April 2014 Thread

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Quiet Formula One Cars Spark a Noisy Debate

The new 1.6-liter, 6-cylinder, hybrid engines have two forms of energy recuperation, from braking and from exhaust heat. They are so quiet compared to their 2.4-liter, 8-cylinder, normally aspirated predecessors that spectators no longer need the earplugs commonly used amid the roar and scream at the pinnacle of auto racing. One visitor even likened the sound of the new engine to that of a golf cart.

ut for the series’ commercial director, Bernie Ecclestone, the notion of small, quiet engines had long represented a potential nightmare.


“I was sorry to be proved right with what I’ve said all along,” Ecclestone said after the Grand Prix in Australia on March 16. “These cars don’t sound like racing cars.”

After that first race, one of Ecclestone’s allies, the local race promoter in Melbourne, Ron Walker, not only complained, but said that he thought it was a breach of contract with Formula One.

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  1. Her screams are what make that funny as fuck!

    No, but seriously, why do we want Romania and Ukraine to be in NATO again?

  2. “No, but seriously, why do we want Romania and Ukraine to be in NATO again?”

    because it will completely surround those commies hold up in Moldova, something i know you’ve been secretly wishing for a long time now.

  3. i’m afraid that the USA is trying to start WWIII with the Russkies so they can divert attention from debt-driven economic collapse and stimulate the US and western global economies ala what WWII did for the Great Depression. obummer is being sold this strategy from the real-life Dr. Strangelove, Zig Bresinski. just mio dos centavos.

  4. may be a case of dumb and dumber, dunno. one thing: i also caught guy mcpherson’s mis-statement about atmospheric oxygen depleting over time and called him on it in a comment. he was silent, but some idiot replied to me that he was clearly seeing less oxygen in central asia. so i asked at what elevation he was making these measurements and had he considered the effects of elevation on total barometric pressure, and partial pressures therein. IOW, why do pilots wear oxygen masks? no response.


  5. Oversimplified description of feedback loops though. If I accidentally put the feedback windings wrong on an amp it always turns into a power oscillator. Not the way he describes it – odd for an electrical engineer.

  6. if a feedback amplifies or accelerates a process, that is not linear, that is some kind of exponential. also, there is no reason some feedbacks could not multiply others, so saying that they must only add is also a bit stupid. other posters over on jay’s america2.0 list have criticized this guy and mcpherson. he does raise some good points about mcpherson’s advocacy, just this guy is just another one for his POV (sustainability).

  7. ever been attacked by a dog? I have, twice. the first one got me on the leg when i was a kid. we deserved it, teasing the little tramp. my parents were afraid the dog might have had rabies. i was just afraid of the rabies treatments (at that time). thankfully, it wasn’t rabid.

    the second one would have got me, but i beat it off with my Pentax SLR in its black leather case and strap. i used it like an argentine bolo on him. fucking dog, just doing its job, i guess. i really loved that camera–should have never let it go.

  8. When I encounter a barking dog while traveling on foot I call the dog to me. It totally confuses and calms it down. The one time I didn’t do that and just ignored the dog I got a bite on the butt.

  9. i’ll try that on one of the neighbor dogs. our own dog bites me on a regular basis, but they are gentle bites, moron like i’m a giant chew toy. she’s an aussie snapper, so i guess it’s genetic.

  10. yeah, higher education barely existed before ww2. it was for the wealthy and the few geniuses out there. i think.

    the gi bill sent a bunch of farm hands and factory labor through college. then they wanted the same for their kids. then those kids wanted it for their kids…etc…it’s pretty much just another racket at this point, i think.

    …not casting aspersions.

  11. in complete agrement with your comment. glad i only have a few moron years to go, and not facing the specter of decades moron of professional aspirations. we hit peak students years ago, and they have kept it going mainly by importing foreign students (globalization’s revolving door) and pooling recent graduates in “soft-money” research grant post-doctoral positions, some of them of infinite duration, or until the post-doc finally gives up. lots of those now, too.

  12. “and they have kept it going mainly by importing foreign students ”

    Yep. Lots of Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, and SE Asian students here, mass quantities of dorms (freshmen are required to dorm), full family dorms, and a new Islamic Cultural Center which is now adding a school. Cultural di-ver-sity. Lots of post-grad families out in the “burbs”.

  13. Germany hit peak students decades ago. their solution: export Ph.Ds to rest of world, to enlighten the ignorant masses there. they also have some of the strangest couples’ commuting habits known. both working, but one lives in a city at one end of the country, and the other visits from another city on weekends, using the express rail system. one couple, two homes. good for real estate and transport markets. obvious set-up for marital infidelity, too. whatever cooks your oyster.

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