Suck It. It’s the Future.

Homemade-SoylentThe End Of Food

Anyway, he said, a lot of people never got the memo about Soylent Green’s being people.”If you Google ‘Soylent,’ we’re in front of the movie.” He added,”Remember, Starbucks was the guy from ‘Moby-Dick.'”

And THIS actually seems less crazy to me than it appears. But I admit I’ve only thought about it for 2 minutes. It’s probably a totally stupid, unworkable idea.

Hot For Teacher

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  1. Thank you. I am somewhat of an anti-fan of Hitchens. I’m not a big fan of war and I might believe in God.

  2. ha ha, hitch smoked like a chimney and guess what, he died.

    ever wonder how much collateral damage smokers make? my grandmother-in-law died of Emphysema but never smoked, only lived with a smoker until he died of lung cancer. lots of non-smokers die of lung cancer. my guess is a lot, maybe even most, from to exposure to second-hand smoke.

  3. one of my former professors died of lung cancer. never smoked, didn’t drink anything stronger than coffee. hung around a lot of girlie bars for years, maybe even decades. probably a hobbie-related death from second-hand smoke.

  4. soylet is a logical way of recycling biomass acccumulated by humans by appropriation, via Catton’s “takeover”, from the wild animal (and plant) kingdom, augmented in later centuries by fossil fuel use (“drawdown”). If handled properly, it would extend life for humans a bit longer, until climate change wipes them all out. probably not worth the effort, but makes for great sci-fi plots.

  5. anyway, that formula for Soylent won’t last very long. the real Soylet, OTOH should do just fine post-collapse, along with the usual long pork receipies and formulas.

  6. of course, both cats and dogs can “go off the reservation” and attack humans. dogs are even trained to do so, or “weaponized”. most cats are too small to inflect much damage. sometimes a lucky swipe across the eye can lead to blindness in the victim, however. our cat is small, but has claws like razor blades. nice kitty…

  7. didn’t notice that. if you approach a dog and then run away, it’s dog code for “come chase me”. i think that’s universal with dogs and a lot of other chase predators, like the fucking bears.

    cats might trigger on that also, but it spoils their stalking and ambush tactics, so they might get confused or figure you’re just too easy.

  8. Now you know why you get those ridiculous dealer delivery charges.
    The car you want is blocked in by 56,000 others.

  9. they could make artificial reefs out of them. just pull the batteries, maybe some of the electrical wiring, interior stuff. fish love wrecked cars, lots of places to hide from predators. eventually, the steel will rust away. the glass and tires will last longer.

  10. Lotsa juice to get out of them first though, brake fluid, coolant, refrigerant.
    Dave is imagining an octopus trying to fuck a steering wheel and the airbag goes off.

  11. i always knew cats had an inner nobility, a sense of greatness in the unselfish call to duty against the evil dog-doers. not a second’s hesitation. attack!

    saved that little shit human’s ass, it did.

  12. WTF, where’s the commentary? my excuse is i’ve been busy traveling and riding aroiund on bumpy ships in the ocean. dave seems to be incamped over on america2.0. jr’s lost somewhere on the streets of beantown, looking for “the real killers”. bif’s awol.

  13. anywho, JHK’s at it again. what a hoot reading his long diatribe about the “deep state”, still claiming 9-11 was not a conspiracy because folks just can’t keep a secret. really now, and that CIA outfit, what is it exactly that they do? Humm? maybe keep a few secrets? now yer talking, big boy!

    what a load. and Martenson want’s me to *pay* to hear the rest. ah, no thanks.

  14. yeah, i throw down a little bs at america 2.0 once in a while. i still get a little kick out of it. not sure why.

    haven’t posted much here. mostly, i think, because i haven’t really been looking for, or finding, any worthwhile music. i guess.

  15. so, i kinda like jhk’s essay this morning.

    i guess my only real criticism would be directed towards his implication that the rest, or some parts, of the industrial world is somehow in better shape than the usa. like the russian or chinese banking systems are somehow better, less corrupt, than the west’s? or that any banking system, anywhere, can be reformed. like building or fixing, railroads, high speed or otherwise, anywhere, so that office drones can continue to be shuttled around is going to put food on anyone’s table, anywhere? eh, silly. i think.

  16. i think anyone who cares enough to glance at where china seems to be going knows that that can’t last. russia has lots of natural resources and a relatively low population. it can sell those to china and others, until they run out. like the ME, it’s what you do with the “stuff” you can buy for those resources that counts in the long term. if you just burn the wealth on junk, like fancy cars, jets, bombs, etc., then there’ll come a time when the resources run dry and you won’t have much left of anything worth a damn.

    probably the only thing worse is exactly what the ME has done. feed a lot of people and allow them to overpopulate. it’s like pigeons in the park, only angry, hungry pigeons might bust up a lot of infrastructure before they expire from starvation or lack of water.

    i think the iranians are thinking long term when they order nuke reactors from the russians. too bad those things are not collapse-proof.

  17. OK, just read the JHK entry. he’s got it about correct. i see a lot of denial, especially at the university. you see, the university (read: academia in general, another racket) is all about hope and a bright future for its hard-working student “customers” supported by their hard-working parents. why, if word got out that there was indeed no bright, hopeful future for those students, then, they might not enroll in future classes and programs, and then what would become of the university?

    there was something else in that JHK post, wait a moment…

  18. oh yeah, on his to-do list. one of my pet peeves is the perseived savings of “dismantling the military”. while i support the concept of down-sizing the overfed and overbuilt US military, one should not think that funds saved by such downsizing, especially of the personnel, will somehow translate to more funds available elsewhere. no. because the military is already a form of social spending on the lower class. if offloaded on the already beyond maxed out private-public sector, they will just add back to the government’s spending on social programs. no money saved. JHK does not see this as part of the big program (conspiracy, if you want to call it that) to hide even moron outlandish umemployment by TPTB and their government minions.

  19. “All human toil is for the mouth, yet the appetite is not satisfied. For what advantage have the wise over fools? And what do the poor have who know how to conduct themselves before the living? Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of desire; this also is vanity and a chasing after wind.”

    “And what do the poor have who know how to conduct themselves before the living?”

    i just had an argument with a couple of “believers”, one was a Christian and the other a Buddhist. both believe in an afterlife and in reincarnation. i called bullshit, and said it was mathematically impossible for reincarnation, unless you include the birds or insects as part of this spiritual recycling effort, since more humans are probably alive today than have ever lived.

    and, not knowing Ecclesiastes, i said the best way is to enjoy the life we know we have and to live it with honor as much as possible. this pissed off the Christian, but the Buddhist, a Korean, just smiled.

  20. here’s my censored comment to your post on america2point0:

    dave, you are odd, but we love you that way. please don’t change, as if you could. ha ha ha.

    On 5/28/14 7:21 AM, ‘davidlysak’ via America2Point0 wrote:

    people think i’m odd when i tell them that this world is nothing but a dream, a nightmare in fact.

  21. i know i tend to piss off orlov and hanson with my humor, but i can’t help myself. besides, i think they’re the ones with the ego problem, not moi.

  22. Hot for Teacher, Boylston Street Band, n = 20 views
    Linda Ronstadt, Nine of her Favotite Songs, n = 400,000 views

    hey, ya gotta start somewhere.

  23. she used to practice singing for 6 to 9 hours a day. wow, now we know why she was always on key, never missed a note. hard work pays.

  24. Hilton hotels just announced a new tower to be bulit. towers are shooting up like weeds in spring here. the C & C is busy repaving the streets with fresh asphalt.

    google introduces the first diverless cars. now we can dispense with the designated driver, as the car is always sober, and one less bore in the car.

    it’s all good, as JHK likes to say.

  25. i need a fingerless keyboard. i should also be able to will the mouse cursor to go where i want it to and then click or drag objects. get busy, google.

  26. some person calling themself “J.R.” posted this comment over on Gail’s blog and got themselves immediately banned.

    J.R. says:
    June 3, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    “If a big bang happened, it seems likely to me that there was a major force behind the big bang. We can call this force Nature or a Higher Power. I am doubtful that the force behind the big bang would fix the world situation so that humans can continue along their current destructive path on earth. But the force might fix the situation in some other way–perhaps make the transition for humans easier to bear, or produce a new kind of big bang supporting an afterlife for humans as envisioned by various religions.”

    Probably one of the stupidest, ill-conceived “arguments” that I have ever read. First off, you interject conjecture and straw arguments, along with the assumption that a “higher power” even cares about the planetary / humanitarian / ecological / resource “crisis”. All based on what – your conjecture and ill-understanding of physics and how the universe REALLY works?

    Aren’t you smart enough to realize that by dangling such absolute nonsense in front of superstitious ignorant fools that you are only fostering more stupidity?

    Suggest you go obtain an EDUCATION even if it is self-directed (it’s called research the topics you write about) before spewing such crap before the swine herd.

    FOR THE RECORD – all this useless talk about how we’re going to avoid COLLAPSE is a waste of breath, space and time. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Far too late for that and astute observers know this is a certain as the rising sun. Depletion, destruction, pollution, degradation, extinction and overpopulation combined with dependence and increasing complexity ALL being driven by oil energy = COLLAPSE rather soon. The simple facts are we can’t keep doing this – yet that is EXACTLY what we’re “trying” to do, while doing absolutely NOTHING to save ourselves (except cater to stupid comments like the one you wrote above).

    Well, get down on your knees BROTHER and pray to the Almighty! Can I hear an AMEN to THAT??? And while your down there awaiting for ETERNITY for the answers that NEVER come, you might want to do some serious self-reflection and ask this question: WHAT HAVE I DONE?

    Are you prepared for what lies ahead? Is ANYONE? Is it necessary? Is it avoidable? If you’re not sure, then stop writing this blog immediately because you are absolutely CLUELESS about what is unfolding and the IMMUTABLE FACT that it is completely UNAVOIDABLE NOW.

    The only “salvation” as it were, to be found in any of this, will not be in government, or institutions, or the machinations of man and the continued reliance upon technology and infrastructure and all things that go “civilization” (which all lead to collapse, since civilization is virtually incompatible with planetary health). Humanity cannot save itself – or escape, but will have to endure IF AT ALL POSSIBLE (which is actually highly doubtful now). But there will be NO MAGICAL RESCUE from any quarter or invisible Sky God or Universal Deity.

    We’re (the survivors) going back to the Dark Ages, unfortunately, and the crap you just shared will help ensure that happens (religious stupidity and ignorance) – instead of a more enlightened (if less plentiful) time.

  27. i think “j.r.” was a bit harsh, but i am in complete agreement with the comment made. he (or at least the old JR) was hard on gail over on TOD, as well, for about the same reasons (poor preparation, too many unfounded assumptions, conjecture).

    OTOH, i applaud gail for bringing the matters of collapse to a public forum, and discussing them openly and frankly. i think her commentary is the best around, and she gets right into the mix. good on her for that. mostly, she has done her homework, and her posts are informative and researched.

    matters of religion are always difficult to argue. personally, as a scientist, once the “believe/beliefs” barrier has been crossed, it ain’t science anymoron. it can’t be proved or reasonably tested. opinions, just like assholes, everybody has one.

  28. eh, so gail likes the whole god thing, no big deal. some people believe in magic ninjas sneaking into world trade centers to blow them up, with no evidence, no less.

  29. a big birdie friend tells me all these kid fusion inventors, plus a few weirdo adults out there on the web, have been recreating “Farnsworth fusion”, named after the original inventor. that type of fusion never makes moron energy than it consumes, so it is bascially a stunt or a scam. as dave sez, people will believe (and buy) anything.

  30. Focus fusion. Why anyone wants to perpetuate the continued destruction of the planet is beyond me. Sounds evil.

    I think if we would have used oil and gas for something other than happy motoring and plastic doodads, maybe having stretched it out over a couple centuries, people might have used it for coming up with something truly interesting in way of alternatives. But people being people.. that couldn’t happen. Or, within nature this couldn’t happen. We aren’t the right vehicle.

  31. OK, hate to tell ya, but when the rubber meets the road… she’s wearing petroleum clothes. It shouldn’t work, but it does. The result is epic. Here you will find the answer to the #1 question but not the question itself.

  32. i can’t tell right now cause i’m traveling and the cheap motels have slow, dodgy internet service. site appears slow and concocted.

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