Stalingrad 2013

How to defeat Big Brother
In 2013, we learned the terrifying scope of modern surveillance. Now it’s time to fight back
DEC 27, 2013

Visibility is a trap. The convenience of the smartphone is a trap. The web of connectivity that binds us into a seething, ADHD hive mind is a trap. Our daily lives are constructed out of ones and zeroes and because they can be counted, they will be counted.

But understanding this fact is, and must be, the first step toward escape; the Panopticon doesn’t work if we watch the watchers back. Knowing exactly how we are being surveilled is the set-up for a prison break.

Michael Schumacher Suffered A Serious Head Injury While Skiing In France

11 Replies to “2014”

  1. Too bad about Schumacher. Hope he makes it. Ironic that he (almost?) kills himslef this way, after surviving so many close calls F1 racing.

    Fess Parker–actor who played Davy Crockett, Daniel Boon in 50s, almost killed himslef with a ski pole into the chest, narrowly missing his heart;
    Sony Bono–ended it all by meeting a tree in a “short cut” manuver across two ski runs

    etc, one concludes that skiing is dangerous sport..

  2. I don’t like it when people watch me when I’m fishing. My old fishing buddy would never anyone know when he was catching fish.

  3. well, how about to a small, rural town in Oregon or upstate New York with fish-rich streams and seasonal farming or gardening? lots of surface water with little industrial pollution, and a few deer and rabbits in the forests nearby? get friendly with the locals at the coop, and you and your hot 30-something GF learn canning in your spare time when not in the bedroom filming anal porn for the new netflix industry?

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