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On the other side, 1994 was terrible.
G’N’R down, Cobain dead, Bieber born!

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  1. A lot of people don’t know this but Cher got an M.S. in Peak Oil Studies from Disco Tech. Maybe thats why I like Cher and the song.

  2. “Suburban lawns gone fallow.”

    Sounds like my yard. I have to get some mowing done soon. Then, I have to do something about that woodchuck under my shed. One of us has to go.

  3. I think I got rid of its mate just recently. The larger chuck must be the female. Same thing happened last year. We’re talking about a big, smart female chuck…the worst kind.

  4. GB, what does woodchuck taste like? i just knowingly tasted horse here. not too bad, but i prefer beef. italians will eat anything, like the chinese. this prepares them for hard times, i guess.

  5. Not having ever eaten a woodchuck, I would guess that the best thing to do would be to skin it, remove guts, clean it, put back meat with haunches in a pot with spring water, root vegetables, seasoning and cook on low heat until meat falls off bone. Can’t be much different than rabbit in taste.

  6. We have a new prime minister.
    Oh well, it’s springtime so change might be good – maybe this one comes with special sauce.

  7. try breading your woodchuck or pm in small pieces, by using an egg dip and fine corn crumbs. pan fry in hot vegetable oil, flipping once, then turn down heat and cover, add water and cream sherry, let simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. we used to do this for our cottontail rabbits. very tender and delicious.

  8. some movies that i’m interested in, but can’t seem to get ahold of:

    black fish
    louis cyr: the strongest man on earth
    iron generation
    pain & gain

  9. hey nudge! How you doing?

    here’s an interesting factoid: Italians in Catania, Sicily, pride themselves on their seafood cuisine. every time I saw fish being served in restaurants and at our workshop lunches, it was “swordfish”, probably flown in flash-frozen from the South Atlantic, one of the last bastions for wild fish. no fishing boats seen in the harbor. i think the Med is completely fished out.

    recall this lecture by the late Al Bartlett?

  10. Thanks for the heads up Doom.
    Shame to see him go, still; he’d understand we have to keep the death rate up.

  11. dave, is that “black fish” movie about the seaworld trainer chick that was drowned by her killer whale during an act? it looks like it might be a good expose of that entertainment industry. seaworld sucks. they make a lot of dough off ignorant humans, incuding their employees.

  12. i think the movie is about cetacea exploitation in general. i think.

    i don’t think she got drowned, that’s the seaworld spin. i think she pretty much got eaten, and not in a pleasurable way. i think

  13. interesting corporate mentality displayed by seaworld:

    “Ms. Flaherty Clark blames the lack of success for recall signals on the trainers: “Human nature has put some trainers in situations where they slapped the water inappropriately” (Tr. 192). This is a typical response of SeaWorld to incidents where the killer whales fail to act in a predictable manner. Because it is not part of SeaWorld’s corporate culture to acknowledge unpredictable behavior by its killer whales, it must necessarily find that its trainers are implementing the program incorrectly.”

    “The pressure on the trainers is increased by the expectation that they will continue with the show performance regardless of the precursors demonstrated by the killer whales. Although SeaWorld’s official stance is that trainers have the option to end a show if they feel uncomfortable with the situation, the reality is SeaWorld discourages such action.”

  14. reads like a script from a Speilberg “Jurassic Park” movie:

    “Any trainer unfortunate enough to have to file an incident report is subject to second-guessing by his or her superiors, who will always find the trainer did something wrong, otherwise there would be no incident report.”

    of course, this means such report filings are minimal from those wishing to keep their jobs.

  15. the gritty part:

    “Dr. Duffus sat on the coroner’s jury that investigated K. B.’s death, and he reviewed the medical examiner’s report in Ms. Brancheau’s death. He writes, “It is not simply death and injury. In the two cases where Tilikum has killed trainers, their deaths were not instant. To be repeatedly held underwater, grasped in the mouth of a rapidly swimming killer whale and to be pursued under and at the surface of the water, all at the time knowing your death is the likely outcome is an unimaginable event. It is not whales playing, or an accident, it is a large carnivorous predator undertaking what thousands of generations of natural selection prepared it for” (Exh. C-12, p. 15).”

  16. When imprisoned wild animal corporate assets go mad, in an environment harboring umpteen OSHA violations, well, you won’t believe what happens next!

    I also thought the court decision was interesting reading. Its embarrassing we still tolerate the circus animal industry as some legitimate thing. Like the animals probably say, people sure are funny.

  17. UY, not reading any blogs presently due to a dearth of free time. Did you mean CFN? Jimbo’s still at it with his stopped-calendar predictions so I read him perhaps 1x yearly. Or FTA? That’s been deleted, but thanks to that new NSA portal you can get back pretty much anything.

  18. I’ve never been to SeaWorld but I did go to the prison rodeo in Bismarck once. Kind of the same thing there (e.g. you wouldn’t want to fall in). The big crowd pleaser event at the end of the rodeo was called “easy money”. All the inmates are turned into the arena and a big angry bull is released. He has a $100 bill taped to his forehead. All sorts of hilarious antics ensue as inmates risk life and limb to snatch the money from the raging beast. Crowd goes wild. Then the show ends and everyone left standing in the arena is ushered back into their cages, except the stretcher bearers of course.

  19. nah, we’re just practicing for the big event. when the opponents rise above insurgent level action and start downing planes and sinking aircraft carriers, then all hell breaks loose.

  20. Does anyone still feel like we’re living in “interesting times”? That’s so 2008. This grind seems more tedious than interesting. Too me. I’ve taken up golf for gods sake. Permaculture is on hold. Who would have thought.

  21. yeah, goddamnit, i’m gettin tired of all this heat and humidity, acid seawater, and no fish, just chicken on the menu. i might just head south and hang with the wild killer whales in antarctica. maybe teach ’em some jump tricks and get rich.

  22. golf sounds like fun. it’s tango season for me.

    nothing changes, then everything is different. i guess. my life seems to have been composed of long periods of monotony. then something will happen that changes everything.

    doom, you’re in fucking hi and you can’t get any fish? that sounds kinda fucked up. i’ve been on a steak kick lately. ribeye.

  23. per an interesting article by nate hagens on TOD, the reason things got dull again after 2008 was the government colluded with the big financial banks to pump (loan out) debt at low-to-no interest. debt growth replaced real GDP growth when cheap oil energy was no longer available to fuel real growth. as long as no one calls their debt bluff (it can’t be repaid) we all get along on promises, or “credit”, backed in the west by the mighty US military.

    at least that’s my simple minded explanation/understanding. have a read of it here (part 1 of 2):

  24. dave, fish is available here but expensive. we usually buy the ahi or au poke. we had porterhouse BBQ last night with a bottle of claret. hard to reproduce that in italy for less than a king’s randsome.

    like in france, plenty of cheap, crappy wine available in italy. you need a local to find a good one that is reasonably priced. on our own, we just settled for the beer, that was consistent in quality if not the best. becks sucks–it’s the bud of german beers.

  25. The First Mechanical Gear Found in a Living Creature

    Doom, unfortunate about fish in HI. Last time I was there (mid 80’s) I had fish at every opportunity – at least once a day, as much as three. Now, unless I know for sure where it came from and how it was raised, I don’t eat or buy it. So, not a lot of fish. Local-raised grass-fed beef sans injections is available.

  26. you know the romans pulled the same action on the rest of their known world and lived well with the loot and on the backs of others for a long time. they had a mighty military also. i think inflation caught up to them. with valueless money, the quality of the troops fell until they were recruiting the recently turned opposition, i.e. barbarians of mixed quality and allegence. we see some of that now with former illegal aliens granted citizenship and next thing you know, they’re in our military. the die was cast there when they went to all-volunteer.

    anyway, enjoy your day. knustler has a post up suggesting a possible end to the party. Bif should be careful of what he wishes for, if it’s a return to “interesting times”.

  27. Omfg. Just found the data from NHANES showing that 99.7% of the women in the US are shorter than me. This explains many things.

  28. Bif wrote: “Does anyone still feel like we’re living in “interesting times”? That’s so 2008. This grind seems more tedious than interesting. Too me. I’ve taken up golf for gods sake. Permaculture is on hold. Who would have thought.”

    And this is precisely why I use Kunstler’s material only as birdcage liner. This whole doom thing (doom-with-a-lowercase-d of course) is so 2006. Yawn. Chances are the big event won’t even happen in my lifetime. Meanwhile, there’s people to see and stuff to do.

  29. Tall woman. Smart. Good at archery. You’re either hardy peasant stock or a warrior princess. Either way you might have a real advantage.

  30. please stick around, Bif and nudge, i’m sure there’s some stuff cookin to make your times interesting again. meanwhile, how about a little jerry lee?

  31. my parents used to torture me every week by watching this guy’s show, and i use the word “guy” very “liberaceally”. what de hell, torture is back in fashion these days.

  32. Dave keeps his distance for now. I may have met him already somewhere but am not too sure.

    Definitely sticking around.

  33. reminds me of what happened to a male college student out here (sorry, probably another repeat tale). i wonder if the motorcycle helmut saved him in this case? i kinda doubt it.

    anywho, on the campus incident he was riding his bike (with a bike helmut? i know, so what) next to the dump truck. the truck struck him on a turn, he lost balance, fell and was immediately under the rear wheels.

    [told to me much later] my friend was travelling the opposite way on the same street at the time. he said he heard the commotion, in a big snap sound like a tree limb broke. he thought that was what happened and continued to drive on. later, he found out it was the sound of the kid’s head being crushed. the first students on the scene threw up at the sight of him.

  34. ‘Stateside or elsewhere as well?
    (seat belt usage being different in different parts of the globe and all that)

  35. as a young lad growing up, i had an older brother who liked to ride motorcycles. after visiting him in the hospital a couple of times over the years, all banged up from dumping his cycle, usually in front of a car that didn’t see him, or off the road into a ditch, the lesson was burned into my developing brain that cycles are dangerous, and motorcycles are just danger raised to some power of speed.

    you know my parents didn’t even have to lecture me. just show the results, in shades of black and blue and red, peaking through all those bandages.

    of course that didn’t stop me from riding bicycles, and i had a few crashes with them and close calls. you can’t drive defensively enough. cars and bikes don’t mix well, and weather can pose its own hazards. but of course you already knew this shit. maybe the NSA spies don’t know, so it could be a lesson for those young turks. [psst: go america! no. 1!]

  36. as a young man i rode motorcycles. had some incidents, but still here to talk about it, eh.

    about 3 years ago i got the itch again and went out and bought one, a motorcycle. i sold it after about 6 months. just wasn’t the same. no matter how much you may want to, you can never go back. i think.

  37. i like riding bicycles. i think they’re pretty good general transportation and you get some exercise at the same time. hills and head winds suck.

    but you’re right bikes and cars don’t mix real well. some day they’ll be prying me out of some asshole’s radiator grill, i guess.

  38. i have a bike also. i ride it around in areas with few cars, for exercise. mostly, it waits for the time when few to no gasoline powered vehicles rule the roads. at the rate that day approaches, i might be too old to ride it anymoron.

    i really think/believe the end times will be here once the grids go down and stay down. that’s when the gloves come off our civilization. you think you have problems with road debris now? just wait.

  39. Schwalbe may be the best urban tires. I’ve used them, don’t remember what model. Also I have a set of Continental “Contacts” 700c. Kind of the same principle. Urban, sturdy, durable, but kind of heavy.

  40. Dave I’m guessing dooms right its photoshop. Or she’s French or Italian. Definitely not Brazilian. There’s enough hair there it should have a name.

  41. I used to think it was Phoenix, but Georgia is now the front lines of doom. They are running out of water and fighting with Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. Metro Atlanta is out of control. Its a giant steamy resource-sucking mass.

  42. Georgia almost had to shut down a nuke plant a few years back because the river that supplied the cooling water reached a critical low level. their response to this and other climate warning signs? why, commission two moron nukes to be built in the region, of course.

    don’t worry Bif, we won’t miss them. i hope they don’t leave too big a mess for the neighboring states.

  43. JR’s good friend gail tiverberg lives in Atlanta. a little ironic, or not, for someone who writes about the implications of resource depletion, depending upon your opinion of her IQ.

  44. AFAIK Far lives somewhere near Atlanta too, no?

    That’s some impressive bush. Makes me glad I’ve been doing laser treatments to improve the bikini line.

  45. to be fair to gail, she’s an older lady who has elderly relatives in care facilities or perhaps her home in the city. she probably gets the implications of culture collapse there, i.e., being kicked into a ditch with old doom.

  46. nah, doom believes the the twin towers and building 7 were inside jobs. fuck him. that girl grew that bush all on her own. there is/was no conspiracy.

    like i always say: where’s the fucking beef?

  47. that’s what ee does. she thinks that bho is talking squirrel. so she believes every word that he says. i agree. i never argue with a talking squirrel.

  48. atlanta has to be one of the most blow ass places on earth. ever try to find a worthwhile whore in atlanta? i have.

  49. well, as a kid i always had a lot of respect for rocky the flying squirrel. i thought his sidekick, the tall silly moose, was funny in a stupid kind of way.

    anyway, everyone knew that boris and natasha were the best. bho is not nearly as clever. oh, and the adventures with the “way back machine” were cool, too.

    WTF do kids watch thee days? stupid spongebob shit?

  50. there are no guarantees in life.

    i thought that is little black kid was micheal jackon’s and kurt cobain’s love child.

  51. yeah, i just watched that video again. i really like his lip gloss and minimalist dance style.

    i recommend another listen. it might grow on you, but maybe not. matters of taste are hard to predict. i think.

  52. for moi, it’s depressing to see all the US propaganda, mostly war talk, being broadcast by CNN and the rest of the MSM, although i’m not monitoring the rest as much as CNN.

  53. ya know dave, when i tell the kids in class that there’s a very good chance that they are all going to die young, and here’s why, watch the slide show, etc., it does get their attention. i’d say most are even hanging on my every word these days.

    but like i say: “don’t despair, be aware”.

  54. boy, those old italians living at the base of Vesuvious, thinking or moron like hoping things were going to be okay. first, a devastating earthquake (marking the arrival of a new magma reservoir, no doubt), then further rumblings, tremors, the sky goes dark, lightening popping everywhere, a downpour, more rumbling and a 30-60-foot high wall of boiling hot, steaming mud streaking down the mountain, coming your way…. maybe that vacation trip to visit the relatives in Greece would have been a good idea, after all.

  55. speaking of dying, kind of sad about TOD ( site. i used materials from TOD for educational purposes right up to very near the end. glad to know it will live on as an archived site, but of course the stored material will lose its freshness over time.

  56. Bollywood is always so uplifting and fun.

    Hong Kong is an interesting place, as is Singapore. Stayed in the new Raffles hotel there, but ate at the old one across the street (the former Japanese high command HQ). Had some drinks in the Poet’s Bar.

  57. I love Hong Kong but my business there dried up. I went for broke in Wan Chai. Its all just a dream now.

    Never got to Singapore, but would love to. Would give my right nut almost.

    Oh well.

  58. Doom when in HK did you make it over to Kowloon and go to Wong Tai Sin temple? I used to pray there. Loved the place. Burnt big fist fulls of incense punks. Didn’t do any good that I know of but the prostration workouts helped work up a hearty beer thirst. After that it was up to interpretation whether you got lucky.

  59. these days, i’d advise seeing Tokyo while it’s still occupied by people*. i’d say chances are about 50:50 they’ll have to evacuate the area, the way things are going up in Fukushima. one good earthquake or storm…

    * in another one of my bad ideas, suggest that China allow the Tokyo refugees to occupy their “ghost cities”. where else is Japan going to find room for 26 million (and their pets)? just being expedient.

  60. nah, didn’t visit those temples in HK. did a lot of that incense burning in Japan, though. saw the great Buddha in Nara (protected by a bunch of aggresive deer) and the famous “outdoor” Buddha in Kamakura.

  61. “We are basically now just as programmed as 10,000 years ago. If one of our ancestors could be attacked by a tiger, he also was not worried about the future, but his present survival. My concern is that for genetic reasons we are just not able to deal with such things as long-term climate change. As long as we do not learn that, there is no way to solve all these problems. There’s nothing we could do..”—Dennis Meadows

  62. nice poem from the comments section to the article linked below:

    “Mutant rats and hot particles!
    Round up all Nukists
    and apply some sharp articles!
    Don’t waste time and yen
    on litigious flummery –
    make it battlefield quick, drumhead and summary!”

    i remind you that one of the largest democratic moves of all time is currently playing out in Japan. not one of about 50 nuke power reactors scattered about that country is currently in operation. why? because local governments, at the major and county level at each site have not approved restarting any facility without proof they are safe. the feds want them restarted, but cannot/will not provide the proof of safety. so, it’s a standoff, so far.

  63. good grief… the third nuclear explosion over Japan. This time they did it to themselves. Let’s pray they don’t have anymoron.

    “Excerpt from ‘The Accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant‘

    The unit 3 reactor exploded on March 14, and the cause of the explosion is still being debated. A very strong flash of light was seen at the beginning and several detonation sounds were heard. The smoke due to the explosion was not quite the same as that of the unit 1 reactor […] In the case of the hydrogen explosion at unit 1, the vapor spread horizontally. The smoke from the unit 3 reactor was actually gray to black, rather than white. It has been suggested that a water vapor explosion was immediately accompanied by a nuclear explosion. The TEPCo have now officially called it “detonation”. The hot fuel rods caused a rapid expansion of the water added (water vapor explosion). This caused the collapse of the water shield between the fuel rods stored in the storing pool, and this may have caused a supercritical condition momentarily and, hence, led to a nuclear explosion […] The nuclear explosion was not very extensive, but there is a sign that it may have occurred at the storing pool […] If this is, indeed,the case, then not only fission products but also U-238. U-235, Pa-239, and neutrons would have been released. Pu-239 (and also other Pu isotopes) has been detected around the plant and up to several tens of kilometers away, though not as high as in the Chernobyl case, and, also, neutrons were observed in the premises of the plant. Data from several of the EPA’s radiation monitoring stations (in the USA) recorded sudden increases of Pu-239, U-234, and U-238 after the Fukushima accidents, particularly in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and California. These data suggest the release of fuel rod material itself in addition to fission products, and are consistent with the notion that a nuclear explosion, indeed, took place. This description is entirely a conjecture based on what has been observed, but much uncertainty still exists regarding the explosion at unit 3.”

  64. “more terrifying than the radiation hovering over fukushima is the black cloud covering the truth.”

    nice video. it seems the common people in japan have moved from the shock and denial stage well into the anger stage. that anger is focused on their goverment and tepco. they’re getting tired of being lied to, and around to asking the right questions. there will be no going back to BAU with nuclear there. one person warns that japan’s society is on the verge of collapse over fukushima.

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