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  1. who can forget joe buck, harry nillson and ratso rizzo? i remember seeing this movie when i was about 12 or 13. i remember not understanding the premise even one bit; a male prostitute? remember liking the naked breasts.

  2. i never have figured out the appeal of midnight cowboy. i think hoffman as ratzo was brilliant, but WTF about john voight? did he carry that show? i think not. the extras were moron real than him. neilson, smeelson.

  3. Nilsson’s contribution to the soundtrack was a big part of the film’s success. He had a 31/2 octave range and used it all in Everybody’s Talkin’, I think.

  4. i guess i’m glad everyone stopped smoking, i guess. among the lost pickup lines: may i light your cigarette? may i bum a smoke? say, do you have a light? mind if i smoke? hey, where can i get some cigarettes?

  5. JR will like the passage about tomato plants…

    Gail Tverberg says:
    July 24, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    “I can believe the results of McGonagle’s book.

    As far as I can see, people are very interested (if it doesn’t cost them much) to do something that is “right,” or makes them feel like what they are doing is right. That is why they so easily latch onto the “wind turbine and solar PV” story. It sounds good, if you don’t examine it too closely. They also like planting a tomato plant in their yard, and maybe another plant or two (cucumber, cabbage, pepper plant), because it makes them feel like they are doing something worthwhile. A few will even buy Priuses.

    But you can’t tell them that everything is falling apart, and you can’t tell them that they should have only one child. That is just too difficult a message. It especially becomes too difficult a message, when the number of children is not enough to support all of the old people (either directly, or indirectly by paying Social Security taxes).

    They would like to have the illusion that everyone can be saved, by doing some little thing. And governments would like to give them that illusion as well. But telling the general population the real story, without giving them a way to save civilization, becomes a problem.”

    Same commentary mentions the scheduled end of QE in October, 2014, so mark your calendars.

  6. This is absolutely spot on analysis. I see a lot of this. Multi-billionaires willing to give millions to “fix the ocean CO2 problem” by funding the best ocean pH sensor! As if better measurements would solve anything.

    Gail Tverberg says:
    July 25, 2014 at 8:49 pm
    There is a real issue that funding for all projects comes from government sources or from do-good organizations that really want a good outcome. No funding is given for figuring out the true state of affairs. Funding is given for cooked up schemes that produce a happily ever after scenario, no matter how remote. The silo nature of research makes such outcomes easy to produce–no one ever looks at wider implications, say, what higher prices for any energy product (or metal or fresh water) will do to the economy.

    Also politicians very much want a good story to tell to their constituents, and advertisers supporting news media want a happy ending so people will be willing to “invest” in the expensive products they sell. Any economist who wants a job has to “follow the party line.”

  7. yup, bif, it’s been the MO for quite some time. this time, the time’s running out on status quo thinking. i guess they like falling over cliffs. maybe that’s the only way out for them. may be tidy, in the long run.

  8. what really scares me is mike rupert’s suicide. the guy was precient on many things. those that easily dismiss him as a kook don’t know a true cassandra when they see/hear him.

  9. seriously, i’ve always wanted a gf i could wrestle with who would have a real chance at beating me. just sayin’.

  10. i respectfully disagree. only an idiot can’t see that oil is running out and that america, et.al. is clueless in how to respond and is stepping on it’s own dick.

    as far as anything else he ever talked about, mostly just stupid shit, from what i recall anyway. the cia traded in drugs? er, let me yawn about that, i guess. fuckin ollie north spilled the beans on that 30 some odd years ago, i guess.

    bush et.al., planned, assisted, worked on, whatever, the world trade center collapse? total bullshit.

    the best thing he could have done was put a bullet in his own head, and he did that. so i have to give him props for that.

  11. personally i think it’s kinda funny how jhk is using his forum to defend isreal and orlov is using his forum to defend russia…eh.

  12. JHK is an ethic jewish writer and a not-so-closeted zionist. he supports isreal’s right to establish and maintain a post-WWII beachead in the ME largely at the expense of the palistinians. ironically, JHK is making similar anti-CIA remarks that MR used to make, regarding Ukraine. he and orlov are singing the same song there.

    orlov is an ethic russian writer and is lately pro-putin in his writings. it’s interesting that not so long ago, he echoed a negative putin stance, but with all the recent US sword rattling, has rallied around the russian leader. recall a low putin popularity point was when a prominent putin dissident was poisoned with Po-210 a few years back.

  13. well, as you dave know, we have very different opinions on the 9-11 events and who was responsible. perhaps also on the Boston bombings, dunno. i think both are cases of domestic terror perpetrated by factions of the government, rather blatently, on innocent citizens.

  14. well, i’m sure that we can both agree that mr did the right thing by putting a bullet through his own brain.

  15. “The only thing we can be sure of about the future is that it will be absolutely fantastic.” – Arthur C. Clarke, 1964.

  16. actually nm that, why do you hate me so much?

    i hate answering a question with a question, but why would you think i hate you? if that question is directed at me.

  17. nomouth

    really not sure, but i think you used to call yourself babysteps, maybe oneeyeopen, not sure. you have that same feel about you.

  18. fucking rabbits. i’ve had deer damage this year, first time ever.

    a lot of my tomatoes have been devastated by some type of mildew this year. i did, however, experiment with some grafted green zebras. they do seem to be fairly resistant, compared to the other plants.

    anyhoo, despite the mildew, it is tomato eating season around here.

  19. dave, good gawd, your memory is shot.

    babystepper was another moniker for MOU, her first.

    oneeyeopen was one of the many monikers for OEO, the troll who used to inhabit kunstler’s clusterfuck blog. he was actually invited over here after final, permanent banship from CFN, but didn’t have enough idiots to poke fun at, so he/she left.

    nomouth appears to be acting like nomouth, like she always did. hi nomouth.

    the girls always had a thing for bunn bunn. too bad that rabbit is dead.

  20. once the frozen chicken runs out, there’s gonna be a lot of starving southerners. a guess a few “lucky” ones will remember great granny’s recipies for possum and chitlins. also fried squirrel and the occasional baked armardillo roadkill.

  21. oh yeah, babysteps and “moving on up”, kinda like george and wheezy jefferson, to the east side.

  22. well, i don’t know nomouth. why not just post your email address here? then all us robots can all write you directly.

  23. i’ll tell you what nomouth; prove you’re not a bot by providing a satisfactory answer: is there an a priori order to the world, and, if so, what does it consist of?

    answer that and i will correspond with you.

  24. How about you, me and GB meet? Doom, you’re invited too but Ill understand if you can’t make it.

  25. hey, i tried posting a bit on johnny winter last night, but wordpress ate it. i suspect it’s stuck in some spam filter blackhole.

    anyway, he died recently, in case you hadn’t heard. now there’s only one albino blues rocker left.

  26. Kurdistan…i had to look that one up. only an armenian could call that place home. well, maybe the kurds, too. call you spell P-O-P-P-Y? looks like a bunch of enterprising goat herders with late model mercedes benzes parked next to the ammo depot live there.

    a perfect place for JR’s sabbatical stay.

  27. yeah, i could be up for a road trip. when and where do you want to meet? i have jury duty next week, so that’s kinda out.

    now i think you’re that woman from canada.

  28. oh, yumm…? you’re gonna steal one from the zoo so you can kill it and eat it? now that makes sense.

  29. wow, i hadn’t thought about stealing one from the zoo. but, maybe they’d let me have one of the babies. then i could raise it and eat it.

    you think i’m strange, well, when i was a kid, the neighbor kids used to remark that i always killed and ate my pets. that was strictly not true. i never ate my pet dog, cat or baby rattlesnake. we did eat the chickens, ducks and pet goat, though.

  30. we gave the dog away, to a “stud farm”. (there’s some rich irony there that i’ll save for another time). the cat died. dad ran over it one morning, going to work. he used a hatchet to “put it out of his misery”. didn’t get to see it.

    mom made me take the baby rattlesnake out of my room. she thought it was an “inappropriate pet, especially in the house”. so i took it to an abandoned grape vineyard nearby, and let it go. i even worried about the snake making it in the wild–weird.

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