26 Replies to “Monkey Man”

  1. maybe it’s just me, as i approach my 60’th, but 60 and 70 yo guys pretending to still be rock stars are just fucking retards.

  2. amy winehouse was so good that she makes the rest of the band appear to be playing bad, including the backup singers. i’m not so sure the band or other singers were that bad, they all look like pros, but i am sure she was that good.

  3. Bif, she was so good, even when she was flat, she looked, moved and sang better than the rest of them on stage with her. i thought she was a bit flat, also. she had a problem with alcohol abuse. even so, my thoughts wandered to how bad the band and backup singers were. she deserved better stuff.

    what a shame. like JR going into hiding. hey JR, it’s OK now, the court has ruled in favor of Snowden. the spying was indeed unconstitutional. we’re all gonna be OK now, really. just in time, too, for the holidays.

  4. “ugh oh, it sounds like “hold on to your butts” time is neaar!”

    Yeah. You think that $85 billion a month wasn’t essential? Butt scrunch, quantitative is right. Shame. This shit is muddling along. Why change now?

  5. gb, from our front yard, the sun will now briefly set at its southernmost point over the ocean, before moving north (or actually, the Earth tilting on its spin axis south) again, and being blocked from the sea by an old lava flow extending from diamond head volcano now called “black point”. i try to catch as many of these “kodak moments” as i can, because they are usually the best sunsets all year, as well.

    hope you are all keeping warm!

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