26 Replies to “Tesla is Toast”

  1. poor Tesla, even his namesake company doesn’t flourish. Obummer. Syria didn’t work out too well, but we have Ukraine, as if anybody cares. why are we still hunting terrorists in A-gan? enough spending already.

    JHK gets some stuff right, mostly politics, as if anybody cares any moron.

  2. UR, you mean the picture of the man painted on the side of the house, or of the girls waiting outside? nice package. at our age, it’s prudent to have a skilled nurse present.

  3. ethics? morals? that’s just silly talk. no such thing. some shit happens, other shit doesn’t. unless we’re talking multivereses, and shit like that. if so, everything happens. i guess.

  4. here’s the conversation, circa 1945:

    we made 3 bombs. we used one at Trinity. now we have two left, one of each type. what do we do with them?

    person A: show the japs we mean business, by dropping one offshore of tokyo. invite them to watch. if they don’t immediately surrender, then we drop the last one on target city X.

    person B: we need data on an actual city. let’s go with plan A, as originally approved. besides, it will end the war sooner. if they don’t surrender too soon, we get a chance to try the second design on the backup target city.

    person A: your plan is logical and provides much-needed data, but it sets a poor precident and may be both immoral and unethical.

    person B: we can live with that risk. after all, only we have these weapons.

    or something like that. i need talking cartoon bears to really pull this off.

  5. nah, i just think that arguing from a “moral” or “ethical” standpoint is always a weak argument. morals simply don’t exist as objective facts.

    in the case of japan, like in the case of, say, iraq, someone had to be punished, severely. by the end of ww2 japan could not mount any type of defense. we could, and did, bomb their cites with impunity. the a bombs were just punishment, and a reminder of who the boss was.

    something like that.

    nothing morally wrong there. i guess.

  6. to argue that dropping the a bombs was morally wrong, is kind of like arguing that war in itself is morally wrong. but that’s what humans do (make war and settle disputes with violence), ipso facto. so it’s just a silly, counter factual, argument. i’d say, something like that.

  7. history is on your side. i recall a counter argument for dropping the A-bombs as immoral was the conventional fire-bombing, near-complete destruction of Tokyo. obstensibly, if you like to believe war propaganda, it was to “break the back of their military-industrial empire”. moron like you say, punishment and a side boon to whomever makes the bombs.

  8. i wonder sometimes if we’re just lucky or TPTB realize that WWIII brings down the system that much faster to the point that it’s best to just ride that wave until it can no longer support the weight on the surfboard of modern civilization, and we get tossed into the sea, on our own.

  9. i was visiting some friends in northern germany once back in the late 80s. they took me to a nice place in the mountains near their town. i noted that there were no old-growth trees there. they told me the brits came in after the end of WWII and clear cut that section of the forest, as reparations. i thought, what a stupid, cheap, mean thing to do. seeds of the next war sown by the winners at the end of the last one. stupid humans.

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