said.

    Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said the countries must apologize.

    “At least here in South America, when we make a mistake, we recognize it and at least ask for forgiveness from those we have offended. … Let them apologize for once in their lives for what they have done,” she said.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed the CIA, saying he believes the agency pressured governments to refuse to allow Morales through their airspace.

    “What just happened with the South American indigenous leader Evo Morales shows the level of madness and desperation that the (U.S.) empire has reached,” he said.’

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