77 Replies to “October Gov Shutdown Thread”

  1. i’m beginning to wonder when the pinch will hit. closing the parks is one thing, no one printing the SS checks may be quite another. oh thank goodness our military can still bully around the rest of the planet.

  2. Yeah, I picked pole beans and crookneck squash today, too. No real frost yet. Bonus weather.

    Kinda dry around here. Not a great season for fungi. Are you finding any?

  3. haven’t been looking to much. i saw some cinnamon boletes the other day. but i don’t really care for them. so i left them.

  4. While you’re waiting….


    On another note, one of my larger clients is looking at furlough come Friday. Interesting to hear some of the uninformed and emotional commentary. Which is precisely how the gov’t wants it.

    Meh, no surprises.

  5. Now that you mention it haven’t seen too many mushrooms this year.

    My black walnut tree is dangerous though. For past two weeks you can’t walk under it without pretty good possibility of getting hit by a falling nut. Thousands of them have fallen. Little bigger than a golf ball, just as hard, and heavier. From branches 40 or 50 ft. up they come down hard and fast. I bet it would really hurt and leave bruises. I stay back.

  6. it’s the neighborhood squirrels throwing them at you.

    i’ll probably go out looking for mushrooms today. we’ve had a couple days of rain.

  7. yeah, i just wish that humans finish what they started. let’s turn this place into a nice sterile rock spinning threw nowhere. i hope.

  8. the producers of that nice video should look up the terms “runaway greenhouse”, “tipping point” (as in past it), “climate chaos”, “multiple positive feedbacks”, “sixth mass extinction event”, etc. the plea at the end is just ludicrus, in light of what they previously presented.

    it’s like, “oh wow man, sixth mass extinction event, gonna be on par with the Permo-Triassic one, that might be bad. we gotta do something, quick!” as if. they must smoke some pretty nice weed.

  9. god, i eaten more eggplant in the last 3 months, than in the last 10 years before that. i don’t even like eggplant that much. “black beauty”, a hybrid of some some, extra prolific.

  10. yeah, all my stuff did real well this year. the eggplants were just surprising.

    i don’t like to endorse products. but the only thing that i really did differently this year was to use this “bonnie” stuff while i was hardening the plants, and a couple of times early in the season.


    if i remember your back yard correctly, you have some shade issues, forget eggplants. i guess.

  11. Actually, I get pretty near full, all day sun on my garden in summer. I have thin, sandy soil that doesn’t hold fertility all that well. Eggplant demand fertile soil and warmth. I’ll bet your soil is more of a clay loam and your microclimate is warmer.

  12. Also, I’ve been neglecting my annual garden during parts of the growing season the last few years. Some plants (not eggplant) are thrifty enough to thrive despite neglect.

  13. That big oak tree in the center of my back yard doesn’t shade my garden much now. I had 2 or 3 big limbs taken down last fall. Gave me firewood for this year and next. Should have made shitake logs out of it.

  14. “The development of the civilization is accompanied by the exponential increase in the energy production, which should certainly lead to an ecological catastrophe on the Earth. The increase in the energy consumption cannot be stopped (since it is an objective law of the nature) and, therefore, the mankind will have, in order to survive, to place the energy production and consumption to the outer space.”


    of course, this is simply not true, if you define your terms and bounds correctly. were the roman or mayan civilizations in danger of consuming the earth? i don’t think so. only if you define those collapsed and now ancient civilizations as part of the present, as a quasi-continuous phase of pulsing human consumption, does that statement hold.

    also, fusion energy would essentially be unlimited and pollution free. it’s Liebig’s Law of the Minimum that will eventually get humans stuck on their pale blue dot.

  15. Hi Doom,
    I was lucky enough to get into the Australian War memorial annex a few years ago and saw their Me-262. When you look at the nose of a Me-262 (4 x 50mm cannons) you realise what a mean piece of equipment it’d be in the right hands. Swept wings, low drag, narrow & deadly cone of firing, etc.
    My brother saw a picture once of a bunch of 262’s shot up on the tarmac somewhere. He bemoaned how terrible it was to have all those new, advanced aircraft destroyed. I said if I was an allied pilot and I had the chance to destroy something that deadly while it was still on the ground I’d do it every time.

  16. Wow, an ME262 with four 50mm cannons!? Even by today’s standards for ass-beating weaponry, that’s pretty fucked up. Those would do more than just knock down a B-17. They would tear it up into pieces and chunks.

  17. “…therefore, the mankind will have, in order to survive, to place the energy production and consumption to the outer space.”

    i did the calculations in this space awhile back. this is another fallacy. the waste heat is most definitely not the issue. it’s the production of greenhouse gases that trap incoming sunlight. the sooner we get off fossil fuel, the better for all living things except maybe jellyfish.

  18. my oldest son and i visited the national air & space museum at the smithsonian a few years ago. one of the rooms had a Me-262 and a USAF F-86 Sabertooth parked side-by-side. of course, not a fair comparison at all, as the F-86 was much younger and had benefitted from jet turbine technology stolen, err, “borrowed” from the germans. but, that’s politics, for you.

    anyway, totally undeterred by the set up, we oogled the Me-262, and basically ignored the american “competitor”. one thing that struck me was the Me-262 size: it’s not that small. i recall noticing at least two 50 mm gun ports, and now that yarra brings it up, i think it indeed had four gun ports on it up front.

    the germans invented the jet turbine. they still make some of the best turbo pumps. i own about 6 of them. they all work, all de time.

  19. “By this principle, a nonequilibrium system develops so as to maximize its entropy production under present constraints.”

    yeah, this is all anyone needs to know, about anything. liebeg’s law is simply a formal acknowledgement that there are constraints. i’d say.

  20. you are correct, o wise one. you know, i guess the big innovation the smithsonians were trying to display was the F-86 Sabre (not Sabretooth, sorry) was one of the first planes with internal jet engines, not on the wing. however, see post above. the germans were first there, also. the F-86 was also swept wing, moron so than the Me-262. it was a good plane, and we killed a lot of north koreans and busted up their stuff with them.

  21. If any of you guys get out to Oz, try and go to Temora aviation musuem.
    They have regular flying days. The Sabre they have there is now flight certified.
    BTW, wikipedia reckons 30mm cannons in the Me-262. I’ll defer to them given that they didn’t let me put live rounds in the muzzle to check.

  22. will do, yarra. hope to make it down there at least one more time.

    say, kunstler did a nice job on this piece: http://kunstler.com/other-stuff/returning-to-the-real-the-virtual-is-not-an-adequate-substitute-for-the-authentic/

    the problem with reading all of it is he’s shilling for chris martenson’s site nowadays. so, to read both parts 1 & 2, you have to pay CM. i’m not cheap, i just don’t want to pay CM for such enlightenment. blood sucking capitalist.

  23. Another deer dropped dead in its tracks.

    Today I have been making my now famous venison, butter, olive oil, onions, cilantro, garlic, and ginger/tumeric/saffron tagine (Moroccan style) with cinnamon/honey/prune sauce and some sesame seeds. Cous cous, beet salad, olives. Fresh bread. Beer and wine of course.

  24. ever notice how the truth has a certain dull thud to it, like hitting lead with a hammer?

    “The 2011 Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster – Kyoto University’s Okada Norio, Yoshio Kajitani, Hirokazu Tatano & Beijing University’s Tao Ye, Peijun Shi: [T]he nuclear accident gradually became a level 7 nuclear event, which is a major accident and the highest level on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES), equivalent to the Chernobyl disaster in April 1986. The radiation in the vicinity of the reactor rose steeply, becoming a deadly threat to the local residents […] three units were exposed to level 7 accidents and one unit was exposed to a level 3 incident. The critical issue in the crisis became the cooling systems failures. […] The high temperature turned most of the internal coolant water into steam, which in turn exposed the fuel rods to air. […] Fuel would escape away from control rods, intensify decay, melt through the reactor floor, and consequently induce a massive release of radioactive isotopes, a worst case scenario. […] Radioactive isotopes released from Fukushima were later detected in North America and other regions in the world. […] The long-term impact of the nuclear crisis to Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, and the entire world is still not fully revealed. […] The radioactive contamination caused by the nuclear accident following the earthquake and tsunami is affecting the rest of the world through atmospheric circulation. The polluted water released by the Tokyo Electric Power Company is likely to affect the entire Pacific Ocean in the coming decades.”

  25. Dave I have thought of doing something with heart but have not. Good question. Should probably look into it. How to process, cook etc. Probably missing a good opportunity there. Not too interested in kidneys and liver but because of my ignorance I may be missing out on something good there as well. I’m sure the coyotes aren’t complaining about it; the treasures they find in the gut pile.

  26. something of a liver connoisseur myself. i have been known to make a liver tartar, but it’s not something i do regularly. i have to be real sure about the source. also, as i’ve gotten older, liver seems to trigger gout attacks. gout, a very mysterious ailment.

    never had deer heart. but heart, in general, is tough, chewy, almost rubbery, nonetheless tasty, in my experience.

    kidney-meh, take it or leave it.

    bone marrow – sometimes i’ll buy some cut up soup bones. i put them in a frying pan and eat the marrow. not my favorite thing.

    brain and lung – too skeevy.

    of course, we’ve all used intestine as sausage casing.

    hagus? nope.

    testicles? penis? nope.

    misc. stuff? spleen? bladder? uterus? – i don’t think so.

    i’m sure the coyotes leave nothing to waste.

  27. i think i read someplace that someone studying coyotes in the new york metro area, determined that about 13% of their diet was domestic cats. i often hear coyotes yelping around here. at least i’m pretty sure it’s coyotes that i hear. anyhoo, i keep my cats in at night.

  28. Yeah, my new neighbor come over the other day to ask if I had seen his little black and white cat. He said it never goes outside but had missing all night. I said I’d keep an eye open for it, but I was wondering if maybe it had become a tasty snack for an owl or coyote. Would a grey fox take a cat? I have them around too.

  29. Doom, no have not tried to make venison jerky but that’s another good idea. People have given me some and it tastes pretty good. I will be attempting to take another deer this fall and may give it a try.

  30. a good friend out here goes deer hunting a lot. he’s in Oregon hunting right now. he makes deer jerky out of the “other parts” of the deer. that said, i know he also likes to do as much butchering as he can in the field, to cut down on the carry weight.

    anywho, i suppose he uses the lesser cuts for the jerky, which we grinds and adds spices to before rack drying. his jerky is very popular. if the wife and kids get to it before i do, i get next to none, unless it’s too spicy for average folks. he even sneaks a bag for me to keep at the office. what a pal.

  31. Hey: BTW I forgot to mention, that Phoebe Killdeer song I posted on Oct 7 is a real good doomer song.

    “…It’s everywhere I look, From Las Vegas to right here… It’s creeping in sweetly It’s definitely here… We are all plunging straight towards our own decline…. Without noticing. We slide Down Deeper down…. The shadows grows without ever slowing down… We are heading straight Into the fade out line….”

    Well ther you have it, coyotes and foxes, ladies and chimps.

  32. Anchorge, AK will be one of the last US cities be notice climate change, according to a new study published in Nature magazine. they won’t notice the climate changing until about 2079. Indonesian cities will notice it getting hotter and moron humid by as early as 2020.

  33. today our dean announced that a fellow faculty member won a prestigious prize for figuring out how to grow more acid-resistant coral. i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. maybe we should all buy lots of AC units to fight climate change/global warming. award the highest unit salesperson with a prestigious prize.

  34. we’ve had a lot of warm, sticky weather out here in the middle of freaking nowhere. i don’t recall an October being so warm and humid since i originally dropped out of the sky here.

  35. doom, or anyone else here, (addressing doom cause i know he reads america 2.0) did you read jhk’s piece on how the “christian right” is plotting chaos and demise of the us government? for someone with a self proclaimed allergy to conspiracy theories… just kinda funny, to me anyway.

  36. the only consistency i see in JHK is his avid zionism. i have not read the piece, though. did he link to it over on america2.0?

    this idea fits into his “corn pone” nazi meme of predictions. personally, i like corn pones.

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