The Whole World? Freaks.

Hey I found this old snapshot of Nudge, Doom and JR:


Never mind that man behind the curtain. Well, never mind that. Here’s the origin country of ZK page views over the last 365 days. Cut it off at 20.

ZK page views

Don’t know why. Must be the rockin’ tunes.

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  1. watching that bear perform is dangerous to minds that think all brown bears are cute, cuddly, docile animals like him/her. “nice bear, here’s some tasty food….hey, let go of my hand! ouch, oh my God, no! Help!”

  2. Bif, look at the steep drop off the US hits. looks like a classic exponential decay. top four countries all english-speaking. interesting tail of euro countries and South Korea. by the visits level of Brazil, it looks like random background noise. i wonder if this is a typical distribution for a blog site in north america?

  3. probably raised from a cub. if a male, then a dangerous time would be puberty. contact with other bears might change its mood, as well. the trainer seems very confident. playing with fire, IMO.

  4. re: america2.0, i guess i stuck my hand into the girls’ fragile egos over there. i was just trying to point out a mistake (and some ignorance it revealed). pulled back a bloody stump. been grizzled.

  5. dave, you’re thinking of Kodiak Island brown bears, and a similar subspecies up in the Denali Park area. i’ve seen the latter from the safety of a bus. really, really big bears. well fed.

  6. doom, re:america 2.0, not sure what you’re talking about. i’ll have to go back and look through some of the messages. i guess.

  7. yeah, it didn’t work out so well for the Grizzly Man and his bride, in the end, as i recall. i think they were on their honeymoon campout, when he finally met up with a grizzly that didn’t fear him or take no for an answer. she died kinda heroically, trying to save him. he wisely told her to run away. she didn’t, and was also killed and eaten. fucking bears.

  8. one thing i really enjoy about the Speilberg Jurassic Park movies, is they portray what it would be like living with a bunch of highly capable predators running around. it’s not just a good thing that they’re all extinct (except for small birds), it’s mandatory for us humans. they were so good, they could give humans with modern weapons a hard time, like they do in the movies.

    bears are a bit of a throwback. i guess wolves are also. there are a bunch of wolves stories in the russian literature. of course, they use teamwork, just like early humans did when wiping out the last of the Pleistocene megafauna.

  9. I got taken out by a Doberman named Lucifer once and it left me scarred in several ways. Maybe that’s why the big sharp toothy animals scare me. Bears, wolves, gorillas, sharks, etc. I can still smell Lucifer’s breath.

  10. This “evacuate tokyo” guy. What makes him so in the know. Just some guy I guess. I’d like to ask him where he gets his shirts. Its hard to find good shirts these days

  11. the good doctor is telling the truth about the dangers of Fukushima. it’s the other stuff he says that got my attention. i think he’s right that Japan was used as a guinea pig by the US military-industrial complex after WWII. now that they’ve suffered a grevious natural disaster, their true vulnerability has been exposed, like three of their melted reactor cores and stacks and stacks of spent fuel rods all over, hot as Hell. meanwhile, GE and the rest of the moronic industrial complex just whistles as they pass that graveyard. “must be the japanese’s problem, dunno, duh.”

    progress is our most important product. there’s a lot of irony here, but fuck that, this is important, so don’t write it down.

  12. Some poor bastard in Japan is the only recorded survivor of Hiroshima AND Nagasaki. He had relatives in Nagasaki and went there as soon as the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.
    A bit like the old guy who laughs at someone who made fun of him who’s now dead. The older you get, the funnier it is.

  13. so it sounds like dmitry orlov, disappointed with the sales of his last book and, i’m guessing, somewhat chagrinned at attacks upon him by the feminist radical types regarding his worldview of a post-collapse society, is about to abandon that topic and launch a new company to promote a better way to learn and use english.

    well okay, but as some others have already pointed out in his comments, it’s kinda sorta eleventh hour to be starting a new company and major linguistics project. the last i heard (per Hirsch report), somewhere around 2015 things will get bumpy with the global oil supply, and by 2018-2020, the wheels might come off, and that’s assuming the financials can still find ways to extend and pretend until then.

  14. Yes, it was a conspiracy, knuckleheads. Oswald (or whoever it was up in the depository) could not have fired the final shot (notice I don’t say fatal, as I think the first shot that hit JFK was probably fatal) because it came from in front of the limo. JFK’s head clearly kicks back, toward the rear of the limo, from his former forward slump. Jackie reaches back, and crawls on the trunk to retrieve some of Jack’s gray matter, that she later offers to the doctor at the hospital. “Here Doc, maybe you can sew it back in, or somethin?” (I know, dark comedy).

    The physics and forensics don’t lie. The depository shooter used metal jacketed bullets (recall the “magic bullet” bullshit), the final head shot fragmented, like a hollow point. I’ll bet the chemical composition of those bullet types are quite diferent, as well, assuming someone wanted them tested for all to see.

    Anyway, that bit of filming turned what would have been a nice coverup into yet another look behind the curtain, so many years ago. I was in my 8th grade social studies class, when reality came in the door and whispered into the ear of our teacher, about 9 AM PST. Suddenly, we were all in graduate school.

  15. all “advanced” civilizations run on slave power. the romans and the maya used to have plenty of slaves around, plus livestock. the difference now, with this one is moron gets done with the help of robotic energy slaves.

    our tour guide at Pompeii told us the city’s citizens would have their personal slaves sit on the cold marble slabs of the public restrooms, to warm up their seat area on cold Italian mornings. some of the plaster body casts had thick belts across their midsections–the mark of a slave. i suppose they could be pulled around; tied up, etc. by the belt.

    a lot of the 2500 or so mummies found were probaby slaves, perhaps tied up so they couldn’t leave. maybe they were just instructed to guard the property until their masters returned? is suppose the rest of the over 20,000 inhabitants escaped, or at least they left no corpses.

    i see no difference between what Amazon, etc., is doing now and those practices of the ancients. maybe the ancients were moron forthright about their operations, dunno. the romans left a lot of their propaganda behind, carved as slogans all over the place.

  16. BILL MOYERS: You paint a very grim picture of the state of democracy, and yet you don’t seem contaminated by cynicism yourself.

    HENRY GIROUX: No, I’m not.

    BILL MOYERS: How do we understand that?

    HENRY GIROUX: Because I refuse to become a part of it.
    Become I refuse to become complicitous. I refuse to say–I refuse to be alive and to watch institutions being handed over to right wing zealots. I refuse to be alive and watch the planet be destroyed.

  17. Yes, UR, happy last day (well, almost) of true family values before crass consumer capitalistic greed takes over in the name of gift giving for a christian holiday celebrating the birth of their messiah.

    yesterday, which i pronounce “grey wednesday”, i bought of couple of heavy items for the lab on sale at sears. so, i rationalize that i took advantage of the sale prices and easy mall parking while not exactly participating in the shoping events starting tomorrow, “black friday”, a name with unintentioned dark meaning, i think.

  18. it’s called black friday because it’s supposed to be the day that retailers go out of the red and into the black ink of profits over operating costs.

  19. a few, but not nearly enough, shoppers are killed on black friday. usually, the greed-filled shoppers, looking for the best deals, are trampelled by competitors during a rushing stampede. sometimes an innocent employee, just doing his/her job, will unlock and open the doors at a particular hour, say midnight tonite, get caught in the stampede, and get trampelled to death by the unruley crowd. that happened at a walmart or target store in NJ a few years back.

    personally, i would nerve gas the entire offending crowd, but i guess that would be bad for bidness, losing potential customers and consumers like that.

  20. My black Friday will consist of sleeping late, get up and eat a big breakfast, then go burn a bunch of wood behind the shed and drink beer. That’s my idea of a good day. The next day I’m going deer hunting. Another good day. Sunday I’ll sit by the fire and rest from doing those things.

  21. You have the life, Bif. I think I’ll have a big breakfast and do a garden seed inventory. Then maybe go out and exercise a bit later.

  22. Hello Nudge! I’m fine, err, doing OK. Hope you have a happy or at least enjoyable new year. Thanks for the link.

    Here’s a link to some out-takes of Peter Goodchild’s new book “Tumbling Tide: Population, Petroleum and Systemic Collpase”:,+Peter+Goodchild&source=bl&ots=8fs4Cnp7XO&sig=p9n_x7F1CVz4_Ohgylzq9d1Yi-8&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ZknAUonnA6a_sQSnsYKwDA&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=Tumbling%20Tide%2C%20Peter%20Goodchild&f=false

  23. About -5 F. dave gone ice fishing, Bif after some pahtridge, Nudge out for a bike ride, nothing to worry about.

  24. it got down to 70 F last night, so we used an extra sheet to keep warm. that’s cold, by our standards. you folks seem to be living in a giant walk-in freezer.

  25. the air must be very dry there, under 5% relative humidity. great for vacuums, hard for eyes, lips, nostrils. skin cracks => invasion points for microbes. luckily, not too many around outsides.

  26. i’m conducting a pole. which is the best method for keeping an aqueous solution (used in lab cailbration work) microbe free?

    a) add 25% alcohol;
    b) ultra-filtration (< 0.2 micron)
    c) UV-cell in flow path
    d) chlorine (like in swimming pools)
    e) add poison like CuSO4, HgCl

    we tried a) but it affects our chemical analysis (alcohol gets past our silicone membrane, then burns in filament ionizer and makes CO2, plus other C products). b) is good, and we do it in the field, but the filters can clog up, slowing flow. d) would add another gas (Cl2) that might interfere with our chemicals. e) works fine, but can also kill lab staff, if not careful. i suggested HgCl as the ultimate non-interfering poison treatment, but the lab staff rejected it on safety grounds. CuSO4 is the old water bed treatment.

    haven't tried the UV cell yet. some use them in their water purification systems.

  27. i can get a fairly decent UV flow-through unit for about $200, maybe even a bit less. my question to you: it obviously zaps the DNA anything floating or swimming, but what about any “lucky” pioneer colonies already established on surfaces outside the UV chamber? could they survive by just staying in place (and messing with the membrane’s surface) or do they mostly have a larval stage where they float/swim? if so, then i guess eventually all microbes in the closed, circulating system will die. i’m guessing at some point any colonizing microbe must use this tactic, even if just ejecting a few “crazy uncles and punks”.

    i have a microbiologist friend i can ask, also.

  28. well, uv has no residual effect. it kills at the point of application only. if something is already alive within the system, and you want some sort of “sterile” system, that needs to be addressed separately. i guess.

    all systems are different. nothing is perfect. microbes will show up at the party. i guess.

    don’t know what you’re doing, but if i had a membrane that needed to be kept real clean, i’d probably figure on pulling and cleaning the membrane periodically. don’t know.

  29. actually, what’s kinda cool is we’re inadvertently chasing the origin of life question, because we’re trying to kill the little bastards, and they seem to have devious ways to maneuver and circumvent the UV death ray.

    yeah, cleaning the membrane periodically is a pain, but probably the best procedure. i could “live and let live”, but the bacterial/archeial colonies form dead layers which kills our membrane transmission sensitivity.

    yarra–distillation helps, but they eventually colonize the water. the little bastards are everywhere.

  30. aptly named group. i guess hendrix started the guitar destroying ritual. good news for guitar manufacturing industry, bad news for planet.

  31. how on earth did i go through my teens and miss this totally trash russ meyer movie with few redeeming qualities other than the hot, shapely chicks, fast cars (well, sorta) and cool B&W vistas of the mohave desert? musta been studying, or somethin.

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