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  1. bif, i’ve always wondered what those poor folks stuff into those large bags. it must be something light weight, like comforters, pillows, quilts, etc.

    it’s mostly air they’re carting around.

  2. All the fast runner chicks I know have some seriously well-developed and toned glutes. If this isn’t the meaning of life I don’t know what is.

  3. Good post dave. Great rant by that guy on the TED placebo innovation nonsense.

    The Onion parody of inspirational TED talks is right on the mark:

  4. you guys got it wrong about the value of TED talks. just look around at the results of these motivational and informed speeches. why, we’re practically saved already.

  5. The Onion Talk on compost cars was a pretty accurate portrayal of Amory Lovins actually. I attended one of his talks in Toronto couple years ago, and it was just like this, and he got a standing ovation. I was on my hands and knees puking and swearing at god.

  6. Gail is quickly becoming the Queen of Doom:

    Gail Tverberg says:
    December 7, 2013 at 9:20 am
    “It is as if the blood supply of civilization is running out. The possibility that the fossil fuels will remain in the ground is not really a hypothetical future civilization, any more than saying that a patient that it quickly losing its life blood will die. Our civilization as it is formed today cannot exist without cheap fossil fuels. The oil that is essential is already risen to such a high price that governments of countries that use much of it need Quantitative Easing to hide its problems. QE is only a temporary band-aid. The economy acts like a complex adaptive system, so If doesn’t take much foresight to figure out that it will collapse, in the not too distant future. There are so many different things that could crash the system (removal of QE being one of them) that is it hard to see precisely what will bring the whole system down. But without our current high tech system, the vast majority of our fossil fuel supply cannot be extracted.”

    Merry Xmas and Hold on to Your Butts in 2014.

  7. yeah, i don’t pretend to know, but i think that financial jury rigging can go on for a long time (10 more years?) all that really matters here is that the oil gets pumped and burned, one way or another. i think.

  8. dave, she’s sayin the oil might not get pumped, that it will instead be left in the ground, proably forever. why? because once the complex interrelationships go bad, we gonna lose that ability, fast. moronover, she’s sayin the financials could trigger it, even with moron oil to pump.

    a little like a car with half a tank of gas and the carborator float sinks, because the float inside springs a leak as one of the pieces of “temporary” (now hopefully permanent) duct tape patches loses its glue, loosens up and exposes the hole where the metal weld went bad. or somethin like dat.

    duct tape = QE (as above)

    happy holidays.

  9. 10 more years would be nice, but not bloody likely. 10 more weeks, sure. 10 more months? maybe. better store up some canned goods. make a Canadian your friend, preferrably a Canadian farmer or rancher. you know, like Nicole Foss.

  10. like i said, i sure don’t pretend to know. but i think that there’s room for work arounds, demand destruction, rationing, propaganda, finger pointing, more wars, etc., etc. the oil must be burnt, one way or another. i’d say.

    but yeah, at some point the screws come loose and there will be a lot of “oh shit” moments for a lot of people. when is always the question.

    in the big picture, 10 years is just not a long time. i’d say.

  11. i’d like to be around to see all the gridlock in LA. my guess is a lot of rioting and stripping the store shelves, pump all the gas left, etc. some folks get killed, of course. then, it would be kinda like a tsunami flood or hurricane, except mostly rioter-set fires. Watts to some exponent in scale. then, a lot of hungry folks wandering about. martial law, etc. no trucks in or out, no boats to Hawaii from Long Beach port.

    fun for a few weeks, anyway…

  12. the PTB are starting to promote the Moon base and Mars bases as hopium for the American population. interesting that it appears to work better on the boomers than on the younger generations. i don’t think the younger ones are buying into it, and are keeping low and quiet. just a hunch with a few observations of undergrad students. the Occupy Movement appears to have gone underground, as it should do, for now.

  13. Bif, i worry when Gail, an actuary, worries about the state of the financial system. JHK is fun to read, has good logic skills, but finance is not his area, so i always pad his predictions forward. Gail is another matter. Nicole Foss has gotten very quiet. With her, she seems to wait for something big to develop along the lines of the TAE predictions and then releases a safer statement on the extension of some breaking trend. she’s predicting that TSHTF before the end of obama’s second term.

  14. if you’re 65 or younger, which i think you are, you have at least an even chance of seeing la loose half it’s population (death and migration). i’d say.

  15. i’m in full agreement. i’d only quibble about the % population loss. historically, it’s been a bigger percentage. Rome went from about a million to a few tens of thousands after the fall of the western empire, or a few percent remaining. of course, that took awhile, and a lot of them were slaves.

    OTOH, a lot of LA’s population are wage slaves. there’s just not enough food or water there, so they’ll have to migrate or die.


  16. yeah, i envision la with a population of 10,000 – 12,000, within 300 or 400 years, mostly in support of various sea faring activities. pure speculation on my part.

    neither you or i will live to see this.

  17. from the conclusions of the link above:

    “While a small minority of educated Roman individuals were debating the reasons for their empire’s demise, it is evident that the vast majority did not perceive that any such thing was taking place. Except in the cases of major events such as the sack of Rome in 410 AD, there was little general awareness that their Rome and its culture were experiencing serious, long-term decline. With the benefit of fifteen centuries of hindsight, we see clearly what was happening; without that benefit, most Romans were not able to see beyond the conflicting evidence of their times. This suggests, in other words, that from within the bounds of cultural perceptions, people may not be well equipped to see such major trends, in spite of the isolated ruminations of an educated elite.

    Finally, there may be a significant positive lesson in the fall of Rome: great cities most often do not die or simply fade away, but they persist and often achieve greatness again. Cities such as Rome have geographical advantages which do not live or die with cultures. Rome held a position not only central to Italy, but also to the western Mediterranean basin. Also, it was not on the coast, easily subject to the depredations of invaders, but it was inland at a point where the Tiber River is easily navigable. As long as these advantages were not wiped out by some natural action (such as a change in the course of the river), Rome could, and did, derive continuing benefit from them, long after the ancient city’s collapse. Can we find evidence for this in other cultures, including our own? What we have seen of ancient Rome suggests that we will.”

  18. it’s impossible to get beyond platitude, especially if you still want hetero sex. unless you pay, cash. i’d say.

  19. oh, i dunno, you could try asking the question to a set of about 20 women. try plopping down beside a single one at the beach. see how long it takes to hit paydirt. have a hotel room ready. take advantage of the growing human population. don’t get discouraged, it might take a few trys.

    of course, where you are means only summer fun. i guess you could take it indoors to a large bar with known exits. also, i’m assuming you don’t look like an axe murderer, or slur you words like some idiot.

  20. only time will tell, Bif.

    it could have been worse, maybe.

    2013, what a ‘wait for the shit to hit the fan’ type year.

    2014, the year of the other dropped shoe.

    ….and then there’s climate change….

  21. if you keep playing those games, eventually there’s gonna be blood stains on the carpet, err, tatame mat.

    among the things you will not like: taking your shoes off and putting them back on every time you go in or out.

    the japanese definition of “clean”, i.e., spotless, no Fuku dust.

    personally, i like the idea of a beautiful japanese girl cleaning my ear wax with Q-tips. then have her blow into the microphone, to see if it still works.

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