summa2Are you fucking kidding me?

Robert Kagan Strikes a Nerve With Article on Obama Policy

To Mr. Kagan, American action to stop the militants is imperative, but a continued military presence in Iraq and action in Syria would have averted the crisis. “It’s striking how two policies driven by the same desire to avoid the use of a military power are now converging to create this burgeoning disaster,” Mr. Kagan said in an interview.

And Obama invited this asshole “to lunch to compare world views.”

We want to send the same people we oppose in Iraq weapons in Syria. This is very clear. What about this do the The New York Times, The New Republic and the rest of the mainstream media not get? Is Obama really this naive? Or is he somehow backed into a corner and is just incompetent. Does he just not understand basic history – even that occurring in his adult political life? What is going on?

John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Robert Kagan have all been consistently on the wrong side of the truth and of history in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq(now several times combined). Obama was only right about Iraq before he was in elected federal office. Let’s not even talk about Afghanistan. Don’t even go there. He was right to bring Bergdahl home. Let’s start minding our own business now. Our problems are of our own making.

These people won’t stop until an American Stinger missile sent to the Syrian rebels takes down an F-18 over Baghdad…nah, that won’t stop them.

Update: June 24th, 2014

Syrian Forces Just Bombed ISIS Targets Inside Iraq

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  1. the sauds and the rebels are sunni. we “like” the sauds. the sauds like the rebels, ’cause they’re sunni. that’s why we wanted to give them weapons.

    at one time, maybe, the sauds might have kept the rebels in syria, maybe. not any more.

    something like that. i think.

  2. recall LBJ’s actions in the vietnam quagmire? ever since the 0.1% ruling class* had JFK’s brain blown out all over jackie and the limo, the message has been clear: tow the line or we’ll make a martyr out of you.

    so i’m sure michelle warns obama about his job security problem, and how she doesn’t want to finish raising the kids alone, even though she does look good in black.

    * = the ones that make money on oil and shit.

  3. JHK is a poodle. And he leaves out Israel’s part in the ME clusterfuck in his last little diatribe.

    dave, the majority of Saudis aren’t Shia, but that doesn’t mean they are Sunni. They’re a violent fundamentalist offshoot of what I am not sure, but to call them Sunni is a slander to Sunni’s.

  4. ha, if orlov is so fucking smart, why dosen’t he move back to russia, instead of floating around on some dumbass sailboat? ha…

  5. So what’s the good oil again?
    The Sunnis are in Eastasia and the Shiites are in Eurasia?
    Eurasia has always been our ally, we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

  6. 1984 + 30?

    of course, orlov himself will never move back, but he’s planning to teach his young son russian, so he can move there when he grows up. go figure. russia is just as tied to 21st century civ as the west. going medevil is going to hurt, no matter where you’re sitting. also, you can only be so much dead. russia might make it out 20-30 years over the west, then what? “we won!” we won what?

  7. yeah, i don’t know, but there is a long history of antagonism between russia and the west, nevr mind russia’s penchant for collectivization. to blame the current ukrainian situation on putin’s treatment of russian oligarchs is just plain silly.

  8. so i told the pharmacist here: we’re just visiting from out of town. we like your planet, and have decided to stay here for awhile.

  9. Hey Dave,
    It’s warmer where you are than Ukraine, so if they come you can get your pole dancing ass “straight up”.

  10. Miss you guys!!! Busier than a mosquito in a nudist colony. Still obsessed with Bollywood… Here’s Akbar impressing Jodhaa’s dad…

  11. Nephew MWE serving our country in the one city on the old silk road that Obama didn’t recently visit…

    A lover’s quarrel…

  12. EE!

    good to hear from you. nice bollywood clips, too. will be in DC area end of July again for a panel, if you’re interested in dinner, please let me know.


  13. Doomisatva!
    Have thought of you often recently–you wouldn’t recognize the area in DC where you and young B stayed when you were here. The local pols were falling all over themselves to cut the ribbon on the Marriott Marquis last month which was a construction pit at the time of your visit.
    Would love to see you! Just need a bit of a heads up since I’m a working drone now and might need to take some time off depending on your schedule.
    Let me know!

    Love the investment banker types in the front row.

  14. wtf is that guy even saying? the digital age is simply late (very late) stage industrialism. which just means: “burning fossil fuels”.

  15. is that your sister, JR? if so, you’re gonna be in trouble when she notices the tan pattern on her back. somebody’s bound to tell her.

  16. we stayed in Paris once on the left bank, nice little hotel near the universitie de marie et pierre curie. next door was a restaurant that specialized in canard. we had the thinly sliced smoked duck breast spread over a plate with a fine champaign from the local area, perfect.

  17. i’ve always liked ducks (birds in general, but ducks in particular); both as a life form and as an entree. canadian geese, on the other hand, are vile creatures that taste like shit.

    just by coincidence, i happened to catch a morning dove this morning; so i coulda had some squab. but one isn’t even a snack; so i let it go.

  18. well, at least with quail, you get two bites per bird. easier to hit than doves, too. at least they fly straight. fuckin’ doves can waste a lot of ammo.

  19. the only time i recall emptying the chamber was trying to hit some dove. after opening day, they start flight manuvers the USAF probably envies.

  20. why is it that a bird as stupid as a dove apparently is can fly so well in the air? reminds me of how awkward penguins are on land. once in the water, they’re friggin’ acrobats.

  21. dave, are you doing bronx cheers* every chance you get?

    google defines a “bronx cheer” as: “a sound of derision or contempt made by blowing through closed lips with the tongue between them; a raspberry.”

  22. so, we’re up at San Simeon, on the coast (Hwy 1) south of Monterrey. we’re at the beach, and there’s a herd of elephant seals parked on the sand and in the shallow water, bellowing and farting loudly.

    a volunteer naturalist is describing the scene to the crowd. he says the young seals don’t get taught by the parents how to catch fish for food. the young seals are weaned at a certain weight, and then lose a few hundred pounds while they figure out how not to starve catching fish. only the smartest seals figure this out and live long enough to propagate the herd, which BTW, has been thinning out over recent time.

    so i say rather loudly: “if what you say is true, that natural selection has only preserved the best and brightest seals, then over the course of a few million years of evolution, what we see here must be the Albert Einsteins of elephant seals.

    then, why haven’t they invented fusion reactors and started a crash program to convert CO2 + H2O in the air into artificial fish food while they lounge around on the beach, drinking dry olive martinis or banana daqueries, and having sex parties with the purtiest, $1000 per night Korean elephant seal hookers?” [OK, made that last part up. the rest is true.]

    the guy just grins at me, clueless. he then goes on about how much biomass the seal herd represents, and how much fish food that must represent. so i say rather loudly again: “well, what about all this human biomass here gawking and photographing the seals? how much biomass and food must that represent? they’re probably living off fossil fuels that will soon run out, burning it up in cars. i mean, just turn around and look!”

    at that point, my friends are pointing me at the car park, so we left.

  23. vacation with the family? i think some (not you, of course) of the commentors there slowly convert to trolls. it must be taxing on him.

  24. recall “kathy cassandra”? she went ballastic on me over some email snafu, for which i apologised many times. then poof!, she was gone. i hope her mind didn’t snap.

  25. Maybe Nudge could comment on whether that arsehole is bleached or not
    (don’t tell me you weren’t looking at that as well..)

  26. Totally unrelated, during a short walk in the neighborhood after sundown i noticed quite a few bats flying overhead, mostly little brown bats. I think bat populations will make a comeback here where the US outbreak was first detected. A few generations will pass and they will have adapted. Decontaminating caves, etc. is probably not a good idea.

  27. Talking about WNS above.

    Also, my eggplant plants are really growing well this year…stems like tree saplings.

  28. gb, yarra, good to hear from you. what do i do about the black blight on my orange tree? seriously, i still have some chemicals left in the garage, or do i let the tree and the blight work it out?

  29. it’s not spots on the fruit, it’s black cover on the mainly back sides of the leaves and stems. i have some chevron “seven” in the garage as a spray concentrate that may work, but i hate using such stuff on fruit trees we eat. the blight has just about killed our old lemon tree. it was once a marvel of a lemon producer. really pissed off the neighbors.

  30. had some plum and cherry trees with black knot. it killed the cherry. the plums held in there. but with much reduced production. black knot lives the cambium, is pretty much immune to any topical applications of anything, and is pretty much impossible to get rid of, at least in my experience.

    i really don’t know about or have any experience with citrus.

    somewhat coincidentally, i currently have some diseased privet hedges. i’m pretty sure it’s honey fungus (amirilla root rot), but i’m not seeing the black mycillium which would be a more positive indicator. i’ll probably end up ripping them out. i guess.

  31. it’s the beginning of summer now. the really hot weather is coming, in July through October. finally, in November, we’ll start getting cooler “winter” weather again, through June. so, the best weather here currently is November-June, IMO. moron rain, but less humid.

  32. i think we lost October as a cooler, transition month to global warming, starting about 20 years ago. i was just discussing this factoid with another old ka’maina at lunch yesterday in a local restaurant. she was getting her car serviced; i had just filled up on the cheaper gas sold there.

  33. uh oh, the japanese are secretly training their girls the fine art of sniper marksmanship in Guam shooting galleries? could be problems ahead for our troops.

  34. imagine the effect of a slow-burn or delayed burn fuse on a freshly ejected round. shrapnel city in the face. those plastic eye protectors won’t stop shit with that much powder.

  35. used to pick up a lot of dud 50 cal rounds on the mojave. my mom made me toss most of them. i kept a few here and there.

  36. Doom – if it doesn’t burn, it likely won’t eject in a semi-auto. If it ejects, it likely burned off enough that it doesn’t matter.

  37. i’d still be feeling better if it ejected down, and not in my face. to this day, my mom still gets nervous when i play with those big 50 cal shells.

    the girl’s cute, but no looker. interesting choice of outfit. must be sticky to wear in guam.

  38. Shout out to GB, Bif and Yarra–plus any other environuts I may have forgotten. GB, glad to hear about the Brown Bats. To be sure, the officials will foock it up!

  39. Doom,
    Dunno, the best thing I did to my citrus was put rock dust as a soil additive, no real problems since. Kind of a moot point with volcanic Hawaiian soils methinks. Sorry.

    Hi EE.

  40. yeah, all those guys in khaki remind me of my navy days. they were the best of times. they were the worst of times. more bad than good, if i remember right.

  41. B-52s, ICBMs, H-bombs exploding in space, BBQ on the beach, Connie Francis singin’ “where the boyz are”, this one has it all, baby…

  42. Just crank those nuclear powered jet engines, Doom.
    (don’t worry about the isotopes coming out the exhaust, he he)

  43. that would have been a fairer fight if the bird had attacked from the roo’s backside. of course, reinforcements might make for a different outcome, also.

  44. my fusion friend is working on a radiationless nuclear SCRAM jet and spacecraft designs. of course, in space it might be perfectly OK to shoot out some radiation in the exhaust.

  45. i guess your buddy gets some pretty good grant money. might as well get it while he can. i guess.

  46. i could say a lot about this case, like how they both used the internet to research the method, but i’ll just say it’s really too bad that instead of lethal injection, the State of Georgia will not allow the parents to be strapped into the back seat of a hot car and left to die for about 7 hours on a hot summer day. that would be justice served.

  47. as an aside, a friend once pointed out to me that couples that have the same facial features are usually totally self-absorbed and biased toward those who look like them. note from the article’s pictures how the murderous couple look like twins of different sex.

  48. yeah, jay gets it just about right, i’d say.

    i know that i first read through his dieoff collection in maybe 2001 or 2002. it was kind of a, “holy shit, this guy knows what he’s talking about.”, moment for me.

  49. you were way ahead of me, then. i didn’t find his site until preparing for a seminar on PO back in 2005-6. heinberg’s book “the party’s over” in 2003/4 was my wakeup call. what’s weird is i recall the LTG book, erlich’s population bomb, and even reading hubbert’s seminal work for a resources class back in 1970-72.

    all i can say in defense of not leaving for papua new guinea at that time was i was young and had other fish to fry, like a career, surfing and chasing women. besides, mommie & daddie were not worried, so why should i? however, i recall my dad advising me against having kids.

  50. of course, i can understand having kids if your self-absorbed to the point of wanting to kill them for their insurance money. and to be free of all that child care and rearing work and expense, but then, you could just give them away.

    boy, there are some real creepy slimes out there passing themselves off as humans.

  51. so, is the saying “you dirty rat!” really a term of endearment?

    from Nate over @ America2Point0:

    “Our figures indicate that the differences between humans and primates at the level of genes and proteins are very small,” say the researchers. David Juan, author and researcher in the Valencia lab, says that “the number of new genes that separate humans from mice [those genes that have evolved since the split from primates] may even be fewer than ten.” This contrasts with the more than 500 human genes with origins since primates that can be found in the current annotation. The researchers conclude: “The physiological and developmental differences between primates are likely to be caused by gene regulation rather than by differences in the basic functions of the proteins in question.”

  52. too bad the media doesn’t (yet) have “smell-o-vision”:

    Cobb County Chief Magistrate Frank Cox found probable cause to move forward on murder and child cruelty charges.

    “For him to enter the car … when the child had been dead and rigor mortis had set in, and the testimony is the stench in the car was overwhelming at that point in time, that he — in spite of that — got in the car and drove it for some distance before he took any action to check on the welfare of his child, I find there is probable cause for the two charges contained in the warrant,” Cox told a packed courtroom.

    reason: he needed a crowded parking lot to attract eye witnesses for his “act”.

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