Not a Munich Moment


Al Qaeda is an idea. John Kerry is a clueless buffoon. Justin Bieber needs to be banned from the United States, you know, to send a message. Free speech for the dumb. Putin knows what he is doing. The F-35 is a scam. The CIA is off the reservation. This is not a Munich moment.

Doug Bandow thinks U.S. Foreign Policy Should Focus on Protecting Americans, Not Reassuring Friends and Allies.

One of the worst consequences of America’s Asian and European alliances is discouraging prosperous and populous states from defending themselves. Europe has eight times Russia’s GDP—why is it relying on America at all? And why isn’t it moving forces into Eastern Europe if the continent’s security is at risk?

Similarly, why is Japan, a wealthy state which until recently had the world’s second largest economy, expecting Washington’s help to assert control over contested islands? Why does South Korea, with 40 times the GDP of North Korea, presume the U.S. will forever maintain military forces in the peninsula? Alas, these countries are responding rationally to America’s incentive for security free-riding.

And you can’t even trust The New York Times anymore.

102 Replies to “Not a Munich Moment”

  1. ” Europe has eight times Russia’s GDP—why is it relying on America at all?”

    France is scared shitless of Germany – still. America is still in Germany to keep out communism AND hold Frances hand. Now the Bolshevik bastards have taken over the US and I am guessing Germany will move closer to Russia as the rest of the EU turns to shit. And it will.

    Oh, and fuck France.

  2. a story about the American Dream, where every pretty girl can aspire to be a mindless beauty queen, to just be “me”, then marry some asshole that beats her regularly, works for the CIA, doesn’t have much to say when he gets home, but teaches the kids to shoot straight. meanwhile, in the background, we have the evolution of the HIV virus, dead Kennedys and conspiracies, the rise of the WTC and Osama bin Laden (Bonanza freak), the death of pop culture and music, no moron Doris Day and Rock (thankfully), with Phil Specter, Ike and Tina Turner, and Charlie Mason and family lurking out there somewhere.

    co-starring the monkeys as the true heroic space travellors who inadvertently get revenge on their human captors by helping the spread HIV from the jungles of Africa to the shores of the USA. damn good show. thanks for sharing, dave.

  3. recall reading Thompson’s “Twilight of the Modern World”? you know, the piece that Greer-the-Blowhard plagerised for his book “The Long Descent”? (BTW, plagerism is knowing of or reading someone else’s work, then ignoring them and publishing the ideas received as your own. highly unethical and sometimes illegal, but i digress.)

    so Thompson was fairly original and ahead of the pack. part of his post-oil world included a period called “Scavenging”. that was basically the survivors using the products of the previous, energy-rich period, untll the items were completely worn out and useless. i think the only part Thompson may have gotten wrong was the timing. the descent seems to be telescoping into a much shorter time frame than he imagined.

    anywho, here is a short video of a couple of Canuk entrepenuers getting in early on the scavenging period to come, probably sooner than later. go “505 Junk” (until the grids die, and your trucks don’t get gas)!

  4. re: archdruid

    yeah, about the only doom blogger that i read regularly anymore is jhk. the only reason i still read him is that he limits himself to about 500 words/post.

  5. here’s a quiz (no foolin, this time): can you identify the source of the gray material in the vertical plume above Fukushima reactor 3 in the video? i’m fairly certain now that i know what it is. hint: there’s been a lot of discussion lately on the internet about a previously unidentified black substance scattered over northern Japan.

  6. the black “soil” is highly radioactive, with lots of 226Ra, a daughter of 238U. the kicker would be to find lots of 239Pu, since reactor no. 3 was using MOX fuel. i think there’s some papers out now showing this, but i haven’t seen them yet.

  7. yarra, of course there could be some steel mixed in with the fuel. it should not have been too radioactive, though, and would not be a source of 226Ra. moron likely 60Co, 57Co in the steel.

  8. bettie page

    jane f. was easy. this is just a tiny bit harder. i think it’s an unusual look for her.

    now…guess the ho.

  9. okay, guess dis ho. hint: back in 1975, she held my hand and sang to me in front of an audience at the Las Vegas Hilton.

    thought i’d never wash that hand again…

  10. did anyone notice how anne marget’s orange dress and “red” hair clashes with the red velvet couch and wallpaper in that photo? thought so.

  11. per the Wiki: Elke Sommer (born 5 November 1940), born Elke Baronesse von Schletz, is a German actress, entertainer, and artist.

    that’s an unusual shot of her. her hair was usually foo-fooed, or teased up, in the fashion of the day.

  12. i wonder where it was shot (that photo of Elke)? looks like some cheap motel out on the mojave near Palm Springs. it was probably not cheap in those days, though.

  13. dave, as you may know, we’ve been searching for the perfect soul, err body mate for you for some time. finally, i think we’re close if not there.

  14. anyway, since no one can guess my favorite ho, or no one cares who she may be, here’s a hint. she hung around with ingmar.

  15. Thought this was a good one from Pondurenga over at America2.0:

    Gore Vidal had some very pertinent comments on using a psychological interpretation to understand decision making in the US. Here are two thoughtfulquotations.. Pondurenga
    One of the things that you people in the media do
    is make it seem as if the individual who becomes
    president is of any importance to the government
    of the United States. The second you forget him and
    start worrying about General Motors and General
    Electric and Northrup and Lockheed, then you’ll be
    getting at their power. They own the Congress, they
    own the president, they own the single party with two
    right wings, Republican and Democrat.

    It’s like a magician. He starts doing a trick with one
    hand while with the other he’s picking your pocket.
    The trick is the personalities of the candidates, which
    don’t mean anything. They’ve all been bought. Yes,
    Nader has criticized General Motors, and he’s done a
    lot of useful work, saved lives with safety belts, and he
    should be rewarded. If he wants to spend his last years
    living in a big white house, I’m all for that too, you know.
    But he isn’t going to change anything. It’s their country.
    -Gore Vidal

  16. yeah, i kinda go by the theory that no matter how good looking she is, there’s always some poor fucker who’s sick of her stupid shit, i’d say.

  17. i recall Zhora in Blade Runner. she had a nice bod and a fondness for snakes. did not know jolie played her, also.

    Decker caught Zhora, then “retired” her when a clue was revealed using a street vendor with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). the SEM revealed that a scale he picked up was from a robotic snake, as each artificial scale had a serial number on it. then the tiny words: made in china.

  18. I was referring to the “Dr.Doom on May 4, 2014 at 7:29 pm” clip and the inference from her movements.

    Then, there’s the athletic types…

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